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What Can’t You Live Without?

3 September 2008 6 Comments

I was talking to a friend of mine about Internet Marketing, and the statement was made about how "hooked" you can get on updating your stores, checking your stats and most of all checking your EARNINGS!

Then last night, a buddy of mine came over and we were watching the Science Channel, and it was amazing at how technology has changed in the past 20 years! And it was MORE amazing at the technology that will be available 20, 30, 50 years from now. It's almost scary, but it's exciting to me! Maybe because i've always been interested in tech stuff, computers etc etc. It amazes me that some folks do not have a computer, internet access, cell phones, debit cards. I mean that's cool if they don't want it or need it, but i have become so dependent on certain things, i wonder how i would/could function without them?

On that show last night, one of the things they spoke about, was a contact lens.... this lens had circuitry built in it. Read about it here. Bionic Lens

This stuff just amazes me, and to think of how things were 20 years ago, or how when i was in high school, we would spend an entire 2 hour class to type in code on a computer, and all you got out of it was your name running across the screen! Now look what we have!

As much as i try and stay up on the tech stuff, i wonder if in 20 or 30 years, i'll be sitting on the couch and seeing my grandson playing with something that i have no clue about?

I can't imagine not having a computer, internet and cell phone. I think i could go without food and water before i'd want to give up the tech stuff!

So what do you think about all this tech stuff? What CAN'T you live without?

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  • phizzle said:

    I likes it cuz it gives me a paycheck! :)
    Don’t think I could make it w/out my smartphone…email, phone, contacts, calendar..oh my! Just think we went from ENIAC w/ over 17,000 vacuum tubes to a microchip the size of your fingernail w/ over 2 MILLION transistors in just 60 years….can’t wait to see what’s next!


  • anita said:

    You had computers in school!!!!
    I was an office tech. We thought it was amazing to have electronic typewriters!

    The only computer I ever heard about in school were the HUGE one’s that the government had and this one big computer that had EVERYONE’S NAME IN IT THAT WAS ALIVE!!!!

    No computers. No technology. Nothing. You’re only 5 years younger than me!!! What the heck!!!!

    No wonder you got so far ahead of me with that stuff. The very first computer I ever saw was the first one our big sis got. I couldn’t even make the mouse go in the right direction.
    I remember when I finally got one and she was teaching how to do stuff on it…btw…she was/is a great teacher…..
    you would come by and talk about the way it used to be in the old days…i just went along cause i didn’t want to sound like a moron. But i had no clue to what you were talking about. NOTHING!!!

    But today, I CANNOT go without my cell phone. I had to get one when I was a realtor. You had to be in contact 24/7. So many days I’d have the 2 phone lines at home hooked up with both phones in each ear, lay one down and pick up my cell.

    When you were trying to close a deal, you’d be talking with the buyers, the loan officer at the bank and the seller!!! Or the agent representing the seller. Or the other way around. Heart pumping adrenaline. Man, it was great!!! Especially when I closed the deal on the $300,000 dollar house. I sold it for cash!!! Only sold it for $250,000. I made history that year. It was my very first sale. Cool huh?

    I am rather hooked on my computer, although I don’t get to use either of them much, not with two teenage boys in the house.
    This Mac I’m using now is very, very different. I know nothing other than using it for internet purposes. I get free internet as someone nearby has wireless. So, that’s cool. Still got dial-up on my Dell dinosaur desktop, but at least I know how to stuff with it.

    Like with the Mac, I can’t do the thing with your Post for “wanna have fun”. I don’t know how to do much. My middle boy does. He knows how to do all kinds of strange things. But he’s been using computers since kindergarden!!!
    This year for school as well as having to buy all the notebooks, backpacks etc. I had to get one of them a flash drive. It used to be, send pencils and paper, then send a floppy. The next year was send a c d.
    Now it’s flash drives and almost all technology. You HAVE to have a computer. Even the calculators have to have the ability to do formulas etc. Those things are crazy expensive.

    Oh well, I wonder also what it will be like in 20 yrs.
    Sometimes I think it’s sad that no one actually talks anymore, in person, or writes an actual letter.
    But I figure before long we’ll no longer have a post office, just a satelite to send stuff too and it’ll fly it through the orbital sky and transfer the data to whomever it needs to go to. I just hope they can get rid of junk mail. Computer and the paper kind. Ugh!!!


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    I would go crazy without all of it… especially sitting at home all the time. ugh.


  • Hope said:

    I couldnt live without technology… never being able to interact with people that are at home while im here or with my brother overseas. it would be awful…


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