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Lunch Time – Wish I Could Have a Glass of Wine

26 August 2008 4 Comments

Man today is NUTS! Just home to wind down a sec and feed the Monster! Our 75 lb Boxer Bentley! I wish some days i could drink a small glass of wine or something during lunch to ease the craziness on days like this. Right now i'm bouncing off the walls, but maybe that's a good thing? HA If not i probably wouldn't get everything done today.

I do have to leave every day at lunch though.. just to get away for a few. Seems to help the evening hours not seem so long. If i sit @ work during lunch i end up answering the phone or a million other questions from e/body else!

Gotta go feed the dog and head back, 30 minutes goes fast!

How do you all wind down @ lunch?

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  • anita said:

    I’ve taken to have a glass on occasion at bedtime. helps to get to sleep. checked w/docs first. btw….the blog i read on you running out of meds. i take the same thing sometimes at night to help me sleep. i switch between a couple of different things. so, don’t run out, call me and maybe i can keep those panic attacks at bay. seems like ev/body has been in that same position. being told, you’re too early to get your refill. been there a bunch of times. mine is with my pain meds. it pisses me off cause there are so many people around here that sell their meds. and it causes the docs here to make it hard on the rest of us. i hate this town. if i could leave it i would and will when i can get my boys out of hs.

    love your site btw…. i’m using adam’s mac laptop as my computer is so slow it makes me bang my head against the wall. at least i can play about 20 rounds of solitare while waiting on a page to load.

    you need to wind down, i need perking up. although, i used to have panic attacks a few years ago.
    regarding wine, i love “our dog blue”, and “sweet mtn. laurel. it’s made from Chateau morrisette. you should take misty there sometime. it’s up on the mtn. somewhere. can’t remember exactly, but you can take a tour of their winery and taste samples of their different wines. i went yrs. and yrs. ago. it was a wonderful experience. most stores around here sell their wines. i prefer a white wine myself. there’s one or two reds i like, but to just sip on a glass i prefer white.
    you can also use white to cook with. it’s good with chicken, fish etc. reds go better with pasta’s and red meats. you learn alot when you go on these tours.
    i’m not a big drinker. can’t stand beer. don’t drink mixed drinks, but sometimes in the evenings when it’s been an intense day, it’s nice to sit and watch tv and sip on a glass before bed. it does wonders for me. i don’t drink very often, which may be why one glass is all i need.
    oh, and cold wine will taste different as it warms up. i prefer some cold, some room temp. i sound like an alchy. u know….someone who drinks alot. i can’t spell worth crap anymore, and i’ve gotten to where unless i’m writing to school boards or booster members i hardly use correct writing. such as capitol letters.
    i’m glad you’re getting into writing. i’ve written for years. daddy used to think that’s what i’d do when i got older. i took some college on writing. but i was being directed to writing children’s books and it just wasn’t my niche.
    but, if you look at our geneology and see all those famous people we’re related too, you’ll see that alot of them were writers.
    I had no idea when i used to be a bookworm as a kid that i was reading things written by someone i was related too.

    writing is very theraputic. perhaps writing at lunch will help. i kept journals for yrs. nothing i ever went back and reread, but at times when life was too heavy, and you have no one to let off steam too, it helps to write it down and get it out. maybe you could try that. although, i seem to think writing blogs will be better for you. you’re a personable person. ya know? i used to be. i’ve gotten kinda used to being alone.

    oh well, love the site. if i can keep the laptop out of dylon’s hands i can get on more often. i could use mine, but like i said, it’s too freaking slow and it’s 7 yrs. old. a dinosaur desk top. adam gave me the mac to use on days when i can’t walk well or sit up for long. kinda like when i go out of remission. it gets hard on those days. but the good days are great!

    i’ll talk with ya sometime about flying. i’ve written to you before on this laptop, but it wouldn’t go through as it still uses adam’s name and i don’t know his password. he’s a busy fellow. opened his second rental business. moving. etc. it’s hard to catch him sometimes. he wants me down near him some day. i’m thinking on it. but now isn’t the time.
    will has his first football game this thursday. did i tell ya dylon is driving. so much going on. he hasn’t found work yet, so money has been tighter than ever. keeping up two vehicles. lord. his senior yr. has already cost a pocket full of mullah. it’s gonna run nearly 600 bucks to get him to graduation. i don’t think his first year of college is gonna cost this much!!!
    it’s crazy. there’s no such thing as free education anymore. at least not in our city schools. i’ve often wanted to write a book on this town and let people know the “real mayberry”. i got my eyes opened when i went to work within the city limits. you wouldn’t believe what goes on behind close doors here. living within the city sucks. big time. i thought it would be much cheaper, but i was soooo wrong. too late now. maybe one day i’ll get out. dylon wants to move outside the us. at first i was against it, but now i’m not so sure. will wants to move up into the mtns. we’ve all been scarred from living right in the middle of mt. airy.

    anywhosal, great site. thanks for getting it together. i hope to learn how to blog. i love writing to and maybe you’re the tool to get me started again. maybe meet people on here. that would be cool.

    gotta run, boys get out soon. i still have to get will as he has to stay after school several hours for practice. dylon only stays after a couple days a week for band. he takes them both to school in the mornings which is great for me. mornings are hard for me. but it’ll all work out.
    i love you brother and i’m so dang proud i could bust. i want to go by and see ashley’s baby, just don’t know when it would be a good time. tell her i’ll babysit sometime if she needs someone. i want grandkids so badly. adam has backed out a hundred times from getting married. but i don’t want him to rush. he’s 27. i can get a pet so if i can make extra money, maybe i’ll just get a little dog or something. he had to give away my granddog “sweetie”. she was my old dog sammie’s daughter. i miss her so much.

    dang, i just keep gabbing on and on. i’m gettin’ off here now….. i swear. maybe i can get on when you are on. can you tell who’s on your site when you are??? don’t know how all this works.

    anyway again,
    love you bunches brother,


  • Big Sis said:



  • Jake (author) said:

    @ the younger sis.. yeah we have a good stock of wine.. Chateau morrisette is where I proposed to Misty so we’re very familiar with their wines! Yummy!

    Gotta run 4 now.. thanks for the comment!

    @ the older sis.. you don’t know what LUNCH is ? hahaha


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    you could come see your grandson at lunch :P


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