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We Pulled An All nIGHteR

6 September 2008 8 Comments

An all nighter with the grandson that is! WOW, it has been 21 years since i had a baby in the house. DANG, soo many memories coming back of my baby girl.

After a long hard work week and having to work late again Friday, i was suppose to work today, but things changed for now, although i am on call. Anyway, after the long week, i was very happy to find out we were gonna get to keep Mr. Kyle last night. WHAT? Yup, i was surprised and tickled to death! He is such a beautiful little boy!

I guess i need to back up a little bit because i never did really give Mr. Kyle the intro he deserves! Christmas Eve 2007, my gift from my daughter would be life changing! I found out on that Christmas Eve i was going to be a Grandpa! Papa Leftwich! So on August 18th 2008 @ 2:41 PM, Kyle Joseph was brought into this world and i couldn't be a more proud Papa! I've always wanted to be a grandpa and always wanted to have a grandson, and i am LOVING IT!

As i said, last night brought back a lot of memories, old memories for me, new memories for Misty haha! But he is precious and holding him at 2:00 am, watching him with his bottle, is the most wonderful thing! I absolutely can not wait for him to get to the age where he runs and jumps in my lap! I get teary eyed thinking about it!

Papa & KyleKyle is the man, the little man! He sure has captured my heart! Misty and i are planning on having a child/children, so this is a good refresher course for me and a great learning experience for Misty. Misty loves little K sooo much!

I hope e/body is having a great Saturday morning. Hopefully i won't get that phone call today and have to go into work! I have plenty to do here though and need to get off my buttocks and get at it!

Everybody SMILE!!!

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  • Ashley Jayne said:

    I’m glad he was good for you… he told me to tell you he loves staying at papa’s house!


  • phizzle said:

    So…does that mean no Rock Band tonight? :)
    Everytime I see papa leftwich, I can’t help but I wish that I could have run and jumped in papa leroy’s lap :(
    I’m just glad that Kyle will be able to do that (you had a physical lately? ;)


  • Jake (author) said:

    Dude, I get a check up EVERY 6 MONTHS! Ha! I wanna live to be 150! Think i’ll make it? Remember, i wanna have more kids, so i’m gonna have to do e/thing i can to stay alive ha! I just need to get off my lazy #@% and exercise more!



  • phizzle said:

    Exercise is overrated…but I do it just in case they’re right! I’m always up for some loud music and stupidity!! :)

    I’m ’bout to starve right now….stuck at church doing sound for a wedding…which has been over for 30 minutes but they won’t stop taking pictures so I can do the song for the first dance! GRRR!


  • Jake (author) said:

    Welp, just holla when u r ready like Freddy!


  • Big Sis said:

    How Sweeet. Ask AJ if she woke up every 2 hours or did she actually get a much-needed good night’s sleep.


  • Dylon said:

    Yo…..im up for some Rock Band…….I’ll School all of yawl……or make your band better….wat ever is needed…..
    I remember when it came out last year…..me and a couple of my friends got it the day it came out and stayed up all night and played it for 15 hours straight……we drank duff energy drink…..a mana potion …..and lots of Mountain Dew GameFuel……
    But man Rock Band 2 Is going to be awsome …..its got over 100 songs ….pluse u can upload your downloaded Rock Band songs to it…….and the drum set is just amazing..
    But yea yawl….. let me know if yawl wanna play some Rock Band or anything for that matter


  • Jake (author) said:

    Sounds like a plan! I’m sure you won’t have to be too good to school me! HA, my fingers and brain DO NOT move at the needed speed!

    Yeah i can’t wait for RB2, i’ll def be putting a link up here when it comes out! I doubt we’ll go for the new drums right now although they do look cool! I hear the guitar is mucho better too!

    Maybe when things slow down again, we can all get together and play some. We never did play any this weekend so we’re ready!

    Good 2 hear from ya!


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