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YOUR Website And How Others VIEW It!

2 March 2009 17 Comments

Hey folks.. well usually I don't go as long as I have without posting something, but Sunday morning about 4:30 a.m., my body awoke me with a sickness I haven't experienced in quite a while!  I've been battling a stomach virus and it hasn't left me yet!  UGGGGG!  I hate being sick!  I wish the virus humans got were as easy to get rid of as a computer virus!  I've cleaned up quite a few computers in the last few weeks, but I can't seem to shake this mess!  But enough about that!

How Do Others View YOUR Website or Blog?

I thought I'd share some info on how others may be viewing YOUR website or blog!  Some of you may not know or realize that your website or blog may look totally different in different web browsers!  WHAT?  Say it ain't so!  If you are still using Internet Explorer, I have one question for you....  WHY? Internet Explorer (in my opinion and many others) just plain SUX!  I personally use Firefox and if you have never used Firefox, or any other browser besides Internet Explorer, then shame on you!  HA!  I challenge you to download Firefox and just try it... then after  a few weeks, go back to Internet Explorer and see how sucky it is, then come back here and thank me hahah!

If you maintain a website or a blog, the Firebug add-on alone is enough reason to switch, not to mention all the other add-ons available!  Check it out!  You WILL NOT be disappointed!

Ok ok, this isn't suppose to be a browser bashing, but I just had to get my 2 cents in!

Use BrowserShots to check YOUR websites!

Many people don't realize this, but your website or blog can look TOTALLY different when viewed in different web browsers.  Sometimes the entire website can look out of whack, sometimes just a few things can be goofed up! Yup that's right...  You may have used Internet Explorer to set up your site, but have you viewed it with Firefox, Opera or Safari?  It can look totally screwed up!  This does go both ways!  I just built a new site last week and viewing it in Firefox was fine, but in Internet Explorer the navigation bar was a little out of whack!  I had to edit the coding a little bit to make it look right.

BrowserShots creates screen shots of your website or blog and displays it so you to see how it would look in different web browsers.

I just did a quick look at Google Analytics for this blog and 55% of folks who visit JakeCpunut use Firefox!  Internet Explorer comes in 2nd at 35%.  Using analytics can help me determine what browsers people are using when they visit my site, and I can use that as a heads up on any problems I may have with compatibility issues!

I did a quick search and found a RANDOM site and viewed it with Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 3.06.  Check out the pics below and you'll see where I put a big red circle around the part that's messed up in Firefox this time!  Now if that person doesn't realize that and fix it, how many people are going to visit that site and be turned off by a messed up looking header?


So be sure to check out BrowserShots!  You can choose which browser, operating system and a few other things to see how YOUR website is being viewed by others!

Now go download Firefox and give it a shot haha!

Have you had any problems with browser compatibility issues?

Which web browser do you use and why?

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  • Luca said:

    Hey Jake or Jeff,
    I came across your Tweet and folloed to this post. It’s very interesting what you say about the browsers looking different.
    I was using this very same Theme and worked perfectly in Firefox but IE had problems. It was not the way it looked but there was one particular post that was messing up. the sidebar disappeared and previous posts were not there.

    I changed themes and same thing. It took me a long time to figure it out but the problem was with WordPress. I had copied text from Word and the formatting got all screwed up.

    I corrected that post and now all is well.
    We should keep an eye on the other browsers on a regular basis


  • Jake (author) said:

    Hello Luca! Thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime!

    Good point you made! NEVER type something in Word and copy and paste to WordPress! That’s a big NO NO! The hidden HTML formatting in Word will mess up in WordPress most times! I always use wordpad!! THANK YOU for mentioning that!


  • Divinity Rose said:

    thanks for the tip! :) i have dugg this


  • Jake (author) said:

    Yo Divinity! Thanks for the digg! I haven’t forgotten about your E-book!!!! Will get back with you soon!


  • Make Money Online said:

    I use firefox, because it auto saves the windows, if you close it and also because of the options it offers. Fast and i can have many things customized.

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  • Make Money Online said:

    LOL, the site tells me to wait 2 hours or so to see the site in different browsers. In that much time ill manually do it.

