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Internet Marketing – So Far, So GREAT!

30 September 2008 No Comment

Well, it's time to talk about Internet Marketing again, and mainly BANS or Build a Niche Store.  Why is it time to talk about it again?  Well, it's the end of the month and I have had my BEST MONTH so far since I started using BANS back in March of this year.

Just to recap, if you haven't read my posts on why I started Internet Marketing and how I found BANS, you can read those posts in the Internet Marketing Category.  You can also check out the $ Internet Marketing $ page and see all the tools I use.

Internet Marketing Has Changed

When I first started BANS back in March, everyone used the term Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Build a website, do your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and move to the next website.  The idea was to build as many as 100 websites and add unique content to each one over time.  Making just a little bit of money with 100 websites seemed pretty cool and pretty easy.  Even if you only made 10 bucks a month on each site, that's $1,000 a month right?  Then, the Ebay Partner Network AND Google changed the ball game for everyone!

Now remember, I have a full time job so BANS is just part time for me, I just started it to make that extra cash for that diamond ring!  Remember that story?  Many folks use BANS and other types of Internet Marketing as a full time income, so when the Internet Marketing world changes, you change with it or die a slow painful Internet Marketing death! HA!

So What Has Changed With BANS & Internet Marketing?

CONTENT!  CONTENT!  CONTENT!  Oh, did I mention CONTENT?  BANS is an excellent tool to use for building websites and using those sites to sell products.  How often do you find a software package for $80 bucks that allows you unlimited use and unlimited support... LIFETIME!  I'd be surprised if they don't change that soon, so if you are thinking of trying out BANS, I wouldn't wait much longer!  There has been some talk that with the low price and unlimited sites, the market got "flooded" with BANS sites and the almighty Google started penalizing BANS sites.  Some speculated it was because so many through up plane Jane stores with no content, LOTS of stores, and Google started deindexing BANS sites for this and other reasons.  I'm no where near an expert so all this comes from the blogs I read and the BANS forum where all this type stuff is talked about.

So Google's breathing down every one's neck, now throw in EPN (Ebay Partner Network).  I'm not going to go into all the details about EPN and what they've done and how they did it, but being an affiliate for Ebay has become more of a challenge than ever before!  EPN started dropping affiliates and stated that they wanted the affiliates (people like me) to build sites that were more "engaging".  Now an affiliate is someone who sends traffic to another site or merchant etc etc.  I build a site that sells Ebay products, that site gets visitors from the Internet and they go to Ebay and spend money.  Well EPN wants us to build sites that KEEP SHOPPERS COMING BACK!  And if your website doesn't meet that criteria, you'll be dropped like a bad habit!  So what's an affiliate or Internet marketer suppose to do?  Can you say WORDPRESS?

Is WordPress Changing the Game?

Putting it simply, WordPress is blogging software that is capable of doing MORE than just blogging.   This website uses WordPress.  WordPress is free and there are thousands of free templates available, so you can tune your blog to whatever application you like.  And to make it even better, there are some very intelligent folks that have created WordPress templates that blend with BANS templates.   This makes a nice seamless website that incorporates your BANS store for selling products, and your WordPress site for blogging about what you're selling!  Why do you need WordPress?  As I said, CONTENT is making all the difference.

Imagine having a website that sells bicycles.  People visit your bicycle site and they see Ebay listings for bicycles.  That's all they see, bicycle's for sale.  That's all good, but imagine having the same website that sells bicycle's AND the site has a blog attached to it.  Now when people visit your bicycle website, they also find articles on "The Best Racing Bicycles" or "How To Adjust Bicycle Linkage".  Maybe they find a page on your blog that talks about biking events or bike races in your area.  Are you starting to get the picture?  Instead of coming to your website that just sells bicycles, now the shopper has all this information that pertains to bicycles and it makes your website much more enticing.  Not only that, search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others, LOVE unique content.  So if the Google spiders start crawling your site and see only bicycles for sale, you probably won't last long in the rankings.  But if the search engines see all the unique content, talking about bicycles AND see the bicycles for sale, then your site is more likely to rank higher in the search engines.   And in case you don't know exactly what that means, here's an example.  I go to Google and type "bicycles for sale" and hit search.  Now if you have a bicycle website, you want YOUR site to be HIGHER on the listings.  If you're like me and search for an item, you're only going to look at about 2 or 3 pages of results, then move on to something else.  So if i search for "bicycles for sale" and you have done your website right, and you have good content, your site could be in the top 10 search results at Google.  Compare that to the site without a blog and no unique content, that site may not show up until like page 10 or lower.  In other words, NOBODY is gonna find it!

Would you rather have 100 sites making 10 bucks each a month and take a chance on having crappy sites because you can't keep up with all of them, or would you rather have 10 sites making 100 bucks each a month (or more) and know you have quality sites that the search engines love?  I'll take the latter!

My Future With Internet Marketing

I can't be more pleased right now with the way things are going with this new venture.  When I started this I never dreamed I'd be doing this well.  I have learned so much and yet have so much to learn.

I have started converting all my sites over to BANS/WordPress and I'll have to say, traffic has picked up, sales have picked up and I just love the flexibility that WordPress gives me.  WordPress along with a great tool like BANS and you can do pretty well in the Internet Marketing Business.

I have scrapped 2 or 3 of my sites and I'm probably going to scrap another one soon.  With things the way they are with Internet Marketing at the moment, it's much better to have 5 or 10 websites that you can focus on rather than have 100 that you can't keep up with!  At the moment I have 5 sites that I am focusing on.  That does not include this site.  I have a couple of sites in mind that I want to build, so hopefully things will get even better!

OK, that's about it for today on Internet Marketing and BANS.  Be sure to check out the links I provided in this post and always remember if you have any questions, you can post them here or email me using the contact form!

I'll talk more about my Internet Marketing experiences in the future.

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