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It’s Friday And Mayberry Is My Home Town

10 April 2009 21 Comments

This week FLEW by for me!  It's been a great week for me and I hope it has been for you!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I AM!

Yeah it's Friday so you know what that means... it's time for Friday's Video!

From time to time here at "My Life as I See It" and on other blogs I visit, I've mentioned that I'm from "Mayberry".  Now if you don't know what Mayberry is, then well.... I don't quite know what to say to you haha.  Mt. Airy, NC or Mayberry NC as some would rather call it, is the birthplace of Andy Griffith.  Now how exciting is that?  Actually it's pretty cool because I've always loved the Andy Griffith Show and watch it every chance I get.

Our town of Mt. Airy really tries to capitalize on the fact that Andy Griffith was born here. The fact that there were several places in and around the area that were mentioned on the show from time to time makes it a Mayberry fans dream to visit good ole Mt. Airy.  Heck, even Thelma Lou (Barney's Girlfriend) whose real name is Betty Lynn, moved here from California.

Mt. Airy has an annual Mayberry Days that draws THOUSANDS of folks to Mt. Airy each year.  During that weekend there is a parade and all sorts of people portray characters like the Mayberry deputy Barney from the show.  There are also some of the original characters that show up for Mayberry Days each year.  It's pretty interesting, especially if you're a people watcher like me, to sit and watch all the fans react to my home town being "Mayberry".

Of course if you are a reader of my blog and live here in this area, you already know all this.  But, I realize I have readers here at my blog from all over the world, and I'm sure life in Mayberry is really different than it is where you live.  Or is it? Maybe you can chime in after you watch the video below and speak your mind on just how different it is where you live.

So anyway, last Sunday it was a gorgeous day here in "Mayberry", so I grabbed the new Flip Mino HD that was sent to me and headed into town for some exclusive footage hahaha.  I had fun doing it and I hope you enjoy it.

So check it out, the video is kinda crazy and I pretty much just shot from the hip and went with whatever was on my mind.  Soooo,  you're getting the real Jake here along with the ficticious Mayberry that I call my home town.


Mayberry Jakes Home Town from Jake Leftwich on Vimeo.

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  • o jordan said:

    I grew up watching Andy, Barney and all the rest and it was truly a home grown and respectful show. You can not even get close to that kind of family atmosphere on any of todays TV shows. There was always a lesson to learn without any real violent episodes, which is rare on todays shows. Good work as always ..thanks

    o jordan’s last blog post..The Giants release troubled receiver Burress


  • Normal Joe said:

    hahahaha, dude, what the crap lol hahahaha

    good stuff

    I need to get me an HD and upgrade, I’ll see if they’ll send me one to review!

    You know I use the mino exclusively.

    Normal Joe’s last blog post..Exposing Dean Hunt–Making The Top Buzz Marketer Cry Home To Mommy


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ O Jordan – yeah man… you got that right! They’ll never be another show like it!

    I’m sure i’ve seen every episode many times and could watch them over and over! It’s crazy when you can hear the opening line of the show and know what the entire show is about haha..

    Come on up to Mayberry sometime!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Normal – “normal” Hmmmm hahaha What up J O E! aka bunny thief! haha

    Man, to be really honest.. the HD is awesome, but there are a few things that make me want to just use the Flip Ultra for what I’m doing.. I’ll explain when I do the review!

    yeah hit ‘em up! You never know, they may send you one!

    Now when you coming to the big “M” so we can hang out? You know you wanna take a tour of good ole Mayberry son hahah!


  • Big Sis said:

    Love the video. (Our mom said she use to play at “the rock” when she was a little girl). She grew up near the Granite Quarry.

    Andy Griffith Playhouse was once the Rockford Street School where Andy attended as a child.


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    Hey, good looking shirt, and the quality of the video is great. Is it Vimeo or your new Flip? Thanks for the tour :)

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    yeah, we did see the shirt, thanks for asking :)

    And, seriously guys, he’s in love with this show. EVERY single day I had to watch it :P

    Anyways, I’m surprised you didn’t show the jailhouse!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Bis Sis – Cool… I never played at the quarry but I did get pissed off at a girlfriend in high school and drove down there and did doughnuts in my 68 Ford Galaxy for ’bout a 1/2 hour to let off steam haha.. Granite dust everywhere!

