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It’s Friday – I’m Itching for a Scratch From DJ Qbert!

17 April 2009 11 Comments

OMG, is it finally Friday?  Man, for some reason this week was very sssslllooowww!  But, we made it through to another weekend right?  And, the weather is suppose to be bangin here in the NC foothills this weekend!  Wahhhooooooo!

So, is there anything that YOU watch or hear that gives you chills?  Certain songs etc etc that just makes the hair stand up on your neck?  Well, this is one of the things that does it for me!  Now I'm not talkin the same kind of chill bumps that Misty gives me haha, but you know what I'm saying...  Some may laugh or think it's crazy, but I'm tellin ya, I love this stuff!

Anyway, if there is one thing that I really wish I could do in life, I wish I could be a DJ!  Nothing stopping me but me right?  My love of hip hop / rap goes back to the beginning and I've loved it since I was first turned on to hip hop... The Sugar Hill Gang, Kurtis Blow and all the pioneers of rap.   I'll never forget getting into a buddy of mines car and hearing Egyptian Lover's "Egypt Egypt".  The system in his car was sweet and the bass was kicken so hard I thought I was having a heart attack....  I was HOOKED to thumpin systems from that day forward!  To me, there's just something 'bout a good beat and heavy bass... nothing like it!

Along with that, I love the old school scratching!  I love beat mixing / beat matching / cut ups and all that jazz... I LOVE IT!  I remember Misty and I went to Club Kryptonite one weekend and I was mesmerized by DJ Frenzy on the turntables... it was really my first experience with live mixing and scratching.  Maybe someday I can save up enough to buy some 1200's or at least maybe try out an IDJ2 which would make more sense since all my music is on the iPod anyway.

So the other night I was clicking around on YouTube, just taking a break from the puter and came across some of DJ Qbert's vids...  This guy is awesome and has some serious talent!  So anyway, I thought I'd share one of his vids for this Friday's Video!  So if you're not even into rap or scratching, give it a look see!

Are you into hip hop?

Do you love mixing and scratching?

Know anything about the IDJ2?

Who's your favorite DJ?

DJ Qbert

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  • o jordan said:

    Man, I have not been into rap or scratching in years… This video brings me back to my teen years when it was really hot around the world…Thanks

    o jordan’s last blog post..2009 NFL Schedule released with great games ahead


  • Philip said:


    Scratchin’ rules!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Otis, man I love it! You should see the looks I get.. a middle aged man, pulling up to the stop light with the bass banging and the mirrors shakin haha

    @ Philip – What up Dawg! Man that was sweet.. I have GOT to lay my hands on an IDJ2, just to see…


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    DJ Jake in the making? That sounds like fun. :)

    Have a great weekend

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • Make Money Online said:

    DJing is fun for sure but being a professional DJ is not easy. When you do it as a profession you really loose alot of fun.

    Make Money Online’s last blog post..How To Use Viral Marketing


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – I WISH! hahaha.. If nothing else, DJ Jake may be entertaining friends in the man cave downstairs! ha

    @ MMO – Yeah I kinda agree with you! I use to fly remote control airplanes and LOVED it… not long after I got into it I got in to Aerial Photography, taking pics from my RC Plane with a digital camera attached to it.. THEN it became a job, doing shoots for people and business’s.. Didn’t take long after that to give up the hobby because it was just too much work and not fun anymore!


  • Mark said:

    Hey Jake,

    I’m pretty sure we have totally different music tastes but whenever I listen to Bon Iver I imagine myself a million miles away, up some mountain in a wood cabin, with a massive fireplace and all that cabiney stuff :)

    Mark’s last blog post..Monster, roar!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – I’m definitely gonna look up Bon Iver then, cause that sounds like a way cool place to be haha.. I need to go there even if it’s only in mind!


  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    Great stuff Jake! It has been years since I’ve heard scratching, but I used to love old school hip hop. Right now I’m liking TPain, TI, and some Akon…pretty new names, but good stuff.

    The Almost Millionaire’s last blog post..Blog Income Report


  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    And thanks again for the CJ tip today!!!


  • Jake (author) said:

    Yo Brando – Yeah I love the old skool, but like you I enjoy the newer stuff too… as long as it has some thumpin bass and a good rhyme, i can dig it haha!

    No problem on the tip bro!


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