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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SUPER BENTLEY!

3 January 2009 2 Comments

First off.. sorry for those expecting the Friday Video on FRIDAY!  haha... It's a funny thing.. when you do a post in word press, you MUST press the publish button!  Dummy me!  So there actually was a video for Friday and it's now up!

Now on to Super Bentley!  Not too long ago i introduced you all to "Our Babies".  Bentley is our 70 pound boxer and he is a big ole baby and a wus on top of it!  Remember me telling you he's had his ass kicked by every dog in the neighborhood?  Well, even though he's a wus, Bentley is one stout Boxer!  If he ever does realize his strength, i feel sorry for the opposing team!

For quite a while now, when i go to take the trash off to the landfill, i let Bentley ride in the back of my truck.  It's funny to drive down the road and watch him in the mirror with his floppy jaws blowing in the wind.  When he first started going with me, i would have to pick him up and set him in the back of the truck.  Now i drive a big ole 4x4 Dodge Ram, and picking Bentley up got to be back breaking... so finally after some training, i could let the tail gate down and he would jump right up in there.  Since it's a 4x4 and he's not really the tallest dog, it always seemed that he would "just" make it in to the tail gate...  man, was i wrong about his jumping abilities!

Today was trash day so i went and let Bentley out and let him run around while i loaded up the truck with the left over Chrismas boxes etc etc...  he's gotten to where he knows when he gets to ride because he'll go to the back of the truck and look at me like... "when are you gonna let the tail gate down"!  So as i was loading the trash in the truck, Bentley jumped in the back as usual... uhhhhhhhh  but i hadn't let the tail gate down yet!!!  Like i said, the dog is stout, he just doesn't know it, but today i realized just what muscle he has when he jumped probably over 5 feet off the driveway into the back of my 4x4 truck with the tail gate still up!  Haha..   When we got back from the landfill, i let him out and then what did i do?  Go grab the Flip Ultra Camcorder so i could see if he would do it again and catch it on video!

I've already shown you how much i love the Flip Video Cameras and this is just another reason why... Quick and easy and ready to go in seconds!  So i've got the Flip Ultra and i walk Bentley around to the back of the truck and after a couple of times, he did it again!  This time captured on video haha!  So click the link below and check it out!  Man i am loving the quality of the low cost video camera!  If you don't have one... GET ONE!  You will love it!

Bentley is DA MAN! from Jake Leftwich on Vimeo.

Seriously folks... this is one cool Boxer and one cool video camera!

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  • Elijah said:

    Yeah boi! Man, how I love dogs – and boxers for that matter. Bentley is a PIMP! Your dog is ripped man. lol, the dog jumps up effortless and all you need to say is “you da man!”

    nuff said.


  • Jake (author) said:

    hahah, what’s going on E to the lijah! Yeah he’s gettin tougher.. i was worried about him there for a while.. getting his butt kicked by all the other neighborhood dogs! Maybe he’s getting confidence haha!


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