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Breakfast of The Champions?

27 August 2008 5 Comments

Image and video hosting by TinyPicSoooo, this morning i was up early as you may have read from my earlier post.  I was about to starve this morning, as usual, so off to the kitchen i went to get a bite.  We had 2 different types of cereal, Blueberry Shreaded Mini Wheats and Strawberry Special K.  Soooo, which do i choose?  Hmmmm, strawberry or blueberry.  Hmmmm....  BOTH? 

Yup, i mixed 'em up, IN THE SAME BOWL, and i have a confession to make, i do that often!  So i guess i had Shreaded Mini K's??  Or did i have Special Mini Wheats?? 

I've always mixed my cereal if i have more than 1 to choose from.  There's a lot of other foods i mix as well that might make you cringe, but i won't talk about those in this post.

So i recommend you try it!  Come on, step out of your little box one morning and MIX THAT CEREAL!

Everybody have a GREAT day!  :)

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  • anita said:

    doesn’t everybody mix their cereals? it’s comfort food. how else is there to eat it? one box in a bowl???? how boring. u gotta mix it up. live a little. ride the fast train sometimes. sorry, gettin’ ahead of myself. glad you had a good breakfast. i tend to eat cereal at night. never been a breakfast eater.

    sounds like your day is getting better. GREAT!

    look forward to checking back often. although in the evenings my son takes over the computer so it’s harder at that time. as you can tell i have nothing much to do during the day.
    oh well, i’m glad there’s here. it’s fun. and i have something to look forward to ev/day.
    take care…..


  • Misty said:

    NO MIXING CEREAL, it’s against the law!!!
    i like my box, thank you! [snicker...hehe]
    i guess it’s sort of like mayo and tortilla chips…GROSS!


  • Jake (author) said:

    Don’t EVEN go there with the Mayo! Me AND Philip will NOT tolerate Mayo bashing!!


  • anita said:

    Amen brother. If anybody knows us at all, or not, they will learn that mayo is the main ingredient to OUR kind of eating. Remember they mayo sandwiches??? And when we were really hungry, the triple decker mayo sandwiches? Oh I can still remember those. Mayo is good on crackers too. Ummmm.
    I remember we ate JFG when we were younger. I’ve grown to love Helmans, but when money is tight I go back to JFG. No Kraft or any other will do. I will use Duke’s in a pinch. But overall you just can’t beat mayo on most anything. I think at times, I’m the only person in the world that eats mayo on hot dogs. I get some strange looks when I ask for mayo instead of mustard.
    Or, lots of mayo and a little salt on banana sandwiches, especially if you let the sandwich sit for awhile. Or mayo and bologna sandwiches at room temp. Ummm man, the best is a LOT of mayo on a tomato sandwich that you let sit until the bread gets soggy.
    Whew, I’m gettin’ hungry!!!!
    My youngest boy is the only one that has followed the mayo trail. The other two are big ketchup users. Don’t know where I went wrong. weep. weep.


  • Jake (author) said:

    Ok, i’m not speaking to you anymore! You have crossed the line!

    You said and i quote “I’ve grown to love Helmans”

    sorry, but you’re no longer in our JFG club with remarks like that!

    You are hereby sentenced to eat ONLY JFG mayo by the spoon full, until it is gone! A full jar! Only then will you be reinstated to the JFG club!

    Thank you!
    JFG Mayo FOR LIFE!


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