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Wanna Make Some Money Using The Internet?

24 February 2009 9 Comments

Okay, everyone take you hand and cup it behind your ear and listen really good... can you hear it?  Yup, it's the economy and it STINKS!  Oh don't worry, this isn't a political rant, it's a way for YOU to make extra MONEY!  And, you can make it by using the very thing you're using to read this blog post, your computer and the internet!

I've been involved in Internet Marketing for almost a year now.  If there is one thing I've learned more than anything else, it's that you get out of it what you put into it.  There's no magic button to push, no wand to wave, it takes work!  Sadly, not many folks want to put forth the effort, they want extra income and they want it to come easy!  It ain't gonna happen!

If you're one of those who want to make extra money without any effort... just stop reading now and go back to doing whatever you were doing!

I sent out a little note to all my Email Subscribers on Monday.  In that note I told you I was going to do a post on how you could EASILY make some extra cash by writing!  Now I just have said that making money doesn't come easy, but this is about as easy as it gets in my opinion!

Use Article Writing To Make Some Extra Cash!

Some of you may not understand the whole Internet Marketing thing.  I also realize it's hard to understand having a Niche Store if you're not involved in it.  But for those of us that have niche stores, articles are a MUST!  Why?  Let me try and explain...

Let's say I have a niche store that sells dart boards.  That website or blog about dart boards needs something very important to succeed.... TRAFFIC!  If nobody comes to my dart board web site, I'm not going to sell any dart boards or darts or whatever I'm advertising on there.  With out going into the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing, there are things that would help my dart board website rank higher in the search engines.  Meaning this... if someone searches for dart boards at Google, I obviously want MY site to be on the first page of the search results, hopefully in the top 3 or 5!  Having my site show up on page 10 or page 50 of Google, isn't going to do my site much good!  Make sense?

Articles Give My Sites Inbound Links

One thing search engines love to see is inbound links to your website.  Here is an example of an inbound link.  Let's say I go over to a friends blog and leave a comment on a post about something that interest me... just like some of you do here at JakeCpuNut.com.  If that blog allows me to put my website http://jakecpunut.com in the comment section, the search engines will pick up on that link and they will see that there is a link back to my website, from another website... therefore giving my site an inbound link.

Now I've said a whole lot to get to my point so I hope you're still with me... one of the BEST ways to get inbound links to my site, especially my niche stores, is for me to submit articles to article directories.  The search engine spiders crawl those directories and if they find a quality article with unique content that has a link back to my website, that is GREAT for my website and it helps it rank higher in the search engines!

Where do people get articles?

Well that's where this entire blog post is going...  YOU could write those articles and make as much money as there is time for you to put into it!  Jake DOES NOT like writing articles.... I just don't like it.  I would rather spend my time doing other things I enjoy doing or working on my sites in other ways.  So, I PAY to have articles written for me... and trust me, a BUNCH of others do to!   So if you have a knack for writing and don't mind doing the research, you can make a really good side income writing articles for people.

Unique Content Is a MUST!

Before you even consider doing this, know one thing, the articles you write MUST be original and they MUST be good!  The people who hire you will use tools such as Copyscape to check the articles.  Copyscape will determine if you did your research and to see if you wrote original content or if it's duplicate content!  Search engines are not to fond of duplicate content so just know you will have to do the research and write it from scratch!

So here's how it would work if you decided to do this.. I would call on you to write an article for me on Dart Boards, let's say I want a 500 word article on the history of the Dart Board.  You do the research, write me the article and you get paid!  How's that for extra cash?  I'm telling you if you have a knack for this, you can make some serious extra cash!

How Much Do Article Writers Get Paid?

Yeah I finally got to the question you've been wondering about the entire time you were reading this hahah.  The amount people charge to write articles vary.  One thing I would suggest you do is go to the Content Creation section of Digital Point Forums.  You will quickly see what others are charging and paying for good articles!  I just did a quick check over at the Digital Point Forums and seen this...

1 unique 400 word article: $5.99 each ( Minimum order: 4 articles ).
1 unique 500 word article: $7.49 each ( Minimum order: 4 articles ).

