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Obama In Da House!

20 January 2009 5 Comments

To say today is a special day, to me is the understatement of my time here on earth. Today Barack Obama will become our 44th President!

On a sad note, I am still getting wind of some racial comments that are nothing more than just pathetic... I've said in posts when we were discussing the election, that if you have a problem with Obama's stance on certain things, fine... but for people to still be saying things in this day in time like "I'll never vote for a ni@@er" is just beyond belief to me.

Sadley though, racist and bigots will always be apart of our country.

But enough about the idiots!

Beyonce did a beautiful rendition of America The Beautiful so I thought I would post the video!

Welcome President Obama - GW, don't let the door hit you on the way out.....

Ohhhh, and PLEASE give your opinion! If you are one of those that have a problem with Obama because of the color of his skin, speak your mind! I would love to hear your reasons why you think a black man shouldn't be president!

Also feel free to speak your mind about ANYTHING!

Beyonce - America The Beautiful

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  • Ashley Jayne said:

    Well, since I AM the most racist person you know, your post really offends me. (nooooot)

    HA. I’m so happy all these silly people around here are getting taught a lesson… though some of them will never accept it ( you know who I mean )

    Racism is something I never have and never will understand…

    Like I’ve always thought… if the color of your skin makes a difference, then hate me too! Cuz I have brown spots all over me!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Ashley – Well.. i don’t know if i’ll see racism disappear in my lifetime, but maybe you will see it in yours…

    Too much hate in the world.. too much ignorance!!!


  • Misty Watson said:

    The video gave me chills!


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    So many qualities in one man! WOW! Its about time! He continues to ask and will need our support. He is truly the People’s President. We need to focus on the positive, learn from the past but not live the past.

    Stevie Wonder – Singed …. Sealed and Delivered…baby he is OURS!!! :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – I totally agree! I really don’t understand the hatred and such that still lingers in this country.. It’s like people want him to fail.. Yes he is OUR president!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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