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Hey Guys, Do You Know How To Treat A Lady?

13 March 2009 4 Comments

What is up everybody!  I hope all of you are having a bangin week and getting all your stuffs done and just think, the weekend is almost here!

So listen, I've been meaning to do a blog post on this for a while but just haven't taken time to do it... I was reminded of it the other day when I saw a guy get out of his car, walk in front of his lady to the door of a restaurant and walk right on in...  never opening the door for his lady.

Now from me just people watching and from what I see out in public, guys either don't know how to treat a lady, or they just don't give a damn.  Maybe just plain out ignorant I dunno...  Anyways.. Here's some FREE tips for the guys on how to treat your lady!  And I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I do try and treat Misty with respect and I do try and go out of my way to please her... in every way!!!!!!!!!!

7 Ways To Treat Your Lady

Let Her Lead! Let your lady walk in front of you or beside you.  To me it just doesn't look right for a guy to be walking ahead of his lady... plus there's always that view you get right? HA!  Some of you may not agree with this but hey, it's how Jake sees it!

Check Those Doors! You should be ashamed of yourself if you walk in a door in front of your lady, or any other lady for that matter.  Always hold the door for your woman and let her in first... and even if it's somebody you don't know that you see coming up behind you, step over and hold the door!!  This goes for the car too guys!  I ALWAYS try and get Misty's door for her... even though she won't give me time to open it when we're getting out, I always try and check her door when we're getting in.

Give The Little Things! Guys you don't know how much it means to your sweetheart if you take the time to go buy flowers for her.  I admit I got slack there for a while but I'm back on track... And don't look at it as a chore, you should want to do it for her!  Keep an ear open and if she mentions something about a song she likes or whatever, slip out and buy that CD or whatever she's talking about!  Just do it man!!!!!

Give The Gift of Touch! I realize some ladies aren't touchy feely.. but one thing about Misty and I's relationship is, she loves to be caressed and I damn sure love caressing haha!  Look guys, say you've had a tough day at work, you have a headache, YOUR feet hurt... here's what you do... TAKE CARE OF YOUR LADY!  Forget about complaining and worrying about YOU, it's all about her!

Listen To Her! Oh I'm stepping on Jake's toes here too boyz!  I get wrapped up in my work and Misty will come in the office to talk to me about something and I'll half ass pay attention... that's a big fat NO NO!  STOP what you are doing, make eye contact and listen!  Whatever you're doing can wait, but if you're sweety wants to talk, just listen!  TIP: Sometimes you don't even have to say a word... just keep your mouth shut and hear what she has to say hahah!

Let Her Know How You Feel! To me, communication is a HUGE part of a relationship!  MAJOR!  Take time to just drop everything, go for a walk or maybe after dinner when you're till sitting together and just tell her how you feel about her.  Let her know how she makes you feel inside or tell her how beautiful she is!  Sometimes guys think, well they already know how I feel... but guys you need to express it!  Let 'em know!  Take her by the hand, put on some soft music and dance with her and just look her in the eyes and spill man!

Give Her Your All - ALL The Time! Get off your butt and help out!  Help with those dishes and cooking and cleaning!  It ain't gonna kill ya!  Also, I can't tell you the number of times I've heard guys dogging their ladies... I mean I've heard guys talk smack right to their face AND behind their backs..  Talking down to your lady is WHACK!  Don't do it... show her respect at all times, with your attitude, your words and your actions!

There you go fellas... Lucky 7!  Seven tips that you should already know that I shouldn't have even had to take time to type out... but I had to ya'll hahaha

So do you treat your lady right?  Show the love!

Feel free to share anything I may not have mentioned!

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  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    Yo, I sure think that I know how to treat a lady, I’ve keep here happy for almost 10 years now. But the question is, do you know that you have been tagged here… http://www.thealmostmillionaire.com/what-is-a-meme/
    Enjoy the meme, I kind of did.

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  • Misty said:

    Aww, I love you babe! You DO know how to treat me!!! I’m so lucky b/c YOU are tha bestest!


  • Jake (author) said:

    oh now.. u’re gonna make me blush in front of all my readers haha I can’t be the best when YOU are ;)
    I love me some Misty!


  • Make Money Online said:

    Isint that too much to do :p

    Make Money Online’s last blog post..How To Be A Public Speaker


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