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Always Be Careful About What You Share

8 September 2008 2 Comments

Hey folks, just taking a break from a crazy day here @ work. Though i'd write a minute to get my mind on something else besides radios!

I wanted to share something with any of you that may read this blog. Just about all of us are a part of different blogs or websites where there is an open forum of conversation. Myspace has become huge, Facebook and all the others that are out there are very popular. Then there are personal blogs such as this one. Many of us have personal accounts at places like Myspace or our own personal blog, and even if we don't have our own accounts, we post on others blogs etc etc.

Always remember one thing, you NEVER know who reads these blogs, so ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY! What am i talking about? Here's an example:

A buddy of mine had to work out of town for about 2 weeks a while back. Before he left, he put out a bulletin on Myspace telling all his friends he was leaving for 2 weeks for work. The next time i saw him, i said, hey, i appreciate you letting me know your house was unoccupied for 2 weeks, i thought about going up there and helping myself. His mouth dropped open, he never had thought about it, but putting a bulletin out there for all to read, pretty much told everyone, "Hey, I'm leaving for 2 weeks, my house is WIDE OPEN".

Folks, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, put on this blog, or any other blog, when you are about to leave for vacation, for the weekend for a day, whatever. You never know who may read it, you never know who may talk about it, and it's just like leaving the door to your home wide open and saying, come on in while i'm gone!

I read a warning about this several months ago and although i can't remember where i read it, when i did it really opened my eyes! There are times that i do share things about Misty and i going places, but when i do, you can be assured that there is someone taking care of my house when i do talk about it.

So i hope this helps someone. Maybe you already knew not to display this type of information, or maybe you just needed a reminder, either way, always remember to never share your traveling habits on the internet!


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  • anita said:

    Here’s another warning. I was listening to the radio one day recently on my way to pick up my son from fb practice. He loves country music…whodahtunkit. Anyway, I was listening to WTQR the guy on the radio said they had received a call from Crime Stoppers to give their listeners a way to find out if you have felons etc. living anywhere close to you. Alot of sexual perverts that have been charged tend to move and fail to let authorities know. So, here’s a way to find out who your neighbors are.

    Go to http://www.Felon.com. Once there, all you do is type is the name of any street, city, state and up pops a map. On the map will be the street you put in plus a wide area of other streets nearby.
    When the map coms up there will be little balloon things and/or push pins, scroll your mouse over those and a drop down list of address, the name of the person that has been charged and what they’ve been charged with. It’s scary, but in today’s world you can NEVER be too careful.
    There were so many charged with sexual charges and the ages blew my mind. Old men! And there are alot of gang charges.
    It’s sad. but they’re here. I have friends in the police force here and you would not believe how many people have been busted for meth. Some of these guys go into a nice home with decent people only to find they are making the stuff. If the cops know there’s a possible meth lab they wear the suits that keep them from getting it on them, but if they enter a home where they have no idea this stuff has or is in there they literally have to be stripped down and hosed down asap.
    Check out the site. You’ll be surprised who your neighbors are!


  • Jake (author) said:

    1st things 1st, GET YOUR CHILD AWAY FROM WTQR! haha, just kiddin!

    Yeah i had heard about that site and had checked it out a bit back. I was really surprised at how many live in my area. You can never be too careful huh? Especially with the tech age we live in!


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