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Why is it So Easy to Lose Weight?

28 April 2009 17 Comments

January 5th of this year, 2009... Misty and I decided we were going to start eating right!  Yeah it was the same ole New Year's resolution that just about everyone else in the world makes come January, but... we both were in it to win it!

Now I HATE the word diet!  In my opinion, NO diet works... PERIOD!  New fad diets are coming out all the time, claiming this and that blah blah blah... but realistically, until YOU make a decision to eat right, then NOTHING will work for you!

In the past I have struggled with  my weight and at one point in my life I had ballooned up to 270 pounds!  That was the most I had ever weighed and I HATED it!  I actually lost 50 pounds from the 270 mark and got myself down to a manageable weight.  The problem was that I did it by starving myself and it was the totally wrong way to do it.  That was quite a few years ago and of course it didn't take long for me to put some weight back on.

I've had my weight down to 199 in the past few years, but last year I started eating everything in site again and by December 2008, I was back up to 235 and was feeling miserable again!  Enough was enough!

Now like I said, I hate the word diet and I just don't believe any diet works.  As soon as you get off the fad diets, you gain the weight back.  Since we had both decided to get back on track this year, Misty said she was going to do Weight Watchers® and I agreed to follow along with her.

Now I realize people who have trouble losing weight will see the title of this post and say "yeah right" Easy To Lose Weight???  Again I'm not stupid, I know it's a major struggle for some folks to lose and maintain a healthy weight.  I mean look how popular "The Biggest Loser" is on TV.  Everybody wants to be in shape, and that show really encourages a LOT of people!  In my opinion, it boils down to a mind set... if you WANT to lose weight.. you can!

Why Weight Watchers Works for us!

Weight Watchers Momentum Program
Plain and simple... it has taught us how to eat!  I feel kinda dumb even saying that, but with our face paced lives and all the junk foods that are out there these days, it's so easy to get lost in what's good for you and what's not.  It's so easy to go out a few times a week for a milkshake or a nice juicy cheeseburger with all the fixings and some greasy fries haha.  We had to put the brakes on!  The cool thing about Weight Watchers® though is that you can eat WHATEVER you want!  It's all about portion control and watching your calories!  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that we need to burn more calories than we take in huh?  But seems like it's so easy to get in that rut and it's so hard to get back out!

As I said, with Weight Watchers® you can eat whatever you like... but with the point system you follow, you will soon realize that eating healthier foods, means you get to eat MORE foods!  Misty and I love to eat out and we still go to our favorite places each week.  We just watch our portions and eat healthier foods.  You know what?  It's amazing at how much better you feel when you eat properly.  It's also amazing how much better those comfort foods are when you get to treat yourselves a couple of times a week!  We still snack, we can still have that beer or glass of wine, we eat ice cream and pizza and we LOVE our weekly trip to eat Mexican!  YUM!

Anyways.. I'm going to stop sounding like an infomercial and end this blog post...  But check it out..  Misty and I both started eating right by using the Weight Watchers® program on January 5th 2009.  As of today, Misty has lost 38 pounds!!!!!!!!  I have lost 20 pounds!!!!!!!!!

Misty is still losing and I am just maintaining.  I may lose another 5 or 10 but I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at now!

I just wanted to share our experience because I know so many struggle with weight problems, and I KNOW this works! AND, yeah it is actually pretty easy to lose weight! The Weight Watchers® program is a great tool to get you on track and to teach you how to eat the right foods!  I firmly believe in it!  We don't go to meetings and all that... we hold ourselves and each other accountable!  So don't think you HAVE to go to meetings to be successful!  Actually you can do Weight Watchers online!

So if you're struggling with your weight... check into the new Weight Watchers Momentum program!  It may change your life!

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  • o jordan said:

    That is freaking awesome…My wife is into the Biggest Loser show.. I have to admit that when it is on it is hard to leave the TV.. It is inspiring and I love to see the underdog win at anything…..

    o jordan’s last blog post..Detroit chooses Stafford with first pick


  • Andrew said:


    Good on you. That’s an awesome achievement and you must both be very excited.

