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[28 Aug 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

It has been ONE CRAZY AND BUSY DAY!  We were really busy today and i hardly had a chance to think.
I had entended on typing out my dilemma today during my breaks and lunch but never got a chance. I had mentioned it in a previous post about my Grandson coming to see me.  I’m still undecided as to whether i should put my dilemma out there for the public to see.  It’s not really something i’m proud of but in a way i’d love to talk about it …

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[28 Aug 2008 | 10 Comments | ]

This is DEFINITELY on my list of things to get ASAP! If I don’t go ahead and buy it, maybe someone will get it for me for my upcoming birthday, hint hint, or maybe for Christmas! But I don’t know if I can wait that long and you probably won’t be able to wait either after I tell you about it!
You may have seen these advertised or maybe you haven’t but they are one of the most popular and hottest selling gadgets on the market right now! …

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[28 Aug 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

WELL, today is a special day! My nephew Philip has turned the big THREE ZERO! Well i say my nephew but he’s more like my little brother!
Just a note to you Philip that you ALWAYS make me laugh and i love hanging out with ya! I hope you have a fantastic birthday man and maybe we can all hang out soon!
Here’s a little video for you! Now the music in this video really got me going this morning so if you can close your …

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[28 Aug 2008 | No Comment | ]

And it won’t cost you a dime…
My sis had commented on one of my post about writing and loving to write etc etc. Well i just wanted to throw this out there for those that didn’t know. You can start a blog and write till your fingers bleed and you can do it for free. AND, you can also make a little money with it if you do it right!
This site, www.JakeCpuNut.com is a different story as it is hosted by a web host. But there …

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[28 Aug 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Just wanted to share that my grandson Kyle who is 1 1/2 weeks old came to visit his Papa Leftwich for the 1st time tonight. So i got to hang out with my daughter and my little man Kyle. He is so beautiful! They’ll be a full post on him soon when i can get it all together.
Also, i have a post coming up that is HUGE and i will need your help. I am in a DILEMMA and i need all of you to help …

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[27 Aug 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

Soooo, this morning i was up early as you may have read from my earlier post.  I was about to starve this morning, as usual, so off to the kitchen i went to get a bite.  We had 2 different types of cereal, Blueberry Shreaded Mini Wheats and Strawberry Special K.  Soooo, which do i choose?  Hmmmm, strawberry or blueberry.  Hmmmm….  BOTH? 
Yup, i mixed ‘em up, IN THE SAME BOWL, and i have a confession to make, i do that often!  So i guess i had Shreaded Mini K’s??  Or …

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[27 Aug 2008 | One Comment | ]

Ok, i’ve been up since 5:00 this morning.  I don’t get up @ 5:00, i get up @ 7:00.  Why am i awake?  Why am i writing about being awake?

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[26 Aug 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Man today is NUTS! Just home to wind down a sec and feed the Monster! Our 75 lb Boxer Bentley! I wish some days i could drink a small glass of wine or something during lunch to ease the craziness on days like this. Right now i’m bouncing off the walls, but maybe that’s a good thing? HA If not i probably wouldn’t get everything done today.
I do have to leave every day at lunch though.. just to get away for a few. …

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[26 Aug 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

Ok, i’m sitting here watching the Today Show and i just realized something.  All my life when someone seen somebody crazy, they would say  “he/she is a NUTCASE”  i always wondered what a nutcase was.  Is it a case to put nuts in?  haha NOOOO  But seriously folks, i just realized what a NUTCASE is, i’m looking at him on the TV screen as i type this!  Anybody seen this guy on the news?
Hmmmm, maybe i’m Jake Rockefeller?  I thought my real name was Jeff Leftwich…  maybe all …

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[25 Aug 2008 | 7 Comments | ]

Since this Blog is new and since i’ve sent out several emails and post at other places inviting folks to read my Blog, i’ve had a couple of questions about how to use the RSS Feed to get my Blog updates. It’s pretty simple to do and after you set it up, depending on how you set it up, you can get updates when i make a new post here on the Blog.
No, RSS doesn’t stand for Really Sucky Slaw haha RSS is short for “Rich Site Summary” …