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What are you sick of?

25 August 2008 4 Comments

Thought i'd throw one more post out b4 i went to bed. We were just downstairs watching Big Brother 10 on DVR and all i can say is THANK THE GOOD LORD for DVR! I am sooo sick of some of these commercials!

If i hear Mr Opportunity knocking on the screen of my TV about one more time i'm gonna SCREAM! I mean give me a break Honda! But at least you make a REALLY GOOD HYBRID!

Seriously though.... it gets a little ridiculous.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAnd if i see this little guy or hear his annoying voice... might as well do the fingernails on the chalkboard!

And last (for now) but not least.. i am SICK AND TIRED of watching a program on TV and a FRICKIN advertisement for another show shows up on the bottom of the screen while i'm trying to watch my FRICKIN show!! If i wanna FRICKIN know what's coming on later i'll look in the FRICKIN TV GUIDE!

Sooo, tell me what you are sick and tired of... Come on, get it off your chest! Anything you wanna vent about, let it go here, (try and keep it clean)

haha, ok, i feel better.. nighty night!

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  • Ashley Jayne said:

    the J.G. Wentworth opera commertial gets on my nerves… UGH.

    and you know what else gets on my nerves but we wont go there…


  • Suzanne said:

    OK – I have to chime in on this one! LOL I don’t watch a lot of tv … but I can’t stand the cave man commercials. I think it’s an insurance company (ha ha for them – I can’t even remember what they’re trying to sell me!). I must be a complete idiot or I just don’t pay attention because I DON’T GET IT! Wow! Guess I have some issues … that really did get me worked up – but thanks for asking – it was probably very theraputic! LOL *huGs* Suzanne


  • anita said:

    i hate the caveman commercials too. i mean, i thought they used a lizard. what’s the deal with a caveman and why does he get so pissed off! he wears normal clothes, drives, plays tennis, travels, i mean, come on man, cut your stupid hair and use some wax!!!! geeze!!!


  • anita said:

    Okay, I have another gripe about the Gieco commercials. You know the ones where they are using supposed celebrities to re explain what the “real” person is saying. Now they have MS. Butterworths!!!!!! A bottle of syrup!!!!! Come on. Stupid commercials. Stupid company. Stupid.

    Whew, glad that’s outta me.


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