    Keep up the good work.

    From my understanding, one reason why Weight Watchers has been around for so long is because it represents a sensible approach which is sustainable over the long term. My auntie tried it many years ago and she stayed in great shape.

    Andrew’s last blog post..India’s Enron


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Otis – Thanks and yeah it’s definitely an inspiring show.. i only wish there was less drama haha..

    @ Andrew – Thanks! It does feel great to feel great ha! It really is Andrew… it’s crazy that folks can’t figure out how to eat properly.. Or maybe not that they can’t figure it out, but like i said, just get in that rut and it’s so hard to get out sometimes.. with that program, it really teaches you and you probably know as well as I do when you do something repetitively, it becomes habit!


  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    I agree with you man, losing weight is easy. The hard part is making the CHOICE to do it and then FOLLOWING THROUGH! Good luck with your goals buddy.

    The Almost Millionaire’s last blog post..#1 Worst Small City for Jobs…Jackson, Mi.


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    I almost forget this was a “Lose Weight” post when you started to talk about burgers, you made me feel hungry and wanting for some good cheese burger, I am glad I am not overweight YET, lol.

    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..DoFollow Blogs List of Lists


  • Make Money Online said:

    If there is a will there is a way. If you want you can loose any amount of weight. Dedication and exercise does it.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Brandon – You got it! It’s all a mindset.. once you’re in the groove, ain’t nuttin to it!

    @ Luis – hahah, now they ain’t nuttin wrong with a good ole juicy cheeseburger… OCCASIONALLY haha

    @ MM0 – Yup, most people can dedicate themselves to so many things except eating right.. for some reason it’s a huge stumbling block but it can be very easy!


  • Misty said:

    YAY US!!! I’m so proud!


  • Billy said:

    I have been struggling with weight loss for many years. I’m not overly obese, but everytime I gain any weight I lost within months.

    I think I have a mindset problem. I read an very interesting and enlightening article at OptimalBodyWeight.com (a website I like and trust)about this issue. Check out their article Weight Loss by Fixing your Life with Tony Robbins. It makes a lot of sense to me.

    Good Luck


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Misty – yes yay us! YAY YOU! :)

    @ Billy – welcome to “My Life as I See It” It’s surely a struggle for many folks and as you said I believe it is a mind set! Thanks for the article… gone to check it out!


  • Brad said:

    Good job on the weight loss Jake. Its amazing how small changes can give you big results.

    Brad’s last blog post..Weekly Workouts For 4-27-09 To 5-3-09


  • Jake (author) said:

    What up Brad! Man you kickin it on the P90X huh? I remember Mark mentioning your success over at his blog.. that’s way cool man!

    Small changes definitely can make huge changes dude.. in more things than just weight :)

    Thanks for stopping by “My Life as I See It”


  • Acai Berry Select said:

    I found that losing weight is not that hard as anyone would think. It sure takes commitment and following a simple plan but the key element is persistance.

    You need to monitor the calories, lose the junk food, sodas, sweets and do some physical exercises. I myself love dancing. And remember to use a fat burner to accelerate the fat metabolism.


  • coffee tables said:

    i lose weight for just a weak by just eating crackers and orange juice every meal, without snacks. And man, i got thinner except that was suicidal! You should try it if you can. hahaha self torture.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – haha.. I can’t be going without my JFG Mayo and Bud Light! Not necessarily in that order haha!


  • It’s Friday - She’s Everything! | My Life as I See It said:

    [...] intended on mentioning Misty’s accomplishment this past week but never did.  In an earlier post, Why is it So Easy to Lose Weight, I talked about how Misty was following the Weight Watchers® program and how easy it is to lose [...]

  • Rob said:

    Great Job! I have never tried weight watchers, but I’m sure it works.


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