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Things I Need… ummm Want

8 September 2008 8 Comments

Yeah, we all have them, wants and needs!  It's been a while since i bought myself anything and i'm itching to make a purchase hahaha.

The problem?  I hate spending money unless i have to.  I mean going out to eat or going to the movies etc etc, not talking about that.  Although the cost of going to the movies is RIDICULOUS! But anyways, i thought i'd make a list of the things i need, and of course, most of them aren't needs, they are just wants. But i'll try and give reasons as to why i do or don't need them.

#1 - A New Cell Phone
Yeah my cell is just fine, i have no problems with it. Well i do have one little problem, my eyesight! I send a lot of text messages and i could really use a phone with a keyboard type layout. AND, i would LOVE to have a phone that would access the internet for email and to check on my websites. And the camera on my phone pretty much suxs. Of course i love all the bells and whistles and i'm envious of people like PAF JR ha. Yeah, thou shalt not covet they nephews cell phone. But, i guess this is more of a want than a need huh?

PROS: Nicer phone, better display, better pics, keypad, internet access, could sell my old phone and put the money towards the new one.
CONS: Higher monthly bill than i'm already paying. 2 year contract.

#2 - A Laptop
Hmmm, ok here's the deal. I have a desktop, it works fine. It's getting a little outdated though. It sux when most of the computers i work on as a side job are much better than mine haha. But that's not the reason i want/need a laptop. Misty has a laptop and she does a LOT of school work on it. So in the evenings, she's on her laptop and i'm stuck in my office with the desktop working on my websites or doing whatever. So i am missing out on Misty time! Ha! I don't like missing out on Misty time! At least we could be in the same room together and work huh? Of course it's a tax write off, that's a plus, since i would mainly use it to work on my websites. I could upgrade my desktop, but i could also put a little more $$ with that $$ and buy a pretty decent laptop! Hmmmm...

PROS: More Misty time, More Misty time ha, faster, light scribe (kewl), easier on my failing eyesight, tax write off.

CONS: Expensive.

#3 - Video Camera
I talked about a cool little gadget that hasn't been out too awful long. I wrote a post on the Flip Video Mino Camcorder and i think it would suite me just fine for my needs... errr WANTS HA. Misty LOVES taking pictures and we're always taking pics of the dog, of us, of the Grandson. But i think it would be way cool to have some vids. Talk about posting some funny #%@% on this blog haha. Well it would be funny to me. And of course there are the memories. I LOVE the old videos of my baby girl when she was little. Those memories are precious. So for less than $150.00 that sounds like something cool to have.

PROS: Lot's of video memories, lot's of fun and laughter.
CONS: none that i can think of other than Misty getting pissed for me videoing her all the time!

#4 - New 6x9's for my Truck
Well, there's nothing worse than a sucky sound system! Anybody that knows me, knows i LOVE music and especially Rap. To me there is nothing like a sweet sounding system with some kicking thumps! LOVE IT! I think the 6x9's in my truck are pushing 8 years old so they are definitely overdue! The sub could probably use an upgrade too but it's still kicking pretty hard!

PROS: Better sound
CONS: Having to choose what to buy, door panel removal/replacement really SUX!

Well i guess that's enough to think about for now. I may add to the list sometime. Anyone wanna chime in and give me some PROS and CONS for the things i have listed?

Anybody wanna share your wants/needs? Here's the place to do it!!

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  • Big Sis said:

    I need…er…want…er..need a 2nd and possibly a 3rd Canon Video Camera for the weddings I do.

    Pros: would help me a lot in my wedding video hobby.
    Cons: 1) can’t afford it;
    2) can’t afford it;
    3) can’t afford it!


  • Jake (author) said:

    HA! Well maybe Santa is reading my blog? Somebody with your talents definitely should have the proper equipment! Go for it and use the money you make from the weddings to pay for it!


  • Phizzle said:

    You can covet my phone….keep tellin’ ya to get one…but NOOO….keep using the, “I’m not sure about the signal” excuse. Suck it up and get one…ya get 30 days to take it back if ya don’t like it. :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    hahah, i dunno what my problem is… maybe i’m skurred about selling the house and moving to the boonies where i have no signal.. then i’m stuck… uggggg haha


  • Phizzle said:

    duh…don’t move to the boonies. Move to the city and pay for water and someone to pick up your trash like me! Wait…that doesn’t sound too smart does it? Nevermind :(


  • Jake (author) said:

    Green Acres is the place to be……..


  • anita said:

    What do I want….can’t EVEN go there. What do my boys want and NEED! Can’t go there either.
    I did get a call recently from Canine Companions for people w/disabilities. Wasn’t expecting to hear from them so soon. Freaked me out. Haven’t called yet. Don’t know why. Just don’t know what to do.
    I totally agree with Phlip. Living within the city limits sucks!!!! Yesterday we had 5 police cars and one suburban police vehicle sliding into our parking lot here. Rammed one car sideways, rammed another onto the sidewalks. They drag a guy out, slammed him down, cuffed him and shoved him in one of the officers cars. The other one on the sidewalk was searched as well as his car and ev/where around the bldgs. here. No one was allowed in or out. Scary.
    Took nearly 45 minutes to clear ev/thing. They took the one guy already cuffed off to jail and the other was let go. The car they/cops rammed is still parked here, no tags, don’t know what the heck the deal was about.
    Gosh I hate this town!!!!!! They had to put 14 new camera’s throughout the boys’ school. Security is way up there this year as is most schools now. We’ve had some scary times in the last year or so at school. Angry kids showing up with their cars loaded with guns. Not little pistols., but one had a shotgun, an automatic machine gun, automatic pistols and several knives. He and the other 2 with him claimed they had been hunting and simply forgot to remove the weapons.
    What the heck were they hunting? Elephants????? Our Resource Officer/aka a Mt. Airy Police officer who is on campus at all times, noticed the boys at the school and checked their vehicle. The boys had been expelled. One was 23 and a was in the armed forces.
    You never know. I can’t imagine what it will be like in years to come.


  • Jake (author) said:

    Sounds like you live on the wrong side of town haha, i think i’ve seen you on COPS! I love my side of town ;)


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