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Hey! There’s a String Hanging Out of Your Shirt!

23 December 2008 2 Comments

Ohhhhhhhhh, that's your arm!

Yeah, that was for you SKINNY people!  You make me SICK hahaha!  Man, 2 days before Christmas and i just figured out what i want!  I WANT TO BE ABLE TO FIT MY FAT ASS IN MY SKINNY JEANS!  haha
Oh the holidays.... filled with joy and excitement!  And cake and candy and snacks and everything else that makes me gain weight!

I see these people at work that weigh about 90 pounds soaking wet.. they eat and eat and eat and stay skinny.. i hate those people hahaha.  Not really, i don't hate anybody.  But it does suck not being able to eat what i want.   If i wasn't such a lazy ass and would get up off my buff and EXERCISE!  What the heck is wrong with me?  I've probably gained about 20 pounds over the last several months, and i don't like it!  I hate cold weather so it's so hard to make myself go out and walk in the cold.   The tread mill kills my knees and feet.  Yeah i know, excuses excuses....

Oh well... just like every year after the holidays i say i'll do better... i'll eat better... I HATE the word diet though, i need to change my lifestyle and start exercising more.  I need to make it a way of life! Right?  Right!  Why is it so hard?  Why is it so terrible to get out and walk?  I always feel better when i exercise!   I always feel better when i can button my pants and not have to suck my gut in! haha

I guess it's a mind set huh?  Anyone else having this problem?  I KNOW i can do it.. i lost 50 pounds before so i know i have the will power in there somewhere!

So give me some encourement!  Let me know i'm not alone!  Call me a fatty so i'll feel bad and lose this 20 pounds haha!

Ok, gotta run, the meat balls and cheese ball are done! hehe

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  • Misty said:

    Hey fatty,
    (ha ha) Btw, you aren’t fat. You might not be able to fit into your “skinny jeans” but you aren’t fat!! SO HUSH!
    Let’s change our lifestyle TOGETHER, starting January 1. Until then, we can eat cheeseballs and meatballs. :}


  • Jake (author) said:

    awwww, togetherness haha… sounds like a plan.. so that means i need to pack in all the JFG mayo and bunny tracks icecream i can for the next 2 days… OMG!


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