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Current Stamp Prices – WHO CARES?

11 May 2009 12 Comments

This morning, I've heard it on TV and the radio about the cost of stamps going up again! It'll cost a big ole $0.44 to mail something!  Up 2 cents!

Now in the title of this post you see the big "WHO CARES" when I guess it should have read "JAKE DOESN'T CARE"!   Why?  Because Jake doesn't use stamps!  Well at least it's a very rare occasion that I use stamps because I never mail anything!  What was funny though is hearing folks bitch about it on the radio....  This is suppose to impact a typical family a WHOPPING $3.00 PER YEAR!!  And along with that news, was the news of how the USPS is losing MILLIONS and considering going to a 5 day week!

So did it tick you off?

You gonna have to change your lifestyle because stamps went up again?

Did you rush out and buy the forever stamp?

Now... this is from a personal, not business standpoint, but who the heck cares?  I mean it's 44 cents to mail a letter!  Is it gonna break your family, cause you not to be able to eat, sell your car, lose your home because stamps went up 2 cents?  Come on.... Like I said, just hearing folks complain about it on the radio kinda made me laugh...

Now I can understand it would have a financial impact on a business that mails out quite a few things daily..  but for just personal use at home...  I don't see the problem??


Ohhh, and there is this wonderful thing called the INTERNET that you can use to pay most if not all your bills for guess how much???   FREE !!!!  Which brings up an entirely different conversation...

There are still huge amounts of people that:

  • Don't have internet access!
  • Have internet access but don't know how to use it or are afraid of it!
  • This one amazes me... People will share all kinds of personal information on the internet about where they live, when they are gonna be away from their homes (Facebook, Myspace) etc etc... but they are SCARED TO DEATH to pay a bill online!

Sooooooo... am on this boat alone?

Anybody else think it's no big deal that stamps went up 2 cents?

Are you afraid to pay a bill online?

And if you just gotta have those Forever Stamps... Here's some deals for ya!

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  • Luca said:

    Hi Jake,
    I run a small (one man show) on-site computer service business and in the past 2 weeks I’ve been getting calls from the post office wanting me to buy a postage machine. When I tell them that I don’t need one as I send out very few letters they get annoyed and offer me an even better deal. I don’t need one or want one.

    I agree with you that the increase is not going to bother me or for that matter the majority of people.

    There are people that are afraid to do their banking or purchasing online but I think it’s just as safe as or safer than using a credit card.

    Take care Jake

    Luca’s last blog post..Top 5 Tools to Streamline Twitter


  • Phizzle said:

    Stamps…what are stamps? hehe!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Luca – That’s interesting! I’m sure the USPS is in Panic mode like many other business’s that are being pushed out by technology. I’m sure there will always be a need for the post office, but like you said, paying bills online is as safe if not safer than using a credit card or sending checks in the mail for that matter.. in my opinion :)

    Kind of along the same thing as to phone companies are being pushed away by cell phones… I haven’t had a home phone in years! Some people just can’t fathom that!

    @ Philip – No doubt! Misty does keep some around and I look at them occasionally so I don’t forget what they look like!


  • Laura said:

    I CARE! not really… I have a stack of forever stamps and yes, I will buy more. Not collecting them, but I do send out Christmas Cards and like to send out Thank you cards. My kids like to draw and write to family members. I do not want them to get lost in the internet and only send out email or eCrads. The art of penmanship must be preserved. The difference between history and Prehistory is the invention of writing. Therefore, I will use Pony Express when possible. :) There are those little things that I like sending out mail for.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Laura – haha.. I lost my penmanship a LONG time ago.. which I need to write a post about.. Since I rarely every write with a pen/pencil and paper, I SUCK at it haha.. I’ve gotten so use to typing!

    You make some good points though! I can’t imagine myself sitting down and writing a letter on paper! But I agree it does need to be preserved… hmmmmm, or does it? haha I’ll have to ponder on that one! :)


  • Mark said:

    LOL – Kim and I were out of town over the weekend and had to stop and buy stamps on the way….

    I asked her if they had gotten higher than .35 cents yet! Guess that shows how much I use USPS mail!

    Mark’s last blog post..How I Increased Backlinks from 61 to 337, in Less than 2 Weeks!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mark – hahah.. I seriously couldn’t have told you what a stamp cost either if I hadn’t heard it on the news so much this morning..

    I didn’t find out till not long ago you don’t have to lick ‘em anymore haha


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    Mail? What Mail? is there such a thing still existing? lol

    What would someone care about stamps, I rather sent an “EMAIL” than go outside just to send a whatever you call it I forgot, Oh yes “Mail”, lol.


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..How To Work Efficiently When You Are Your Own Boss


  • Andrew said:


    I agree.

    Any impact that the increase might have upon domestic family budgets will surely be insignificant and is not worthy of any form of media discussion.

    From a purely domestic perspective, it may make a difference to those who operate a home-based mail order business. But I would suspect that the vast majority of this line of business would be in the process of being replaced by the internet anyway.

    Andrew’s last blog post..The power of shared vision


  • The Almost Millionaire said:

    I’m personally going to have to take a second mortgage on my house because of this significant increase! They are eating me alive with these increases. I’m SO glad you brought up this important topic my friend! :)

    The Almost Millionaire’s last blog post..April Blog Income Report


  • Salwa said:

    Jake your post made me laugh.

    I can certainly say the increase is not going to bother me and yeah that is a tough seeing people sharing all kinds of personal information on the internet but are scared to death to pay a bill online, don’t really get the reason behind all that :S

    Salwa’s last blog post..Making Yourself Identifiable In The Blogging Community


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Luis – I agree haha.. just send an email! But, I guess some folks still enjoy writing… I hate writing.. I never had good hand writing skills so I love typing!

    @ Andrew – Yeah I’m wondering how long it will be before EVERYTHING is electronic! I gotta have UPS though… BRING ME MY PACKAGES haha Just keep the mail!

    @ Brandon – haha… actually we do get hit from all corners huh? High prices everywhere!

    @ Salwa – GOOD! I enjoy making people laugh :)

    Yeah really.. if people realized how much info they give out on Facebook, Myspace etc etc.. I don’t get it either.. Just pay the bill online and be done with it haha


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