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You Know What Sux?

23 September 2008 4 Comments

Running late for work, shutting the door and as soooooon as you hear the door click shut, you realize you've left your KEYS inside.  Yup, i did it this morning.  Stood there like a lost puppy hahaha.  And i guess the neighbors that was home heard me say rather loudly...   I SUCK  hahahaha  Oh well.. luckily i live pretty close to work so i called my boss and told him if he wanted any help today, he was gonna have to come get me! And he did! Cause my co-workers LOVE me hahaha!

The 2nd thing that SUX is not having any lunch since i go home for lunch everyday, but since i don't have my truck to drive home and since i don't have my keys to get in my house... Well that SUX! Sooo, my precious daughter has saved the day! She's gonna come get me @ lunch and i'm gonna buy us lunch at the local sandwich shop. Thank you baby girl!

Anybody ever lock themselves out? I have many times! Where is my spare key anyway???????

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  • Bethie said:

    My wonderful husband used to help me out by taking my pocketbook and our son’s diaper bag to the car for me in the morning…..used to being the operative word. One morning several months ago, he did just that, but didn’t realize that my keys were in my pocketbook along with my cell phone (and since he leaves for work quite a bit before I do–he works 30 minutes away from home, he would always lock the doors on the car back)….see where I’m going. It just so happened that the lovely people at Time Warner had (just the day before) finally cancelled our phone service, which for some reason they always mess up our internet service at the same time.

    so here I am at home with a 2 year old, no communication with the outside world, trying to get in my car, because I left my windows cracked, but not enough to reach in with my arm, just a bent coat hanger, which doesn’t work, b/c my car is smart like that…all the while I can hear my phone ringing cuz my “wonderful” husband is trying to get a hold of me.

    so yeah…..when you say SUCK I know exactly what you mean (that’s putting it mildly.)


  • Jake (author) said:

    hahaha, that’s funny.. thanks for sharing! I guess we all do it, some just do it better than others haha


  • anita said:

    Waaay back when I used to work at a factory here that made toasters, I had to be at work way too early. I was always in a rush, as I had to get up at 4:30 and tape up my fingers, get my middle son, (hadn’t had the last one yet), feed him something and when it was in winter, I had to go out and start the car.
    We had our carport then. But anyway, I had this car that tended to not raise the lock all the way when you unlocked the car. So, at times when you shut the car, you would get locked out.
    This was the FIRST time it happened. Luckily, I guess, the door locked after I went to start it up and NOT after I had placed my child inside. As I went in the house to gather up my son, my purse, diaper bag etc. Went out in the cold, with the car running, the stupid doors were locked. I ended up having to call a locksmith who took 45 minutes to get this car door unlocked. He said these type cars were the hardest to “break in to” Not what I wanted to here at that time.
    As you can guess I was way late for work and pretty much out of gas as the car had sit and ran for so long.
    It happened another time, after that I figured out it’s best to keep a spare key some where that I could get to it without waiting on somebody else to help me get back in.


  • anita said:

    One other thing that sux, I’m having to use my dinosaur desk top which is sooooo slooooow I hardly ever get on the internet. The lap top, my gracious older son brought up here for me to use on the days I can move about much has a broken cord. The power cord.
    My other 2 sons use it more than I as it is much faster (we can use someone’s wireless internet, woohoo), but it’s a mac. Which might as well be a foreign object. All I know to do with it is get on the internet, but I do love the thing. Problem is I am broke as always, and don’t know how much a power cord will cost. We only have 1 store here that sells anything remotely close to Mac accessories, it’s on Main St. So you can guess what time they close. Plus, they, the owners, go out on calls, so you have to “catch” them when they are in.
    Anyway, I’m pretty bummed that I can’t get online as often. I think this is the second time of using the net, much less the computer in a month!!! That sux. I feel cut off from the rest of the world.
    So, if you know where I can find a power cord for a Mac ibook g4 lemme know. The lap top won’t hold power on it’s own, so I have to keep it plugged in.
    Anywhosal, hear of any good deals or know of someone that may have one I’d appreciate the feed back. Or email may be better. Who knows when I’ll get back on. :-(


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