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I’m Giving Away My iPod!

31 January 2009 20 Comments

Free iPod Giveaway

Ok folks, the time is here!  For the past few weeks I've been talking about having a contest and giving away a nice little prize!  Well I think you will enjoy this prize and the contest rules are about as simple as it gets!

You ONLY have to do TWO things to enter this contest!

# 1 - Subscribe to My Life as I See It by Email

BE SURE TO TO CHECK YOUR SPAM EMAIL FILTER AFTER YOU SUBSCRIBE!  You will be sent a confirmation email that you will have to click on before your subscription is complete.  Some spam filters catch these types of emails!

# 2 - You have to do ONE of the following TWO things.  Remember, you ONLY have to do one BUT, I would LOVE for you to do both!

Follow Jake at Facebook by clicking HERE

At Facebook you will need to copy and paste the following text on YOUR Facebook page in the "What are you doing right now?" box!

Just entered to win a FREE IPOD.  You can enter here! http://tinyurl.com/cbwg3q


Follow Jake at Twitter by clicking HERE

At Twitter just copy and paste the following text and Twitter it!

Just entered to win a FREE IPOD.  You can enter here! http://tinyurl.com/cbwg3q

That's it!  Simple enough?

Be sure to copy and paste ALL of the text  to either Facebook or Twitter after you follow me!  If you do not have an account at either of these places, signing up is simple and FREE and remember it's required to enter the contest!  Just follow the instructions at the site when you get there to sign up if you do not have an account!

Already subscribed to my email feed? All you have to do is follow me on Facebook or Twitter, copy and paste the following text as described above in step # 2.

Just entered to win a FREE IPOD.  You can enter here! http://tinyurl.com/cbwg3q

Already subscribed to my email feed and follow me on either Facebook or Twitter?

Just copy and paste the following text at your Facebook or Twitter page as described in step # 2

Just entered to win a FREE IPOD.  You can enter here! http://tinyurl.com/cbwg3q

REMEMBER!  You have to do both! #1 Subscribe to the email feed #2 Follow me at Facebook or Twitter and paste the text.

The contest will end on Valentine's Day - February 14th

How will I choose a winner? At the end of the contest, I will assign all of my Email Subscribers a number and then I will use Randomizer.org to choose the winner!

I would LOVE for you to come back here after you have entered and leave a comment telling me you have entered!


Now, check out the video below to check out the prize you will be winning!

Free iPod Giveaway from Jake Leftwich on Vimeo.

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  • Mark said:

    Cool, that’s a generous prize! I would enter but I don’t really use ipods much.

    I hope you get a great response, it sure is a wicked prize!


  • Elijah said:

    Oooooh… You clever cat!

    This is genius – I’m not going to say why, but the prize is just the beginning!

    Great to see another video too man!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – Hey you never know man.. go ahead and enter haha… then when you have the urge, the iPod will be in your pocket! Thanks for dropping by man!

    @ E to the Lijah! – What up buddy! Ahhh, say it again, clever, genius hahah.. You better enter boi! I know how you feel about your tunes!


  • Penny said:

    Okay, I entered. Come on now. DRAW MY EMAIL randomizer.com!!!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Penny – hahaha.. no randomizer sweet talk! Good Luck!


  • Brandon said:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your contest goes. I’m going to follow it closely and am going to do something similar soon. I’m going to give away $500 cash though.
    Nice blog design!!!
    I’ve just subscribed, Always appreciated if you decide to do the same!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Brandon/TAM – What’s up!!! Thanks for stopping by and for entering! Yeah i’m definitely checking out your site.. 500 smacks is sounding good to me!
    Ha! Right on with the blog design.. great minds think alike huh?
    Headin to subscribe now!


  • Affiliate Tips said:

    Hey, I have entered the contest, hope i win :)


  • Divinity Rose said:

    Thanks for stopping by and inviting me! Be sure to leave something on my guestbook to tell people about your blog :) Done and Done with the facebook AND Twitter :) I’ll send a bit out in my newsletter this week, too :) You can subscribe to it at http://www.divinityrose.com by clicking the grim reaper me :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Affiliate Tips – Thanks for entering! I hope you win too! I wish EVERYONE could win!

    @ Divinity Rose – Great to hear from you and thanks for the invite to your guestbook! I will definitely swing by there!
    I REALLY appreciate the exposure!! THANK YOU!


  • T Edwards said:

    Jake, hook a bruvva up with the Ipod! I’m following you, Man. Cool idea for a contest, by the way.



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    [...] just a reminder to those who haven’t entered for the FREE IPOD, you can do that by going to THIS POST! Go do it! [...]

  • Jake (author) said:

    @ T – What up dawg! Man i hope you win it! I know you’re in it to win it man… here AND at your blog! You do a great job over there! Thanks for entering!


  • Ben Pei said:

    Wait Jake.. which iPod is it?


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Ben – Hey man.. it’s the 2nd Gen iPod Mini 4gb 1000 songs! I’ve had BUNCHES of entries! Never expected that many and not even a week into it yet!


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