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Things To Do… But FIRST!

21 February 2009 11 Comments

Will somebody please come kick my butt?  I have GOT to get on the ball and get some things done!  I have so many ideas and projects I want to complete, and I STILL feel like I'm all over the place!  My problem seems to be that I end up trying to read everything I can every day, and end up not getting the things done that I need to!  Anyone else have that problem?

My To Do List

Next week I am GOING to get some things done!  Here are just a few things I need to complete...

  • Do a video blog post on my favorite blogs and talk about the folks that run them!
  • I'm forming an LLC! After talking to my accountant, I feel like that's something I want/need to do so I need to get the paperwork going for that and get my Tax ID etc etc..
  • Do some keyword research on a couple of niche store ideas I want to do!
  • Do some spring cleaning on my existing niche stores and get rid of those that are not performing!
  • Get with Super Soggy Dave on a project he's working on for me and get that completed!
  • Sell some things on Ebay I have laying around!
  • Finish converting my backups over to my new computer!  Btw, THANK YOU Internet Marketing for another computer!  You already bought me a Dell Laptop... Thanks for the Dell Desktop!  SWEET!
  • Ride down to Mark Hansen's house and bust out a Mind-Meld like Spock did on Star Trek!
  • Fly up to Canada and get Elijah to school me on spinning records!
  • Slide back down to JK Swopes and steal all the sponsors he does in his videos cause he makes me hungry!

Ok ok.. getting carried away hahah..

I do want to get quite a few things done next week, so hopefully I can get those things accomplished... AND MUCH MORE!

But First!! Time for some R&R, no laptop, no internet, no cell phone servce (OMG)!  Just great friends, bed & breakfast and of course... Red Red Wine!

Ya'll have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!  Oh and Thanks Michele for looking after the pets and the house!  Love ya!

So what's on YOUR to do list?  Is R&R one of them? :)

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  • divinity rose said:

    heh, i had ton todo but totally took rest and relaxation today and had some homemade crab rangooon..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  • o jordan said:

    I am with you on too much to do and not enough time and focus to get them all done..also when you do the mind-meld with Mark, I need a dose of that too…


  • Make Money Online Tips said:

    Your not alone Jake with this problem. My to do list is also somewhat similar in length and i really need to kick myself and do something. Well some day I will, LOL.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Divinity – Good for you! Sometimes we just need that break huh? The homemade crab rangoon is sounding yum! whatever it is hahah

    @ O – Yeah, with IM as a sideline for me, the 40 hour/week job just makes it hard sometime.. I don’t see how some of these folks do it!

    Only thing is, my head would probably explode after about 2 seconds.. my brain doesn’t have enough bandwidth or storage to handle what Mark has forgotten, much less what he knows!

    @ MMOT – I hear ya.. I get to reading all this great information I come across and tend to keep reading… when I should stop and apply what I’m reading to my sites! You’ll get there! I’m sure of it!!


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  • Normal Joe said:

    hahahah, you crazy son! Yo…lemme know whatup with the llc thing man, I’m really thinking of doing that myself!

    Why you gotta steal my sponsors son! I’ll share em wit you lol

    Normal Joe’s last blog post..Google Friend Connect. Are we friends? We homies? Well join the site then…


  • Jake (author) said:

    Yo JOE! Man the LLC is almost a done deal, just gotta mail off my paperwork! I’ll shoot you an email and fill you in!

    Yeah yeah, when i get there all the goodies will be gone haha!



  • Normal Joe said:

    Cool man! Lemme know, really, cuz I need to do that man. And uhhhh yeah, it’s all goody with the goodies! lol.

    we’ll share a porkchop sammich kid!

    Normal Joe’s last blog post..Google Friend Connect. Are we friends? We homies? Well join the site then…


  • Jake (author) said:

    I just sent u some info… hope it helps.. let me know if I can help with the forms and i’ll share what i did!

    You just DID NOT mention porkchop sammiches… Boi do you know where i live? haha, Do you know that MAYBERRY, NC is THE Only place to get a Pork Chop Sandwich from the Snappy Lunch!

    Let’s do that thang! ha!


  • coffee tables said:

    so so organized, nice!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – ME? Organized? HA!


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