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It’s Friday! Because I Got High!

6 February 2009 4 Comments

What is up PEOPLE!  Man, I am so ready for this Friday!  It has been one nutty week and there's been soo much going on!  I'm gonna try and throw some thoughts together and lay some things out and then we'll get into this Friday's video!

What's The Friday's Video?

Since I have a contest going on, I have quite a few new readers and subscribers.  So THANK YOU all for stopping by JakeCpuNut.com and I hope you find something here that makes you think, smile, laugh, cry, get mad.... something!  Also know that every Friday I try to toss a video up for everyone...  there's no telling what it might be!  Maybe a rap video, (just in case you didn't know, Jake is HEAVY into rap).  It could be a rock video.  It could be a funny video or just whatever... funny stuff, stupid stuff and maybe even a video of me!  So be sure to check out the It's Friday category if you're new here and see what you may have missed!

iPod Contest

Yep, the contest finally started this past Sunday!  I've had quite a few entries but I want to make sure everyone understands the rules!  Ok, here it is...

First - just Subscribe to My Life as I See It by Email This is how the winner will be chosen and this is a MUST if you want to win!  Also, some of you haven't verified your email so make sure you do that!

Second - If you are my friend (following me) at Facebook or Twitter, then you MUST do the following.  Copy and paste the following text and post it on your Facebook page or Tweet it at Twitter!

Just entered to win a FREE IPOD.  You can enter here! http://tinyurl.com/cbwg3q

This is also a MUST and some of you haven't done it!  So go do it!  HA!  Pretty simple to win my iPod huh?  If you want to see the original post and video about the iPod, CLICK HERE!

What's Going On At JakeCpuNut.com?

A LOT!  This has been a crazy week for me, tryin to stay on top of the contest, doing a little changing around here at the blog.  If you haven't noticed, I've put up some great links over on the side bar.  Some are tools I use for Internet Marketing and some are just GREAT DEALS going on that I have come across and know that others are looking for.  I've also added links to my Facebook, Twitter and Myspace pages.

I did a post and reviewed a great tool called WP answers.  Its a neat plugin I found to help me with my Niche stores and you can check that out HERE if you missed it!

I've also been quite busy over at Twitter and Facebook.  Ohhh, if you want to see some pics of me, Misty and other stuff... be sure to check 'em out at My Facebook! I've found a lot of friends and family and, made a lot of friends over at Facebook.  I'm still tryin to get the hang of Twitter!

We're trying to find a full name for our newest addition Roxxann, and you can read about that HERE!  I've had some great response from that but we need MORE!

Other Thoughts

It's been cold as a well diggers butt here in the foothills of NC and i HATE IT!  I am so ready for spring man it ain't even funny!  This weekend suppose to be in the 60's here and I CAN NOT WAIT!

Duke got their ASS handed to them by Clemson Wednesday night.. that pretty much sucked!  But hey, Clemson was on fire and Duke looked like they got kicked in the nuts and were done from the get go... All I know is next Wednesday night, it's DUKE vs UNC!  And we betta BRING IT!

What's Coming Up?

Plenty!  More videos of me!  I've got several posts in mind that I need to get together when I have time!  I have other contests and several other FREE goodies coming up so be sure to keep a check on those... and that's about it for now!

Alright... let's get into this Friday's Video!

Ahhh yeah, good ole cannabis... If you've watched the news this week, you saw Olympic Champion Michael Phelps smoking weed, hittin the bong etc etc hahaha...  Man, you know me, I ain't gonna lie!  In the 80's, I stayed high for about 1 1/2 years.  Yeah that's all in the past and no more pot smoking for me.  You can read more about me that you might not know at my Facebook page! HA!

Anyway... Michael Phelps does his whole apology and I did wrong and I'll learn from my mistake... cough cough bullshit cough cough... Michael is probably sitting in his room, watching CNN, rolling a joint and laughing about the whole thing!  (insert Jake's opinion here)  I think they should legalize marijuana!  Yup, I do!  Why?  Have you read all the facts about it and how it can and IS being used as a medicine?  Right.... So why not just go ahead and legalize it and be done with it.... OMG, did Jake just say that?  Yup...

Look.. you may think it's a terrible thing and that's cool if you do!  One thing you'll find out about me is I'm VERY opinionated and I'm usually not too afraid to express it...  I use to be afraid to speak my mind... never more!  Let's look at it this way.  If you or a loved one, was lying in a hospital bed, dying of cancer or some other disease where that loved one is in tremendous pain, would you want them to be able to have something to ease the pain?  I would think so.  So if we can have morphine and codeine and such as that, why not marijuana?  People abuse morphine and codeine, they are gonna abuse marijuana whether it's legal or not... Right?

So.... I would LOVE to hear your opinion on this!  Bring it!  Good or bad!  If you think I'm wrong, say it.. if you agree.. say it!  I know you have an opinion one way or the other!

Feel free to comment on any of the other stuffs I've talked about in this post as well!

So here's to you Michael Phelps!  I'm not judging you brotha... You do whatever you think is right and that's between you and your maker!  Not for me to judge!

Afroman - Because I Got High

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  • Make Money Online Tips said:

    The video is sweet. When is the iPod contest gonna end?


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    LOL – OMG! Love the video. Its been years since last heard this :) )

    Change it to Read “I was gonna make 5 Million” ……………

    I am entering your contest! Already registered to your feed, following you on Twitter and Facebook …hmmm what’s left???

    Have a great weekend! :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    What’s up Laura! Yeah I was browsing through my iPod and came across it and couldn’t resist hahah..

    Yeah that may be his 5 mill mistake fo sho!

    Sweet, thanks for entering! I entered your latest contest as well! You are good to go! I saw you tweeted at Twitter! Unless you want to do the same on your facebook (u don’t have to) What’s left is for me to maybe draw your name :)

    I am soo ready for this weekend! Thanks and you have a great one 2!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Make Money – The contest will end Friday night February 14th at midnight.. I will announce the winner Saturday morning on valentines day!


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