    Thanks for the info! I should have carried you with me to narrate for me!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – Thanks! Vistaprint did a good job! Well…. The Flip HD definitely has better quality, but when you crunch it using either vimeo or youtube you’re gonna lose quality.. If you look at some of the older videos I did with the Flip Ultra, I can’t really tell much difference..

    I’ll try and get all that info in the review when I do it..


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Ashley – Hey now, 4 times a day is never too much of the Andy Griffith Show haha..

    I actually thought about the old jailhouse and the bluebird diner and all the other stuff, but you have to realize, all this may be too much for a diehard Andy fan and I didn’t want to overload them hahaha.. maybe in another video I can show the other places!


  • Divinity Rose said:

    that’s awesome! I got my prize package today!!! thanks!!!

    Divinity Rose’s last blog post..Running and a Road Side Rescue


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Divinity – Thanks! SWEET! That was fast! Hope you enjoy your goodies!


  • Rick Blackmon said:

    Jake..That is pretty neat. Thanks for sharing your hometown with me. I think I told you I was born in Rock Hill, SC, just across the line from you. We bought furniture in Thomasville, and I have relatives in Hickory which I guess is not very far from you.

    You should post this video on YouTube if you haven’t already.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Rick – What’s up buddy.. yup I’m familiar with all those areas and actually was close to Rock Hill earlier this week for work! Thomasville is just down the road and Hickory about 1 1/2 hours away..

    If you’re ever in the neighborhood be sure to holler!

    yes it’ll be on YouTube, just haven’t had a chance to upload it yet!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Andrew said:


    Thanks so much for your efforts in putting together this video.

    It was certainly interesting to get a glimpse of your town (not to mention, the home town of Andy Griffith) – it looks like a quiet and friendly town.

    If I ever get a chance to visit your country, I will certainly put Mayberry down as one of the places to visit!

    Andrew’s last blog post..What I learned from almost being mugged


  • Jake (author) said:

    Whats up Andrew! yeah it was fun.. I started to add some more graphics and audio etc etc but ran out of time!

    Definitely look me up! It is a pretty quiet place (compared to a lot of places) ha


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    Are you sure you are not on Movie set? lol. Where is all the people? I haven´t seen any Walmarts, Sams clubs nor Price Costcos, so where the people buy anything, lol.

    Actually I like your hometown, its like return to the good ol past.

    BTW, How did you know that your face is showing in the video? Did the Mino had some sort of reversible lil screen like the camcorders? You made a very good looking vid for being a rookie, lol.

    Now that you got more personal, can I ask you something personal? What the heck are you suppose to being doing in your Gravatar Picture? lol. That always had intrigued me, can you tell me?

    I guess I will not be able to buy the mino from your link since I just got entered in the 3rd and seems last contest at Chow´s blog, so I am sure this time got to be the winning time. But Just in case I dont win, I will order my Mino from you, lol.


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..Working From Home Business That Pays You In Your First 24 Hours


  • Andrew said:


    You looked like you were enjoying yourself, and watching the video, I could certainly sense your degree of pride in your home town.

    The quiet places are often the best!

    Andrew’s last blog post..What I learned from almost being mugged


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Luis – Dude it might as well be the movie set for The Andy Griffith show! HA! As many related stores and such that we have set up throughout our town!

    Where are the people? Well you have to remember this is the south and most business’s aren’t open on Sunday’s! I was up there again the following Saturday and couldn’t even find a place to park! Oh, and the Walmart etc etc.. those are on the OTHER side of town haha, that’s where all the people were at!

    How did i get the video lined up? LUCK haha.. There’s no way to tell where it’s pointing when I videoing myself like that, so I just got plain lucky haha.. and yes I’m definitely a rookie!

    The gravatar haha.. i’ve been asked that several times.. I was just goofing off one day and took that pic to send to my Fiance’.. When I started this blog I was looking for a pic to post on here and thought what the heck..

    @ Andrew – Thanks.. yeah it’s a nice little town and pretty quiet (most of the time). Sometimes I wish we had more here to do and more places to hang out, but then again, it’s always nice to take a ride out and not deal with stand still traffic and all that mess…


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