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[29 Dec 2008 | 9 Comments | ]

What is up everybody?!  Well today was the first day back to work after being off 5 days… man it was tough to go back after being off that long.. although i did only work a little over a 1/2 day because i had to attend a funeral.. funerals suck!
A while back i did a post on something i wanted… a Flip Mino Mini Camcorder.  I never did get one for myself because i knew that Misty wanted/needed one.  So for Christmas, Misty got a new Flip Ultra Video Camcorder!  …

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[26 Dec 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

Well it’s Friday after Christmas… it’s nice to get up and make a pot of coffee and just chill.  I don’t think we will be heading out to the stores for all the wonderful sales that suppose to be going on.  I may check online and see what’s going on though.  I know quite a few people bought gaming consoles for Christmas for the kids or themselves, so be sure to check out Jake’s Favorite Ebay Products in the Video Games section for all the hottest and latest …

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[23 Dec 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

Ohhhhhhhhh, that’s your arm!
Yeah, that was for you SKINNY people!  You make me SICK hahaha!  Man, 2 days before Christmas and i just figured out what i want!  I WANT TO BE ABLE TO FIT MY FAT ASS IN MY SKINNY JEANS!  haha
Oh the holidays…. filled with joy and excitement!  And cake and candy and snacks and everything else that makes me gain weight!
I see these people at work that weigh about 90 pounds soaking wet.. they eat and eat and eat and stay skinny.. …

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[19 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]

It’s Friday!!  Yeah!  I tell ya, i have been on a high for the last couple of days!  Bouncing off the walls at work with a little extra pep in my step for some reason?  Maybe because the holidays are so close?  Maybe because it’s not been fricken freezing cold out side!  Whatever the reason, it’s been a great week and i’m ready for the weekend!  Are you?
Next Friday it will be after Christmas, so this Friday i thought i would toss up a Christmas Video!  Nope, not Bing Crosby!  …

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[17 Dec 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

I guess you have noticed i’ve been slack on writing posts here lately!  Too much going on in the evenings!  With Christmas coming and all that goes along with that, plus working on my other websites and working on other projects, the time has just flown by!  It’s ridiculous sometimes how time goes by so quick!
Misty and i don’t have any children together… YET!  Someday when we have time!  But until then, we have two babies that never grow up haha!  I’ve been meaning to do a post on our …

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[12 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

Man, i didn’t think this Friday would EVER get here!  It wasn’t really a bad week but it wasn’t a fast week!  Today sucked because it rained all fricken day!  Ok, i need to stop complaining… could be a lot worse huh?  Today was a beautiful day!  I love rain!  This week was a beautiful week!  I love slow weeks hahaha
Seriously though….  Misty and me both are ready for something besides work!  Especially her!  She’s been busting her ass for the past couple of weeks on college projects and thank …

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[9 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

I noticed something really cool over at Phizzle’s Blog today.  He had setup an online kettle to be filled for the Salvation Army.  I didn’t know the online kettle donation existed but it is a GREAT idea!  I donated over at his blog and thought I would put one up here to help the cause!
Are you like me and never carry any cash?  There’s usually a check card in my pocket and every time I go to the store and pass by the bell ringers for the Salvation Army …

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[8 Dec 2008 | No Comment | ]

Well with Christmas just over 2 weeks away, uhhh, did I just say that?  Christmas just over 2 weeks away?  Dang! Ok, with Christmas this close, you are running out of time on your shopping!  One thing I wanted to point out over at Jake’s Favorite Ebay Products is something you will LOVE!  If you don’t buy a Nuvi GPS for yourself, buy a Nuvi GPS for a friend, your wife, your husband, your somebody!
Nuvi GPS
The company I work for now owns about 80 GPS …

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[8 Dec 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

Last night Misty and me went out to grab a bite to eat.  We decided on Cook-Out and so i pull in and head for the drive-thru.  I’m driving so i have drive-thru duty which i don’t like!  Why?  Because my memory is about as long as my hair, so anytime we go through a drive-thru, Misty has to repeat everything to me about 10 times so i won’t screw up the order.  Or write it down so i can read it from a piece of paper.
So i pull up …

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[7 Dec 2008 | 8 Comments | ]

On November 21st of this year, Duke spanked Michigan 71-56.  Saturday December 6th, Michigan returned the favor beating Duke 81-73.  And actually, Duke played much worse than that score.  If Duke hadn’t made those last 3 point attempts, the score would have reflected more of how sucky Duke played!
What’s the old saying about Duke here lately??  Live and die by the 3!  Saturday we died!  3 of 27, that’s how many 3 pointers Duke made Saturday and along with that, our defense was no where to be found!  I realize …