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Funny, It's Friday, Video »

[7 Nov 2008 | One Comment | ]

Well this week seems to have went fast for me, but it’s been a great week!  Work has been busy as ever so that makes the days and the week go fast!
Rather than having a music video today, i thought i’d throw in a little comedy.  This guy cracks me up!  I’m going to put up 2 videos so hopefully you’ll enjoy and get a laugh! I hope everyone has had a GREAT week and i hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend!
Word of caution!!!!!!!  If you are sensitive to …

Angel Food Ministries, Things I Recommend »

[6 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

Just wanted to remind all of you the November schedule and menu for our local Angel Food Ministries.  This is a great deal for those that need a little help, or even for those that want to save some $$ on food since there are no requirements to get food from Angel Food Ministries!
Here is the info from our local site:
The November order dates are the 6th & 7th from 8am-5pm here at the church. Friday the 7th is the last day to order.
You need to come in …

Our Special Times, Things I Recommend, Thoughts »

[3 Nov 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Well another birthday has come and gone.  Since Misty and i have been dating, she has always went above and beyond when it comes to my birthday, and this year was no different!  Even though Friday was my birthday, the celebration lasted all weekend!
Friday morning Misty went and got us breakfast… YUMMY!  Then of course we both had to work all day.  Friday afternoon we sat out on the front porch and carved a pumpkin together.  I had never in my 43 years carved a pumpkin so it was fun …