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How Duel Monitors Changed My Life!

15 April 2009 15 Comments

My Internet Marketing life that is...

What's up folks!  Is everybody having a great week?  I hope so!

Man, I just wanted to share with you how duel monitors have totally changed the way I work!  To say that duel monitors have helped me is a HUGE understatement!

One thing about me, I have a VERY short memory on most things!  Dunno if the reason is age or the 80's hahaha but either way, my memory SUX and I hate it!

This blog here at JakeCpuNut is one of six blogs I maintain.  I'm constantly writing blog posts either for here at JakeCpuNut or one of the other blogs.  I also write articles to submit to different places, etc etc... if you maintain a blog or write articles then you know where I'm coming from.  Sitting here writing this post is pretty easy....  a post like this just comes naturally off the top of my head and flows as I write it, which you can probably tell hahaha.

BUT, if I'm doing a blog post here, or one of the other blogs, and have to do any amount of research, then it can get really frustrating for me... or at least it use to!  When I would reasearch a topic for a blog post or article, I may have as many as 4 or 5 web pages open, trying to find content.  I'll also use websites like Google's Adwords as well as the free keyword tracker from Wordtracker.  Sometimes I'll find an article and it will be something that I want to use, so I rewrite that article so it will be unique content!

That's where I always have the hardest time.  If I'm looking at one web site, reading a paragraph or even a sentence, then try and switch over to the blog post to type out what I've read, by the time I get to the blog post I've forgotten what I just read!! haha Isn't that terrible?  When I'm doing keyword research, I would copy and paste all the keywords I would be using into notepad and then have to constantly hit alt-tab to go back and forth between notepad and the blog post.  It was VERY frustrating to me because of my sucky memory!

Thank Goodness for Duel Monitors!

I had been looking for a deal on a second monitor for a couple of months, so when I seen an ad at Staples for a 19" widescreen, I jumped on it!  The special they were running along with a $25.00 off coupon I had, meant I got a 19" widescreen monitor delivered to my door for like $80 bucks!  SWEEEETTTTT!

Instead of using two video cards, I popped over to Walmart and got the cheapest duel head video card they had.  I'm not into gaming or anything so I wasn't too worried about the graphics or memory etc etc..  I know I could have gotten one cheaper, but memory is not the only thing I'm short on, I'm also short on patience so I didn't want to wait!  I popped the new card in, hooked up both monitors and BAM, duel monitors and I LOVE IT!!!

Now when I have a website up that I need to read while typing, I can drag it over to the second monitor and view it while typing what I'm reading on the other monitor!  Yeah baby!!  Same thing with notepad or whatever.... I can drag it over to the other monitor and not have to tab back and forth and try to remember everything I just read!  Did I mention I love duel monitors?  haha  I also have an Artec Digital TV Tuner hooked up to my desktop, so if I want, I can watch over the air HD TV on the second monitor while I work!  Did I mention I love duel monitors?  hahaha

I'm already thinking I wish I had a couple more haha.  I don't know what took me so long to go this route, but I'm sure glad I did!

Ok, so are you running duel monitors?  Do you love it as much as I do?

If you're not running duel monitors?  WHY NOT?  How do you do your work without them?

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  • Video Blogger said:

    awesome dude!

    Dual monitors are the joint! Now, I don’t run them all the time, most times I’m just using the laptop screen but I have an external monitor on my desk for it when I’m feeling frisky lol.

    Glad you have found something life altering man! We need that every once in a while!

    have fun

    Video Blogger’s last blog post..Exposing Dean Hunt–Making The Top Buzz Marketer Cry Home To Mommy


  • Divinity Rose said:

    I sooo need to switch to dual monitors…it would make video editing so much easier

    Divinity Rose’s last blog post..Location Scout, Critters, and Manly Obsessions


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Joe – What up JOE! OHHH, btw, there’s a hat in your future hahaha!

    You hit it man… it makes a HUGE difference! Yup, the laptop users need to know that as well and I didn’t even mention it! Most laptops have a hook up for an external display which works the same way!

    gracias por parar cerca hahaha


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Divinity – Yup, something else that I didn’t mention… video editing.. mucho easier with duels!!!


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    I use to have double monitors in my full time job, well now I dont have them, lol. That is the only thing I really miss from my former job, nothing else.

    I don´t have 2 monitors right now, because I use a laptop, maybe I can use 2 laptops one besides the other, I think that will be also very Cool, lol.


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..Working From Home Business That Pays You In Your First 24 Hours


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    Love my monitors. I could not do with less than 2. not only to work as you do, but to watch videos, news most importantly to keep an eye on the kids when they are upstairs playing or in anyother room. Oh yeah, I can also check the cameras I have for security. Defintely, dual monitors is a wise investment. :)

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Luis – I hear ya.. you should have asked your ex boss to give you those monitors are a parting gift ha! Yeah laptops are cool too, does your laptop have a vga output? You can still use duels :)

    @ Laura – yeah seriously, as much as I’m into computers, dunno why it took me so long… there’s no way I’ll go back to a single monitor!

    That’s cool that you can do the security thing too huh? So many uses for duel monitors!


  • Anna said:

    I agree that duel monitors rock. I appreciated them the most when I was doing Photoshop work with them. It enabled me to see more of the image at once, but “close up.” Also it enabled me to put the admin widget-thingies (can’t believe I forgot what you call those) over on the other screen so I could see them but they wouldn’t get in the way of my picture.

    Anna’s last blog post..I Finally Did It


  • Tom - StandOutBlogger.com said:

    I have one 22inch monitor but would love a second! would make things so much easier and more efficient. Nice setup you have there!

    Tom – StandOutBlogger.com’s last blog post..Killer Blog Posts – 10 Simple Steps!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Anna – Sweet… yeah it’s crazy how much a simple investment can change how we get our work done huh? All of you that have chimed in has made me realize how many different ways duel’s are used! Btw, loving your new WP Theme!

    @ Tom – Welcome to “My Life as I See It”! My first monitor was/is a 17″ widescreen and I tried the minimizing thing, making windows smaller and trying to do the work side by side on one monitor, which you may could do with the 22″… it can work for some things, but the work area is just too small.. Hopefully you can jump on the duel’s and I think once you do you will LOVE it!


  • Mark said:

    I use to have dual monitors but I left one of my screens while I done a moonlight move from my old flat 0_o

    I miss it loads, makes everything so much easier. The best thing for me was playing a game while having all my email and stuff open on the other screen.

    Mark’s last blog post..Monster, roar!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – Man I can imagine if anybody would use duels it would be you with your awesome sketching.. It definitely helps you keep an eye on several different things at once!


  • Odzyskiwanie Danych said:

    I using only one monitor but after I have read your post a realized one thing – why i didn’t think eariel about this? heh:)


  • gry online said:

    dual monitors are great, specially for webmasters like me – it seve a lots of “cliks” :)


  • Simon Kirwan said:

    We’ve just had baby number 1 6 weeks ago so this post is exactly what I was looking for, great stuff.


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