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I’m Very Thankful! Are You?

25 November 2008 One Comment

Thanksgiving is 2 days away.  This year is going to be an interesting Thanksgiving for me, but i won't get into that here haha!  Time will tell!  It'll be a great Thanksgiving though, that's for sure!  Why am i so sure?  Because for one, each and every day is a gift for us to make the best of, no matter what the circumstances.  That makes the second reason a given, no matter what happens, i'll find the positive in it and it'll be a great day, as every day is!

I thought i would take the opportunity to list the things i'm thankful for.  I'm sure there are things i'll not think of and leave out.  There are so many things i'm thankful for that i don't even know if i can put it all into words!

  • I'm thankful that God has given me a mind and brain to think with.  I'm thankful that i have choices in life and i'm thankful for my personal relationship with God.  Some seem to think i don't have one hahaha, and some seem to think i should be living the way they think i should.  And that's cool, i'll never turn down free advice!  But i am so very thankful for a God i can talk to and ask questions and wonder and think and ponder and still know in my heart that i have peace!
  • I'm thankful for Misty!  Misty has changed my life in so many ways that i could write about it all day.  I have written about her and us before so i hope you've read it here on my blog.  If you haven't i'll let you look around the blog and find it!  That way you may stumble across something else you've not read yet.  Misty is an amazing woman and she is my best friend and soul mate.  My life, my views on love and happiness have all changed since Misty came into my life.  To say i'm thankful for Misty is the understatement of a lifetime!  I'm thankful that we share each day and grow and learn each other more and more.  I'm thankful we can communicate and learn from our mistakes.  I'm thankful that we can laugh, cry and have fun doing whatever.  I'm thankful that we can look at each other and just feel that special feeling that true love brings.  She is my Angel for sure and i'm so very thankful for her and our relationship!
  • I'm thankful for my Daughter Ashley, Eric and my new Grandson Kyle.  There's such a great joy in being a papa.  Being a daddy and a papa is so different that i can't begin to explain the feeling.  My family isn't very close and i lost my parents when i was young, so to be able to be a daddy and papa is a great and wonderful feeling.  It was always so hard to watch my daughter grow up, knowing what the world was going to throw at her and for me to try and make the best decisions for her throughout her life was definitely a challenge.  I hope now she can appreciate that, now that she has a child!  haha!  But i'm so thankful for Ashley and Eric and Kyle, this is their first Thanksgiving as a family and i hope they take the time to sit as a family and talk and think and reflect and realize what a joy life can be.
  • I'm thankful for what family i have!  Even though i lost my parents at a young age, i had some wonderful people step up and do the best they could do to raise me, and i'm very thankful for that.  I have 2 wonderful sisters that mean the world to me!  I don't express it enough to them but i hope they always know and realize how much they both mean to me!  I'm told i have 2 brothers also, but i won't go there HA, enough said!
  • I'm thankful for great friends!  I have so many great friends, some of them are family and some are like family.  I have wonderful friends here at work and at play HA!  I enjoy being around people that have a positive attitude and like to laugh and have fun!  I would list all my friends here and say a personal thank you, but i don't want to leave anyone out by mistake.  So if you are my friend.. THANK YOU!
  • I'm thankful i have a job.  With so much going on in the world and the good ole USA, i'm so very thankful i have a job and not have to worry and wonder about where the paycheck is going to come from.  I could lose my job next week, and if i did, i would hope that i could hold my head high and use it as a learning experience and grow and find another path in life.  But as long as my company will have me, i am thankful.  I do and have complained about certain things that go on with my company, i guess that's normal?  But there are so many others that are less fortunate than i am and i'm thankful that i do have a job.  I'm thankful we can buy groceries and go out and eat occasionally and do things to have fun occasionally.  And even though we can go out and do things, i'm glad we can sit at home and just be us and have a great time!  I am very thankful for that!
  • I'm thankful i have a home.  Even though Misty and i dream of having our own place that WE build or buy ourselves someday, i'm so very thankful that i have a home that i can go to.  How many homeless people are there in our town that we don't even know about?  How many have to move from place to place because they can't afford a house payment or rent?  How many people are living in their cars or in a shelter and have no comforts of home?  A place they can call their own?  How many people have lost their homes because of job losses or our economic situation?  My home isn't the greatest home, but it's home and it's a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep at night.  I'm so very thankful i have a home.
  • I'm thankful for my truck and even though it's turning into a piece of junk hahaha, it's paid for and it gets me to work and back and to town when i need to go.  The paint is peeling, the dash is cracked, it has dents and dings, but i could be walking to work.  I could be having to ask for rides every where i go.  I'm thankful for my big ole red truck!
  • I'm thankful for our two pets, Bentley our boxer and our newest addition, Roxxann our Miniature Schnauzer.  I need to do a post on those two!  Maybe this weekend if i have some free time i can introduce you all to Bentley and Roxxann!  It's a joy to have pets!  And even though it's a challenge at times, they can be so much fun.  They ARE a lot of work, but anything worthwhile takes work huh?  I love our two pets and i'm thankful that we can afford them and get the joy we do from them!
  • I'm thankful for JFG mayonnaise!  HA!  Yeah i can almost see some of your faces as you scratch your head and wonder why i'm thankful for JFG mayo!  Well, can't explain it!  It's my drug of choice and it taste great on just about everything!
  • I'm thankful for the little pink pill i take every morning!  Without it, i may not be here to type this post!  HA!
  • I'm thankful for rap music!  LOVE IT!  Nothing like a great beat and some great rhymes to get the blood pumping!  I've been a rap music lover since it hit the mainstream back in the late 70's and early 80's and even though i love all types of music, i LOVE rap music!
  • I'm thankful for technology!  I love computers, the internet, being able to make money using the internet!  I love my cell phone, my laptop and all the other little gadgets we have in this world!  I'm sure it's made us lazy as humans, but i'll take lazy and convinence to have all the cool stuff haha!
  • I'm thankful for beer and wine!  Nothing like a hot summer day and an ice cold burrrr!  Nothing like a hard day at work and a nice glass of wine to relax in the evenings!

Soooooo many things we have to be thankful for!  I could type all day and i may come back and edit this post and add other things i think of.  I hope you all, whoever reads this, have things you can be thankful for!  I hope we can all sit and reflect on our lives and what we have and be thankful!

Feel free to respond and share what you are thankful for!  And if nothing else, take some time to think and remember all the things we are blessed with!

What are YOU thankful for?

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One Comment »

  • Ashley Jayne said:

    I’m thankful for my family and my friends and my house and food aaaaaaaaaaaand all that jaaazzz

    I feel like I’m in elementary school :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


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