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It’s Friday! Introducing…. ME!

16 January 2009 11 Comments

Well.... here it is Friday again!  Another good week, another busy week and unfortunately another COLD week!  HATE IT!  My feet feel like fricken icicles right now!  I'm ready for Spring time!  If it's gonna be this cold, then let it snow! haha

This Friday's video is something different for ya!  After watching it you'll probably wish i had put up a RUN DMC or AC/DC or something besides this! ha  Yeah it's my FIRST blogging video and you can sure tell it's my first one!  But, what tha heck, it's me and even though i was a little nervous, i got it out in one try!

I wanna do more videos of just whatever... crazy stuff, interviews... just whatever i can think of!  So hopefully you'll be seeing more video blogs in the future and maybe it'll be more interesting than my just typing away!

I hope everyone had a great week and i hope your upcoming weekend is awesome!  Don't forget to SMILE!  Give someone a hug!  Make someone laugh and make yourself laugh!


Jake's First Blog Video from Jake Leftwich on Vimeo.

So, do i sound as terrible and look as nervous as i think i do?  HA!

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  • Suzanne said:

    OMG!!!!!!!!! She’s sooooo cute! Oh … I mean hey dude … I like the video! LOL and, yes, it is always nice to “see” who you’re talking to. Hope Misty liked her flowers ;) I’m going to work on the Q&A we talked about TODAY! I’ve done part of it and I’ll finish it up … well, hopefully it’ll be ongoing conversation. Happy Friday! *huGs* Suzanne


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    haha can I just tell you, Kyle was MESMERIZED by that video! He was fussing before, but he just stared at it the whole time u were talking!

    Anyways… that’s a very small puppy in that box… you shouldn’t be shaking it around like that :P


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Suzanne – yeah she’s adorable… even when she pisses in the floor it’s cute… NOT hahaha but it is hard to scold her because she just looks at you and you’re like, oooooo k… haha

    Cool, i’m ready (i think) when you are.. i REALLY appreciate your help! I’m going to send you a world famous Pork Chop sammich from here in Mayberry hahah

    @ Ashley – awwwww , that makes me smile.. Special K recognizes Papa on the computer hahaha

    Hmmm, puppy in the box… could be… so i better hurry or get a bigger box!


  • Mark said:

    Wicked video. You didn’t seem nervous at all. Your accent is awesome too, just like in the movies :D

    Ooo free stuff…lemme at it.


  • Jake (author) said:

    What up Mark! Thanks for stopping by man.. yeah you being from Scotland, you need to do a video so i can hear that accent man..

    MY ACCENT in the movies.. ummm, was that a redneck movie or a western movie or what hahahaha
    If/when i ever get loosened up and feel relaxed, the videos will be different, then you can compare to that first one haha

    Yup, free stuffs coming soon … keep checkin back…

    oh btw, love your drawings.. i ALWAYS wanted to be able to draw man but i SUCK at it!


  • Mark said:

    Haha. I can’t record a video of me. I would be far to nervous I think. As for my accent most people probably wouldn’t be able to understand me.

    I just finished recording a video of my screen, illustrating my newest drawing. Check it out if you want, should be on my site sometime today!


  • Elijah said:

    Sweet! It’s definitely awesome to put a face and voice to a name. Some great quality too.. is that the cam built into your lappy?

    I expect to see a video of you on turntables before 2009 is over.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – Oh come on now! Accents are COOL! Let’s hear it haha!
    Man i just checked out your latest and that is VERY interesting and VERY cool!
    btw, what software do you use to do the video of your screen?

    @ Elijah – what up dawg! Actually i did that with the Flip Ultra that i’ve been bragging on. I LOVE it!

    Yeah, man i would love to be spinning SOMETHING haha.. that’s gonna be a dream come true for me, i just know it!


  • Mark said:

    Thanks for the compliments. I use Camtasia Studio to record my screen. It’s an awesome piece of software, highly recommend it.


  • Missy (from G34 Media) said:

    Good stuff, Jake. I thought you would have an English accent, but i see you’re somewhere from down South. LoL.

    I appreciate you coming by my blog earlier. Get that tat!!!


    Missy (from G34 Media)’s last blog post..m38967: RT @geeksaresexy: 12 Reasons why a geek will steal your girlfriend – http://bit.ly/opn4P


  • Jake (author) said:

    What up MISSY! hahah, that is too funny! Yup I’m Mayberry all the way! Except for the hip-hop blood in me haha!

    Yeah, i’m drawing it up now!

    Come back anytime… btw, loved the geek post! Me thinks I’m a GEEK!


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