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Re-creating The Big Bang? Hmmm

9 September 2008 6 Comments

Are we outsmarting ourselves?  Was there a Big Bang?  Seen the news this morning?  Thoughts?

Teams toil underground to re-create big bang

UPDATE: Scientists cheer as protons complete first circuit of Big Bang Machine

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  • Phizzle said:

    Read this the other day…I think it’s funny how science, in particular, quantum physics, is in such disarray in regards to theory, that some scientist think this test will destroy the earth, while others, like the guy doing the experiment, isn’t even sure if it works. As far as outsmarting ourselves…I don’t think that’s possible, though I do think somethings will never be understood by the scientific community simply because they (not all) cannot accept the fact that someONE and not someTHING created what it is they are studying.
    That said, I am curious to see what happens…in my little brain it seems that smashing atoms together in a tunnel isn’t any different than smashing them apart in a nuclear explosion…hope they have good life insurance :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    Yeah really… if it creates that black hole they’ve talked about, then i won’t have to worry about that list of Needs/Wants i posted about! HA!

    I guess we’ll see! Maybe i need to wait before i buy that part for my lawn mower! ;)


  • phizzle said:

    Maybe the black hole will form in my yard and suck the grass away so I don’t have to mow…woohoo!


  • anita said:

    Can you believe they are teaching the big bang theory in schools, as well as evolution, and other idiotic theories. Can they not get it? They are teaching kids THEORIES as if they are truths. My sons, know the truth. It kills them both to have to sit in class and listen to the garbage they teach. All books start out, “Billions and Billions of years ago…..NOT! The earth is NOT billions or millions of years old.
    Want proof. Go to drdino.com or look up Kent Hovind. I have all the tapes. Always make sure what your kids are being taught in school. I had one teacher when my oldest was in hs at E.S. She taught him that there was no God, all the history that had ever been taught was a lie, such as George Washington wasn’t the first president, the whole story about Pocahontas was a lie…it went on and on. It caused my son to become an athiest! She was young and was teaching these kids HER beliefs. She wasn’t using the text books from school, but her own.
    I was angry and horrified. I went to the school and demanded to see the book she was teaching and to meet her. I wasn’t the only one. Alot of parents were mad. She was fired, but the damage was done.
    I went through hell and back trying to convince my son that she had lied. He didn’t believe me. I did everything I could think of. He would come in and start arguing about Christ and the bible and all the myths that I believed. It never failed that when the attacks began, I’d hear a voice telling me to lay my hand on top of my bible. I did and the words flowed out of my mouth were not mine, but God’s. I know, because I didn’t know about the information I was telling my son.
    Still, I couldn’t convince him God was real. So, one day I sat down at my computer and prayed. I prayed for God to send me something that I could show my son that what he’d been taught was a lie.
    A web site popped in my head. It lead me to Dr. Kent Hovind’s site. It explains everything, I mean everything. Even the dinosaurs. He has had debates with so many scientist who try to disprove christianity, who try to prove evolution etc. etc. They all ended up being saved. ALL of them. He even offers a ton of money if you can disprove the bible.

    Back to my problem. I found the answers but the tapes were expensive, so I prayed again, God, let there be a way for me to get these tapes.
    5 minutes later, the preacher’s wife called me,(from the church I attended yrs.ago) I started telling her about all of the above and she says she has the tapes! I got them, invited several of my son’s friends over, some were christians, some had never stepped foot in a church.
    They were all blown away. Long story short. My son is no longer an athiest. He got saved and now believes!!!!!!

    If you don’t have the tapes or dvd’s you’ve GOT to get them. Kent explains everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Nothing can be disputed. And he’s a funny guy, so it’s not boring watching them. They are so good, my boys have watched them over and over and over.

    Check it out. Kent also gives permission to make copies of his tapes to GIVE away. Not to sell, but he wants everyone to learn this stuff. Oh, and he used to be a science teacher before he got into this. Science does not believe in what the bible teaches.
    Anyway, if you want a copy of mine, let me know.

    Regarding the big bang…hahhahhahahahahahaha! ugottabkiddinme!


  • Jake (author) said:

    So does that mean you believe in the Big Bang? Ha, just kiddin..

    I’m gonna play a “little” devils advocate, because i can :)

    I also know what i believe and i’d never judge anyone else for what they believe. You said:

    “Can you believe they are teaching the big bang theory in schools, as well as evolution, and other idiotic theories”

    Yes i can believe it. Why? Because we have that freedom in this country. I may stir up a hornets nest hahah, and that’s fine.. but i really don’t want to live in a town, city, state, country whatever, where i don’t have a choice.

    Then there’s the old separation of church and state. So should any religious beliefs be taught in school? Are theories about evolution etc etc taught as a religion or as science? Where’s the line?

    I realize we live in the good ole Bible belt. I always try and take a step out of Mayberry, out of NC and out of the good ole USA and try and look at the big picture.

    I’m not saying anything you said is wrong, i’m just saying what i think. There are so many discussions i’ve had on different blogs about Religion, Race, Gays/Lesbians etc etc.. and i may throw out some post here at sometime and we can all chew on it and see what happens haha.

    anyways, thanks for the link and comments.. will check them out!


  • phizzle said:

    I love these things! First thing that comes to mind is, yes, kids should be taught these things, along with evolution/darwinism. However, I’m not so sure they are being told that these are theories, thus propogating a generation that believes theories as fact. Physics is a very evolving (no pun intended) science, and kids need to know what’s real, what we think is real, and what are other possibilities. I don’t think we’ll ever see the day when Creation is taught in schools, but, with some of our modern day scientists leaning more and more toward intelligent design (big difference), I think it’s very viable to offer that as an option is schools (to clarify, Creation = God did it all; intelligent design = Someone/Something started the process…basically not offending any religion). As far as seperation of church and state…well, that’s just a myth…ok, not a myth, but not in the Constitution (Thomas Jefferson said it in a letter to a church, and the meaning has been twisted around). That said, it is public school so we can’t go teaching a specific religion; but to write off a recognized area of science in the name of “Seperation of Church and State” isn’t fair to our children (and may explain why we’re just ahead of Mexico on the list of school performance…). Not blaming the schools on this, I do, however, put some of the blame on the NEA, which, in my opinion, should not exist due to the influence they have in politics, and, seem to have little interest in the education of our children. Government’s fault? Dunno…we keep throwing money at education every year and it never gets better. Should teachers make more money? Many of them (especially new ones)…others make pretty darn good money. I think teachers and schools get a bad rap, because of lazy ass parents who don’t take time to work with their kids and pry ‘em away from the TV every once in a while. I digress…what the crap does all this have to do w/ the big bang test anyway?!!? haha! Maybe a black hole will form over the IRS so they’ll stop takin’ all my money :)


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