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Obama’s Not an Arab? Well I’ll Be Damned…

11 October 2008 5 Comments

Yesterday i wrote a post, What Year is This and What Planet Do I Live On.  Last night it was very interesting to see a major news story on the exact thing i wrote about.  STUPIDITY & IGNORANCE!

On a personal note before i get into this...  i'm not saying, you should vote for McCain or Obama, that is YOUR choice and the things i say on here aren't even about who to vote for, it's about being INFORMED and being IGNORANT!

If you watched any news last night or this morning, then you've seen all the latest news stories.  One of them went right along with what i said in yesterday's post.  If you're a McCain supporter, then i give your candidate props for putting one women in her place and by doing this, hopefully, opening up peoples eyes.  Then again, when you see the interview with this lady after the fact, you'll see that no matter what, some people just won't open their eyes.

Obama is an Arab?

This first video shows the lady i'm talking about making the comment that Obama is an "Arab" and she's "Scared".  Again, props to McCain for setting the woman straight.  Some blogs are talking about how she is an older lady and "doesn't know any better".  Well i disagree, yeah she's older but just because you're "older" doesn't mean you have to be IGNORANT!  IMO.  AND, there are a hell of a lot of people that think the same thing this lady does and it spans along ALL ages!  Here's the vid...

This second video is an interview with this lady after the rally.  At one point in this video the reporter tells the lady that Obama's father was a Muslim, but Obama is a Christian.  The woman's response was that if his dad was a Muslim, "then he has some in him".  HUH?  Muslim is a religion.  She's speaking as if it's an ethnicity?  OK, here's the video...  see for yourself...

So there you have it.. IGNORANCE in it's truest form.  So my question is, how do we as a people change this?  Or is it something that we can even change?  And folks, this isn't just something that comes up at election time, this is something that goes on daily in so many different areas, politics, religion, you name it.  I remember being told once that my daddy would "turn over in his grave" if i ever voted democrat.  Well daddy, i hope you don't mind laying on your belly for a while!  I would hope my daddy would "turn over in his grave" if didn't make a decision for "what i believe" not make a decision because of what my parents believed.  I hear and see this so much and i just want people to know WHY they believe what they do, not believe something just because mama and daddy believes that way.

Maybe we live in an age where we have TOO MUCH information?  With all the bogus emails and stories that get circulated it's no wonder people get confused about things and again, i'm not just talking about politics.

OK enough from me... if you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to share them!  I would love to have YOUR input!  Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

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  • phizzle said:

    Just remember…there’s just as many on the other side saying the same stuff about Republicans (which I’m not). Every side has extreme stereotypes, I just hope people vote their conscious and not their wallet.


  • Jake (author) said:

    you are absolutely correct! I should have made that more clear in my post that it’s not just one sided at all. I guess it just got under my skin because there are so many comments to me personally about Obama and all that stuff that goes along with it! But again you are absolutely right, neither side should ever bring the race card into it and BOTH sides should do their homework. And, if you do your homework, i guess it boils down what you’re doing your homework on.. are the moral issues THE deciding factor? Is the wallet THE deciding factor? I realize we are all different and have different views and that’s why i love our country!


  • phizzle said:

    Yup…I think it was Winston Churchill said that a Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others…it’s becoming one of the others that bothers me. We are slowly losing our “certain unalienable rights”, and the extreme left wants to take away even more. Not that I’m advocating for the extreme in the other direction, which, would probably be libertarian (though not a bad idea), but it’s no secret that politicians promise more than they can deliver, which is why we (the Republic) should not allow our government to get anymore control than they currently have…I don’t want the government to be responsible for my health insurance, my income, or my retirement. I’m convinced that they majority of the social programs thought up by Washington is the sole reason that minorities, particularly blacks, are more likely to be fatherless, in prison, dealing/doing drugs, etc. If you expect the government to take care of you, then you will never have the motivation to do anything greater than those before you. The ideals behind this nation were a government by the people, not career politicians who only look our for themselves, not who they represent. Ok, enough rambling…to the Obama issue…most black people will vote for him solely because he is black, even though he does not share their experiences as living in the lower class. Is that different that not voting for him because he is black? Now, I don’t believe either one is right, but just a counter-point. You are right that people need to do their homework before they vote, because an ignorant vote is worse that a no vote. There seems to be a band wagon effect with Obama because of people’s irrational hatred for George Bush…now I can respect people that disagree with the President, but he’s still YOUR President, whether you voted for him or not. The vitriolic nature of the comments about our President are masking the real issues of this country and the real ideas of the Republican candidates. I’m not asking people to vote republican, actually I don’t usually discuss politics because most people can’t discuss, they argue and are ignorant, but just do like Jake said, and do your homework on your own…don’t just listen to TV news, take 15 minutes to find some independent sources on the Internet and decide for yourself…that’s a Democracy, not just to vote, but to vote for what you believe.


  • Money Making Ideas ~ Suzanne said:

    This is ALL so true!

    “independent sources on the Internet” does anyone actually know of any of those? LOL I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I don’t trust anyone/anything any more. *SmiLes* Suzanne


  • Jake (author) said:

    yeah really.. it’s hard to trust anyone.. in this day and age of technology and so much information to absorb.. it’s just nuts at all the stuff that’s said..


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