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Tattoos Are of The Devil! Huh?

5 October 2008 7 Comments

Since i've done a few posts on Tattoos, i thought i would share some other thoughts and hopefully get YOUR input.  If you've been reading my posts on tattoos, then you know i have 5 of them and plan on getting a couple more when time and money permits!  I thought i'd share some conversations i've had in the past and get your thoughts.  If you disagree, the speak up!  If you agree, then speak up!  Whatever your thoughts, share them!

I realize we all look at things different.  I also realize 10 people can read the same verse of the Bible and probably get 10 different meanings out of it.  It's always amazing to me though how people will take a single verse and use it to "tell somebody how wrong they are".  Tattoos have always been one of those touchy subjects.  Whether you "believe" in them or not, that's your choice and that's fine.  I respect anyone's opinion and what they believe about whatever, and yeah that statement i just made has rubbed some people the wrong way as well!  HA!

What exactly does the Bible say about tattoos?

Well this question has probably been discussed in about every way it can be discussed.  But to answer the question, here's the verse that is always used to condemn tattoos:

"Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD."

Yup, Leviticus 19:28, easy for me to remember since i've had it quoted to me several times!  HA!  So it's easy for me to remember, plus it's the year my dad was born so that makes it even easier.  When that verse is quoted to me, i'll always just ask the person quoting it if they've read the entire chapter of Leviticus.  I get different responses but either way, they still want to argue that they are right and i'm wrong.  Leviticus chapter 19 says some other things too, about how you should plant seeds, about how you need to trim your beard, etc etc.  If you want to read the entire chapter, type "Leviticus 19" in the search box below and you'll find it easy enough.

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People always tend for "forget" about those versus, or they've never read them to start with.  It tickles me how people will come after certain things and not have a clue as to why they believe the way they do.  Or i get the typical "it just ain't right" speach, which is ridiculous, in my opinion.  "It just ain't right" WHY?  If you're gonna tell me somethings not right, tell me WHY you think it's not right.  Don't tell me just because! haha

Sooooo, the million dollar question is WHAT DO YOU THINK and WHY?  I've heard it all, well quite a bit of it, but i would love to have your input as well.  Not that i'm "looking for an answer", but because it's an interesting subject to me and i enjoy discussing it!

  • Is it wrong to have a tattoo?
  • Do you not like them because you think they're ugly?
  • Do you want a tattoo but won't get one because of what others will think?
  • Do you think tattoos have become more acceptable?

OK, it's YOUR turn to talk.  Again i respect your opinion and if you have something to say, good or bad, say it!  I have quite a bit more i could say, but i'm gonna save it to see if i get any response.  So i hope we can open up a good discussion about tattoos.

Looking forward to your input!

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  • Ashley Jayne said:

    sooo, you can’t eat meat less than well done either…..hmm.

    I think tattoos are fine :) Ima get one one day! …. maybe….


  • Jake (author) said:

    Yup, no more medium rare steaks!

    Yeah right.. you’ll pass out!


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    oh, I’m going to do it. just you wait :)


  • What Up? It’s Monday! | My Life as I See It said:

    [...] i’m surprised i didn’t get much of a response out of the last tattoo post.  Hmmm, is anybody out there?  Oh well my daughter did respond but she don’t count [...]

  • misty said:



  • coffee tables said:

    That’s forbidden! according to the bible. check this blog esoriano.wordpress.com


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – NOT haha.. at least not in my opinion :)


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