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Jake Feels Like Bob Vila

1 April 2009 14 Comments

OMG what a week haha! My weeks are normally crazy busy as it is, with a full time job and Internet Marketing as a second job!  I haven't had time to post as much as I normally do because of all the crazy mess that's been going on here at the house this week!

Do You Do Your Own Home Improvements?

Why does a simple job always turn out to be more than you bargained for?  Last Saturday we had new floors put down in our kitchen and bathroom.  Most everything that's been done to my house for the past 17 years has been done by me, except for the major things like carpet, hvac (although I did the wiring), things like that.

  • I've built my own deck that has 2 landings.
  • I Built a man cave downstairs (where we have a 100" projector that is SWEET) haha.  Not bragging but I LOVE that room!
  • I've laid tile and hardwood floors at times.
  • I've always tried to do my own sheetrock work which I HATE with a passion.
  • I've always done the painting (with help) which I hate about as much as sheetrock work.
  • I even tried roofing last summer and it wasn't long before I realized I would NEVER attempt that again.  I wore out the rear end of my jeans and both cheeks of my ass scooting around up there haha.
  • I work on my own lawnmower and do the simple stuff to my truck. (no major engine repairs for me)

Wheewwwww...  Just whatever needs to be done, I try and do it myself if I can.  I do kinda enjoy the challenge and eventually get to where I'm going, after a few screw ups or what I like to call "learning experiences".  This week was another learning experience!

It wasn't too bad, but since we were replacing the bathroom floor and the vanity was wayyyy outdated, it was a good time to replace it.  I'll have to say it all went pretty well this time.  The guys did a super job on the floor and Jake did an "ok" job on his part hahah.  This week alone I have had my hands in about every part of remodeling.

  • Carpentry
  • Sheetrocking
  • Painting
  • Plumbing

I still have to replace the mirror and move a light over some, so that will involve more sheetrock work, painting and some electrical stuff.

I'm just sitting here wondering why I don't just pay somebody to do all these things?  I guess I've always wanted to just try it myself and learn how to do different things.  Even if I screw up, at least I've tried huh?  Plus there's the savings part of it...  Paying for labor will kill ya!

So with some projects completed and plenty more awaiting, it's going to be a busy spring season for Jake!

So talk to me!!!

Do you take care of your own home projects or have someone do them for you?

Is it because of money or time or talent?

Speak your mind!

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  • Make Money Online said:

    LOL Jake, your working triple hard, great to see that. Shre some pictures please.

    Make Money Online’s last blog post..How To Make Powerful Presentations


  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    I’ve been there. My brother in law and I finished my 2600 sq. foot basement two years ago. A 2-3 month project took us a year. It looks great now though!

    The Almost Millionaire’s last blog post..Should I buy a franchise?


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Brandon – Dang dude, that’s a big arse basement haha! Yeah it always takes more time than you think it will!


  • Zaslony said:

    I’ve always wanted to build my own house. I mean it’d cool to live in the place you’ve built with your own hands. But then I get around to repairing the simplest thing in the house and everythin falls apart and suddenly I realise why it’s not such a good idea to live in something I’ve built myself.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ MMO – yeah I took a b4 pic, I’ll try and remember to take an after and show all my hard work haha

    @ Zaslony – welcome to my blog! hahaha don’t trust yourself huh? Yeah i don’t think i could do an entire house.. not enough little pink pills for that! I’ve thought that same thing.. it would be cool to live in something that you know you built


  • Elijah said:

    I’m lucky that I have a wifey who could school most power tool lugging macho men with any reno project – and I’m not too shabby myself! So I guess my answer is yes, we fix things. :)

    Elijah’s last blog post..20 Site Flips In 30 Days


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    [...] rockin out!  Just crankin up the stereo downstairs until the neighbors call the law haha!  If you read my last post, I talked about how we are into a little remodeling here at the house and it’s not only taking up [...]

  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Elijah – What up E smacks! Man, you and Veronica needs to slide south soon brotha! If you can pull away from those flips long enough haha I had a feeling you did your own thang!


  • Laura-Whateverebay said:

    Jake are you for hire????? Maybe one day, I will take such projects, what I do around the house as for repair is to pick up the phone and call a handy-man. I do the decorating myself. My son has a bit of “Bob the Builder” in him. LOL. I think we are my local carpenter’s favorite client. The repairs my son has tried to take cost me a couple of K’s. :)

    Laura-Whateverebay’s last blog post..Welcome to FeedBurner


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – hahah, well.. just like your son, when I built the new room downstairs, I had some very costly mistakes so i dunno if you want me doing your repairs or not haha..


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    HI Jake,

    Oh no, I dont do much of the improvements (I guess I should call them fixes more than improvements)around the house, I am lazy and I am always thinking in some online biz or task that I need to do, so I never had the time to do any job. lol.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..The First Day of My Freedom


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Luis – Ha, well, from all the mess I’ve made at times, I wished I had just left it to the professionals haha


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  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Thats another reason not to do it yourself, lol. Now I have a very good excuse not to do it and let the pros do their job. Besides that, I don´t want to take their jobs and leave their poor children without food on the table, lol.


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..The First Day of My Freedom


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