Could that be YOU?  Would you do some research and write a 400 word article for 6 bucks?  500 words for $7.50?  Oh and this person set a minimum so how about getting paid 30 bucks for 4 500 word articles?  How many could you get done in your spare time?  Pretty sweet huh?  You could offer YOUR services over at Digital Point and start raking in the dough!  Or, set you up a blog like this one for less than 10 bucks a month and use it to advertise your services!

Here's another example I found from a different website...

200 words - $3.50
300 words - $5.25
400 words - $7.00
500 words - $8.00
750 words - $12.50

So there you go!  I hope this all makes sense.  I wanted to let you all know that making money using the internet is RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!

Before I end this post... I'm gonna say this.. there are two excuses I hear constantly when I talk to someone about doing this and try to help them make extra money...

One excuse  is "I DON'T HAVE TIME"

The other is "I DON'T THINK I CAN DO THAT"

Look... MAKE TIME! How many of us spend a couple of hours a day on Facebook or Myspace goofing off, finding pretty back grounds or letting everyone know you just took a nap, or filling out those goofy survey's?  Why not put your time to use and make extra money?  What's the excuse now??

And remember.. CAN'T NEVER COULD, WON'T NEVER WILL!! All you can do is TRY!  For heaven's sake, if you fail, then at least you can say your tried right?  What do you have to lose?  What if it's something you love and CAN do and start making some serious extra cash?

The kids constantly hounding you for gas money?  Put them to work!  Most teenagers LOVE computers and spend HUGE amounts of time doing useless stuff on the internet... why not get your kids started on something productive that will help them earn their OWN money?

There are so many different things you can do with Internet Marketing to make money.  If you're reading this blog post, then you have the tools to make it happen... the internet, a computer and YOU!

Now go get it done!  Start YOUR journey!

If you want to know how to get your own blog started, feel free to Contact Me and I will help you!  For less that $10.00 a month and $7.50 a year on a domain name, YOU can begin your venture into Internet Marketing!

Any suggestions?  Any Questions?  Comments?  Do you already write articles?  Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  • Elijah said:


    Man, outsourcing my content – in every way, shape and form – is one the smartest things I’ve ever done. I pay a flat rate of $6 per 3-400 word article, and man is my guy ever good! I give him a list of keywords, and he puts them into the titles, and works them into the content with density in mind.

    $60 for 10 inbound links – and keyword targeted, high quality links for that matter. Think of it this way, I could even break each article in half and work those into forum threads on niche related communities.. most forums count links, and also generate some serious traffic via contextual links as well as signature links – so that’s $60 for 20 streams of traffic/links…

    A smart investment if I say so myself!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ E to tha lijah – what up brother! You nailed it.. I hope at least 2 things come from this post!

    1 – People realize they can make some sweet extra income with a little effort and with a LOT of effort they can make some ridiculous income!

    2 – Those that have or are starting niche stores realize the power of articles and how it makes sense to invest in them!

    Thanks for stopping by BOI!


  • Make Money Online Tips said:

    I guess it makes sense to start your own blog then writing for others.


  • Dennis Edell said:

    @ Elijah – Could you give up he name of your guy? :)

    @ Jake – Thanks for the visit at my place; hope to see you ’round more often. Nice stuff here too. :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Dennis – Thanks man! Enjoy and come back often! I will definitely be checking your site often!

    @ Elijah – Yeah, drop me that info to brother..

    @ MMOT – Man if people would just realize the power of WordPress and the power of having your OWN blog and what can be done with it.. they would do like I did and slap themeselves for not doing it earier in life!


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    Great post, I will be posting about this and linking to you. I am so glad that you wrote about it. Everyone should know about this. This is perhaps one of the Top 10 things one should do when starting. I use it on several of my sites and it does wonders for me. :)


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  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – Thanks.. everyone needs to realize the power of articles and how important they are to our sites!

    People also need to realize how much money they can make writing those articles for folks like us haha!

    Looking forward to the post! Thanks for the link!


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