    Make Money Online’s last blog post..How To Get Top Ranking In Google


  • SEO Make Money said:

    I’m think my blog has been viewed, I have the traffic. hehe but only a litte! Do you like to make exchange links with me?

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  • Jake (author) said:

    @ MMOT – YES, another great feature of Firefox! If folks try it, they won’t go back!

    Yes, I always choose only the most popular browsers or the browsers I see in my analytics that people are using.. it will take a while if you choose all or a bunch of them!

    Or like you say, just install the most popular browsers on your machine and look at your site in each one.. the main thing is to DO IT haha!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ SEO Make Money – haha, i hear ya! I have several links I need to add to my favorites.. give me a bit and i’ll try to add yours as well!
    thanks for stopping by!


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    You are right. IE is a headache. But its good to have as a back up. Surprsignly, I am visiting using my IE sine my Firefox has a bug. I also like to use Opera or even chrome.

    what do you think about Chrome? Chrome does not work well on my PC. Not sure if its me or its a real issue?

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – I agree we need to keep backups and I too keep both installed on my puter!

    I admit I’ve never used Opera but plan on it when I get a chance!

    Chrome? I almost downloaded it when it came out but never did.. i figure as popularity grows I need to though because everyone loves google and many will be using Chrome!


  • Mark said:

    I always have Firefox, IE 6/7 and Safari. Firefox is built using the same webkit as Safari practically, so any site that works well in FF *should* be fine in Safari. The same goes for Chrome too. (I’m no expert browser ninja though)

    I mainly keep Safari installed because of the font renderer, I like looking at my sites with crisp and clear fonts. FF has an awful font renderer, even IE beats it.

    You should definetly still use browser shots, mainly because it snapshots your sites using different versions of a lot of browsers, even Linux ones. Not every internet user is using the latest version of their preferred browser. Maybe not just for people visiting your site knowing they are getting it the way it’s meant to be viewed but for your own personal gratification. I know I am pretty chuffed when I can stand up and say my website works perfectly in every browser known to mankind. Even though the IE hacks, make my CSS look terrible and not as organised as I would like.

    N.B This could be the longest comment I have ever written on a blog (apart from my own). I blame the fact I haven’t been at the computer today, so feel the need to type out more than usual. Or it could just be I had something to say :)


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – haha… I’m glad you could let it all out here brother ha!

    Thanks for all the input! I really need to get the other browsers, opera, chrome etc etc installed and check them out. I just LOVE the firefox add-ons and have gotten use to them!

    You would think they would all get on the same page and make it easier on folks like us.. yeah right!


  • Ned Carey said:

    I like Firefox myself. When I got my Mac I tried Safari (the newest version is supposed to be very cool) but I really missed the Firefox features.

    I was surprised to see in analytics how many people use Firefox. I would have guessed many more would simply use IE because that’s what came with the computer. The fact that Firefox ha such a big user base in a Microsoft world really says something.

    I knew different browsers could render differently but I didn’t know about browser shots – thanks.

    Ned Carey’s last blog post..Great Marketing With a Sense of Humor!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Ned – What’s up! Thanks for stopping by!

    Man I’m just like you.. I was very surprised that Firefox was the leading browser used when i checked my analytics.. I guess from e/thing I had read, and just like you said, since IE comes with every new PC… but I guess folks are catching on!

    Glad you found out about Browsershots! It is a helpfull tool!

    Btw, loved the post about the marketing with a sense of humor! If that dude would have understood the power of the internet and had been prepared, he would have had all the clogged pipes he could handle huh? hahah


  • Ned Carey said:

    Wow that was fast moderation.

    I just tried browser shots. It had 63 browsers checked when the page loaded so I just tried the defaults.

    Guess what? Woopra, my analytics program, registered 63 hits on my site. So I guess we need to be careful that we don’t artificially drive our own stats up.

    PS Woopra is cool, it look like you are on my site now.

    Ned Carey’s last blog post..Webinar Teaser


  • Jake (author) said:

    Well I was away from the computer for 4 hours and had just sat back down in front of it haha!

    Cool, thanks for that tip! And i’ve never heard of Woopra but will be checking that out fo sho!


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