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Duke Basketball – It Has Begun!

17 November 2008 One Comment

If you know anything about me, then you know i'm a HUGE Duke Basketball fan!  And HUGE may be an understatement!  If you keep up with NCAA basketball at all, then you know how serious us folks here in ACC country take our basketball!  When it comes to Duke, usually you either love 'em or hate 'em.  Kinda like the terd hills, i mean tar heels... love 'em or HATE 'em!  The season is just now under way and already Duke has shown they have some work to do, but the excitement in this past Sunday's game against Rhode Island in the Coaches vs Cancer tournament, has let me know it's going to be an exciting year for college basketball fans!

How did i become a Duke Basketball fan?

I'll have to admit that in junior high and the first 3 years of high school i wasn't into basketball all that much.  I paid attention to it but never really was a huge fan of anybody.  That soon changed!  I went to middle school and high school with a guy named Kevin Strickland.  Kevin definitely had skills when it came to b ball.  I can remember in middle school playing against Kevin in the gym and getting abused haha.  I did score occasionally but he definitely had some leaps and skills that i couldn't compete with, or anybody else in our school or surrounding area for that matter.  In high school Duke started recruiting Kevin and while doing so they would come to our school, North Surry, and play blue/gray games.  That's all it took, seeing those guys and the excitement they brought and the talent they had, i was hooked on Duke Basketball.  So i've been a Duke fan for better than 25 years!  I haven't talked to Kevin in years and years, maybe he'll google his name and come across my site sometime and see i've blogged about him haha!

I can't imagine why even terd hill fans won't accept the fact that Cameron Indoor Stadium is THE place to be when it comes to college basketball.  Other schools have tried to imitate, but nobody can come close to that atmosphere and no school can compare to the Cameron Crazies and what they bring as fans and students to that place.  Want an example of what the Cameron Crazies are all about?  READ THIS! Even if you're not a basketball fan, or even if you're not a Duke fan, if you ever have the opportunity to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium and watch Duke play and NOT get chill bumps, then something is wrong with you or you're a terd hill!  I've been fortunate enough to go several times and it's an experience like no other!  I hope i can go again soon!

How Big Of A Duke Fan Am I?

Well.....  i'd say this pictures says a lot.. maybe it says it all hahaha!  I LOVE Duke Basketball!  I have about 9 coats, countless shirts, all kinds of nick knacks and other collectibles.  I do my absolute best to never miss a game and if for some reason i have to, i record it and stay away from TV or radio until i can watch it.  Do i take it too serious?  Of course i do!  That's what makes us unique!  HA!

Wearing something Duke on game day and during the game is a must!  Whether it be a duke shirt, coat, socks, underwear, SOMETHING DUKE needs to be worn on game day and during the game!  HA, i remember in years past, Duke would get behind in a game and during a timeout i'd run to the closet and get something different or add something to help bring them luck!  And YES it works haha!

Oh, and something that you absolutely can NEVER do if you're a Duke Basketball fan, is pull for UNC.  NEVER! PERIOD!  Every year somebody will always ask me this...  Hey, if Duke doesn't make it to the finals and UNC does, you're gonna pull for them right?  After laughing histericaly i give the same answer every year... HELL NO!  NEVER!  i don't care who UNC plays against, i'm for the other team!  From the ugly ass baby blue colors, to Tyler's bugging eyeballs....  well enough said!

Well before i end this post, and some of you may say something about this BUT, there are only TWO things that ever came out of UNC that's worth even mentioning!  ONE is Michael Jordan, yes i will admit he is the greatest player to ever play the game IMO!  TWO, my darling and sweetheart Misty!  Yes she is a terd hill haha.  I love her with all my heart and soul, and to be honest, i think she's a dookie at heart and just won't admit it!  We've had some interesting conversations about Duke/UNC basketball, but we never let it get in the way of our relationship!  Cause we're good like that!

Sooo, here we are at the start of another season!  Hopefully i'll have bragging rights this year and we can make it past the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament!  So having said all of what i've had to say......


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  • misty said:

    Oh, you know Tyler turns you on. he he!! He’s a cutie and HE HAS MAD SKILLS!!! He could skool any of Duke’s big men…oh wait, they don’t have any (b.c. coach K SUCKS) ah ha ha ha. Btw, I’ll NEVER be a dookie. You can dream on. I’ve got that “ugly ass baby blue” in my blood and I’d pass up the chance to step into that hell hole they call Cameron ANY DAY!!! My feet in those doors, NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!
    GO HEELS…woop woop!


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