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We Made It!

22 September 2008 3 Comments

Well, fall is here and we made it through another summer! Today is the first day of Autumn and I LOVE IT! I guess all in all we had a pretty mild summer? Doesn't seem like it was to terrible humid this past summer. I do remember much worse!

So Misty has begun decorating for all and we already have our pumpkin on the front stoop! I'm sure we'll have a few more of those 80 degree days but me thinks we're good to go on the cooler weather! I LOVE getting up early on the weekends, having a cup of coffee and walking out on the deck when it's nice and cool! I just wish it would last a little longer... i reckon before we know it i'll be bitchen cause it's freezing cold! And my old bones just can't take the cold anymore! HA! Yeah 42 and can't take the cold. What will i do when i DO get old!? I remember how i could use to walk around in a tank top and shorts year round.... NOT ANYMORE

I guess e/body remembers the "good ole days" when it use to snow here in the foothills and stay on the ground for a week, or more! Seems like those days are gone! Ummm, right Mr. Gore? Ha! Well maybe we'll have a harsh winter and i can freeze my buns off and drive to work in the snow and ice. Yeah that's the sucky part. When you grow up and have to work, or don't work for the STATE or COUNTY and you HAVE to go to work REGARDLESS! NO FUN! But i do love the cooler weather and Misty REALLY loves the cooler weather! We're already excited and talking about the leaves changing and going up on the parkway for a picnic. FUN FUN!

So i hope everybody is excited about fall as we are! I wonder if this brings back memories to any of you about the past when it use to snow so much. Do they even sell sleds in our area anymore? HA! I wonder what it would be like living in a part of the country where there really isn't much of a climate change? I dunno if i'd like that too well. I guess if you didn't know any better then i wouldn't matter huh?

Anyways, hope e/body is enjoying the first day of Fall! Have a GREAT week and SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • misty said:

    hehe. fall…yay!!! our pumpkin!! :)


  • anita said:

    Autumn is DEFINITELY my favorite time of year. In the city it’s not so great, but on the outskirts of town where there’s a lot of trees, oh man, I just love it!!! I can say one great thing, maybe the ONLY good thing I like about living in the city is being close to our Main Street. Around this time of year and throughout the holidays if you are so inclined to do so, take a walk down main street. In the evenings and even late at night you can walk down the sidewalks here and see all the stores that have window decorations that can’t be beat.
    It’s quiet and peaceful. Most times, if it’s not too late, you can go in a couple of stores here on Main St. and grab a hot drink, cocoa, or coffee, or go for one of their great frozen coffee’s, hang out ahhhh.
    It’s great because I can take my boys with me and we can all go at our own pace, one place here sells books, but they still let you go in, get a drink and sit and read a book or magazine or take your lap top with you or just chill. The other has all kinds of things to buy or you can catch a band or something and sit and listen to some good music.
    Most times I like to just walk down one side and back up the other. I have so few days that I can walk very much, so when I can I love walking on our Main Street.
    If you’re not from here, we are the real Mayberry! From my place I drive past Andy Griffin’s house, to get to Main Street.
    Anyway, at Christmas, they play christmas music on loud speakers and have the whole street decorated. I’m like a little kid at this time of year. Cool days, cooler nights. Going to football games and drinking something warm. I don’t have a significant other, so, it’s up to me to keep me warm. haha.
    Sometime’s if we get lucky, we get a little snow, nothing like when I was a kid when it always snowed in winter, but, now not so much.
    So, when it’s near christmas and it’s forcast that we may get a little snow, if you’re lucky you can be walking down main street, listening to music all around and have a light snow falling while you walk. With all the beautiful store fronts with their decorations in their windows, (which by the way, they do have a vote on who has the most decorative), it makes for a really nice evening.
    At this time of year tourism is WAY up, but most are gone to where ever they are staying in late evenings. As our little town closes up at 5 o’clock with the exception of the two places I described earlier.
    So, around 8 or 9 in the evening you can have the street all to yourselves. Well, you may have to share with others who also tend to go out at that time. But, it’s usually locals.

    But, on the outskirts where there’s more trees, the various shades the leaves turn is awesome!!! You can’t beat it.
    Autumn is the greatest!!!!


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