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What Year is This and What Planet Do I Live On?

10 October 2008 2 Comments

Most of the time i don't get into heavy political discussions, but i swear, i'm beginning to wonder about my fellow man.

In less that one month we will elect a new president of our United States.  I will have to say as for me, i have watched the news, debates, blogs etc etc more than ever this year.  Along with that, i have talked to more people about politics this year than i normally have.  To be quite honest, it just about sickens me to hear what some people have to say!

So Is This 2008?

It never ceases to amaze me at how ignorant people can be.  I admit that i'm not up on every little detail about our candidates, but i can tell you one thing, I WILL NOT BASE MY VOTE ON THE COLOR OF A MAN'S SKIN!  I am STUNNED every day at the people i talk to and the comments they make.  This week alone i have heard some of the most stupid shit i've ever heard in my life!

If you agree or disagree with either Obama or McCain, i HOPE that you base it on FACTS and not STUPID SHIT you get in an email or hear from a friend.  I mean give me a break...  Do a little research!!!!!!!!

Posted in red below are ACTUAL comments that have been made to me personally over the past few weeks.  Some words have been toned down but you'll know what was said!

I just can't believe anybody would vote for a ni@@er. yes someone actually said that to me and all i could do is shake my head in disbelief.

I believe Obama is the AntiChrist. yes that was actually said folks, someone actually believes that Obama is the AntiChrist.

I ain't voting for that ni@@er, he won't even salute the flag. GIVE ME AN EFFIN BREAK!  People who get those dumb ass emails and believe them and actually base their vote on them are probably the same people that believe if they send 10 emails to somebody within 10 minutes a miracle will happen.  Someone will honestly base their vote on a rumor that was sent out in mass emails and put all over the internet and proven to be BS, yet they have NO CLUE what either party stands for on the IMPORTANT issues that are REAL!

I dunno if i can vote for him, just something about his name, Obamma, Bin Laden, Saddam, they are all too close. OMG, are you serious?  I don't even know how to respond to that.

These are just a few examples of what i've heard and TRUST me these people were dead serious.  Some of these are the same folks that work with a black man and will pat him on the back and be his best friend, but make a satement like, "i ain't voting for no ni@@er".

Yeah i'm on my soapbox but to me it's just ridiculous.  We dont' live in the 50's and 60's anymore.  People need to grow tha hell up and get past racism and just plain stop being STUPID!  If you don't like Obama because of his stance on health care or foreign politics or whatever, then fine!  That's great!  But i wonder when this country will ever get past the color of someone's skin?

So i hope you don't do as one of my friends did, this person has already voted "without hearing the first debate or trying to find any facts " because he's not gonna vote for a Muslim, because ALL Muslims are out to kill us." His words, not mine!

Ok, i'm done!  Everybody have a GREAT weekend!

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  • Mitch said:

    I’m obviously late to this conversation, and I’m glad you wrote this post, Jake. It’s amazing what people will say these days, and of course they say it to you because they just assume you’re a kindred spirit because of your skin color. Funny how that works both ways, isn’t it? :-)
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