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24 August 2008 3 Comments

I thought i would give you all a link to one of my favorite books... you can get this book for anywhere from $10.00 to $20.00 bucks via this link.. TRUST ME, this is a GREAT BOOK! Buy it for yourself or buy it for a friend! Oh, and the title doesn't give it justice.. it's not just about making money. This is a VERY encouraging book! I'll share how it helped/changed me sometime down the road. If you get it, let me know! I want you to share with me how it changes you!

Get Real, Get Rich: Conquer the 7 Lies Blocking You from Success

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  • anita said:

    So, what’s this book about?

    Have you checked out the one written by Professor Randy Pauch, The Last Lecture?

    Man, if you watch his last lecture at Carnegie Mellon College on You Tube, it’s absolutely awesome! I wish I could have known more about this man, who died July 25th of pancreatic cancer.

    He was just a regular guy, married, had kids and out of nowhere was given the diagnosis. He was in his mid 40′s.
    Unfortunately pancreatic cancer has NO early symptoms, nothing. When you notice something is wrong it is always too late. It has one of the highest death rates of any cancer there is.
    But, this man took it upon himself to NOT dwell on the bad and live as happy as possible with what little time he had left. If you haven’t watched his lecture I strongly suggest it. And get his book. It goes into much more detail, but it makes you realize dwelling in the dark place regardless of what you are handed in life, does nobody any good.

    I was the person that was always there for everyone around me, and when I got sick, not being able to stay happy and be on top of everyone else’s problems bothered me more than the illness itself.
    I’m learning though. Everybody has something to grieve over,I guess. We just have to figure out how to do it in our own way and not worry about what anybody else will think or say. I hate worrying about being judged, but I’m learning that no matter what, it’s my life and no one can live it but me.

    Not everyday is going to be a happy day. Everyone needs to blow off steam from time to time without the worry of negativity coming back from it. I think journalling helped me more than anything.
    Now, in this new era I guess blogging is the way to go. We shall see.
    The book you mentioned sounds interesting. I’ve got a mini library of books on making money, but none that really helped.
    Give me some feedback on what it’s about. Maybe I’ll check it out.


  • Jake (author) said:

    I only have a minute but..

    The book is hard for me to explain.. but i can tell you it lit a fire under my butt. It’s pretty much responsible for me figuring out my Niche. And what i mean by that is, at the time i was looking to make money using the internet. The book is great at helping you focus on the talents you have and applying them in different ways, not just making money but life in general. I just really loved what the book had to say and how he laid things out. Get Real Get Rich by the way, isn’t about getting “rich” as far as $$, it’s about being Rich in so many different ways! I loved the book!

    Nope i haven’t read it or heard of it but i’ll look it up..

    You’re right, it’s up to us as individuals to decide how we’re gonna take each day and deal with it. It’s our choice!

    I know one thing, i’m gonna do my best every day of my life to be positive and not dwell on anything. Smile and try and laugh every day! Make other laugh too! Life is wayyy to short and i’m probably more than 1/2 way through mine so i KNOW i’ve wasted alot of time in the past.. i’ll never do it again!

    Gotta run!


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