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Check That Article With A Duplicate Content Checker

9 March 2009 12 Comments

How goes it everyone?  GREAT I hope!

In an earlier post I did called "Wanna Make Some Money Using The Internet", I talked about article writing and how you can make a nice income by writing articles.  In that post I talked about how folks like myself and others who have niche stores, blogs or any Internet Marketing site, use articles to gain inbound links to our sites which give us better rankings in the search engines.

Better Rankings = More Traffic = $$$$

On a side not, that post I did on article writing has gotten some folks attention.  They have contacted me and have ALREADY started making money using the Internet by writing articles for folks!  GOOD FOR THEM!

Duplicate Content

Ok, so you've got a blog or website selling your products, you've gotten someone to write you some articles and you are ready to post those articles to the article directories and start getting those inbound links.


Before you use those articles, I would strongly suggest using a Duplicate Content Checker!  Remember, duplicate content is a NO NO haha!  You want those articles that will be pointing back to your site to be uniquely written!  So how do you check those articles to see if they have any duplicate content?  I touched on it just a little in the post "Wanna Make Some Money Using The Internet" but thought I would touch on it again....

Use Copyscape to check those articles for duplicate content.  Here's a quote from the Copyscape website...

Content buyers: Use Copyscape Premium to check the originality of new content
before publishing it online. By avoiding duplicate content, you make your site more
valuable to customers and more visible to search engines.

I use the premium version of Copyscape.  It's simple and gives instant results.  Simply copy and past the text you want to search and Copyscape does the rest.  It's that simple!  There is a fee for the premium service, but it's pocket change and in my opinion worth every dime!  Searches cost $0.05 each... you have to buy at least 100 searches so that's 5 bucks!

Now isn't that worth it to make sure your articles have original content before you use them?  I say yes!

Do you use Copyscape?

What tools do you use to check for duplicate content?

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  • Domy Gryfino said:

    I search for duplicates using google. Get the text, copy few words with “phrase selected in ‘”‘ ” and you’ve got results soon. Best practice is to wait about a week before publishing – usually it takes about a week to get info indexed.

    Domy Gryfino’s last blog post..Mieszkanie 4 pokoje na Górnym Tarasie


  • Make Money Online said:

    Well I dont use copyscape as dont have the time to spend as such on finding the right stuff. But i guess i should.

    Make Money Online’s last blog post..How To Get Top Ranking In Google


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Domy – That’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing and thanks for coming by JakeCpuNut!

    @ MMO – If you’re using articles I would highly recommended it! Getting those inbound links from unique content is HUGE! You could also use Domy’s suggestion!


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    Copyspace is a great source. Google of course is good, but I prefer copyspace. Valuable information, running a quick check is well worth it to avoid any possible infringements.

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • web design miami said:

    Yeah checking for duplicates is very important. There’s too many freelance writers who decide to either sell people someone else’s work or reuse the same content all the time.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – It is fo sho! And you did a nice article on How To Get My Websites Seen By Google! Great info there as well!

    @ Web Design Miami – You’re exactly right! It’s hard to find a good/great writer these days (in my opinion)! It’s too easy to scrape content from the net! So when we find a writer you like and does great work, we better stick with them! Thanks for stopping by the JakeCpuNut!


  • Ben Pei said:

    Wow Jeff, I understand the importance of preventing duplicate content but I never expected you to spend money to protect it.

    Ben Pei’s last blog post..Interview With Alvin Phang On MSN


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Ben – You tryin to say I’m CHEAP hahaha.. or that I should be using the free tools! You need to borrow 5 bucks? haha


  • Make Money Online said:

    I’ve never given this a try, but I think it’s about time I do.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ MMO – DEFINITELY worth the nickel you’ll spend to check each article… in my opinion :)


  • Itchy Skin Rash Girl said:

    I recently tried articlechecker.com . Do you know how this compares? I had a few that said 3 percent but when I checked the phrases they were very common phrases that had nothing to do with the health article I wrote- could apply to anything. Thank you for this interesting post.

    Itchy Skin Rash Girl’s last blog post..How to Get Rid of Eczema: Eczema Relief Tips


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Itchy – Thanks for stopping by “My Life as I See It”! I haven’t ever used articlechecker. I know some that have though and say it’s “ok”? I’ve just always used CopyScape and I know it’s used by so many and has so many great reviews so I’ve just always stuck with it!


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