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Is Your Website Or Blog Wearing An Eye Patch?

16 February 2009 6 Comments

One of my co-workers, a good buddy of mine, had a little misfortune this weekend.  He was doing some work at home and accidentally got some metal in his eye.  So off to the doc he went... they got the metal out and buffed his eyeball (OMG)!  This morning when he came to work he had a nice big patch covering his eye!

Now I was nice enough to go to google and find an image of an eye, print it out and tape it to the patch!  That way he could walk around work with confidence and people wouldn't stare!  Right?  hahahahah  NOT!  Wasn't that nice of me! hehe

How in the world does this relate to your website or blog?
  Well it got me to thinking today...  Coming to work with a patch on your eye, is like having that humongous zit on your nose on prom night.  It's NOT gonna go unnoticed!  I thought to myself, if he had a product he was selling, he could knock it out of the ball park!

What Do Your Readers See When They Come To Your Blog?

If you have a blog or a website, does it have an eye patch like my buddy had today?  Meaning this...  when my friend walked around work today, BAM, conversation was on!  Everyone's eyes went straight to his eye patch, wanting to know what happened etc etc etc.  That was the perfect opportunity for him to tell his story!  He had captured their attention, and to beat all, he didn't really even try!  All he had was a patch on his eye!  But that eye patch was different, it was out of the norm, it was something people didn't normally see every day.

That's what got me to thinking... does JakeCpuNut.com have an eye patch?  Do I have something on this blog that when somebody lands here, they say, wow, I've got to ask about this or know more about it... or do they just shrug their shoulders and see it as just another face and move on?

What Captures Your Visitors Attention?

This would be a good time for us all to step back, take a look at our own websites or blogs and look at it from a visitors point of view.  When we see it, do we see a category that we just HAVE to check out?  Do we see a picture or video that makes us think or laugh and make us want to share it with others?  I can't tell you how many times throughout the day today, someone said, "hey, did you see Joey and his patch?"   (by the way, we're one big ole crazy family at my work and we LOVE giving each other a hard time)!

Maybe your content is what you use to get that attention you're wanting for your blog.  Maybe it's those statistics no one else has, or those videos you're putting up.  Whatever it is, MAKE SURE your site has an eye patch!  Give 'em something to talk about and come back for.  When your site has that patch, the conversation will start and you can knock it out of the park!

So does your site have an eye patch?  How are you getting attention on your website or blog?

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  • T Edwards said:

    Hey J
    That is really a good point. I’ve said it before that the only blogs that are going to do well in the future are the ones that are building a “brand”. Your “eyepatch” theory is exactly that. I’ve got to go and figure out a patch for my blog.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ T – What up! Man you have everything it takes to succeed! The future is in our hands and it’s ours for the taking! I see your talents already man.. I believe you’ve got that “eyepatch” in your possession already!


  • Make Money Online Tips said:

    Fantastic post there Jake, you have taken it very well from your buddy to what should be done. I think a good design is really catching.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ MMOT – Thanks man.. sometimes the obvious is right in front of us.. Yes i agree on the design.. there are sooo many WP themes out there to choose from!

    One thing I would love to do is learn to design my own!


  • Salwa said:

    Great article Jake,

    Branding is everything and play vital role in ones success with his/her blog. As Hey J said “Your “eyepatch” theory is exactly that”

    Salwa’s last blog post..Top 5 Techniques for Internet Marketers


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Salwa – The best way I know to have an eye patch on a site and to have a “brand” is to just be ourselves… I’ve said it before but I really enjoy going to a site or blog and then leave feeling like I “met” the person that runs it.. know what I mean?


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