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Need a Backup Hard Drive? How About a FREE ONE?

13 May 2009 34 Comments

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Win a FREE iomega eGo 250gb Portable Hard Drive!  Get the details below!

It was back in August of 2008 that I wrote a post called "Back Up Your Important Files! NOW!"  I get called on quite often to work on computers for friends and family...  9 times out of 10 the computer is eat up with spyware, adware and a virus or 2 or 20!  There is ALWAYS a little question and answer session and this is how it usually goes....

Me:  So, do you have stuff on your computer that you want to keep?
Them:  Oh yes I do!

Me:  Ok, do you have a recent backup of those files?
Them:  Uhhhhh, nope. I've never done a backup.

Me:  Why not?
Them:  I dunno... just too lazy  (ok, they don't really say that but that's what they mean)

Me:  Ok... so are you gonna be upset if I can't clean it up and have to wipe the hard drive and you lose everything?
Them:  OMG are you serious?

Me:  Uhhh yeah, I'm very serious!
Them:  You mean I'm gonna lose all my pictures and videos and school stuff and work stuff and stuff stuff and pictures of the pooch and pictures of the kids and pictures of Christmas and all those songs I've downloaded illegally and......

Me:  Yup, that's what I mean!

At that point they usually start asking how to backup their files, when to backup their files etc etc etc... but by then it's too late!

Sooooo... here we are again, talking about BACKING UP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hahahaha

So since I'm a nice guy, and since I love all my readers and appreciate you coming to this crazy blog, I'm gonna give away a backup hard drive FOR FREE!!  


Ok... I've had a few contests here at JakeCpuNut for different prizes, and I've always tried to be creative and/or had a motive for giving away things.  I really do enjoy being able to give something away for free!  It's a GREAT feeling!

I thought about doing some sort of creative thingy to make you do all kinds of things to try and win this nice prize...  but then I thought, what the heck... just make it as simple as it gets!

Here is what you have to do to win a sweet iomega eGo Portable 250gb Hard Drive...

Just leave a comment below telling me you want it! THAT'S IT!  Simple enough?  You can just say I want it, or you can be creative or beg or whatever hahah...  but you HAVE to leave a comment on this post to be entered to win!

Make sure you enter a valid email address on the form so I can contact you!

At the end of the contest I will number each comment and pick a winner using randomizer.org

When will the contest end?  I will end the contest after 25 comments!  So that gives you a 1 in 25 chance to win!



Take files anywhere, in style, with the Iomega eGo Rugged Jet Black Portable Hard Drive, USB 2.0 - an extremely durable drive which includes patent pending Drop Guard feature to withstand the toughest of travel environments. Available in 250GB capacity, it holds up to 1,000,000 photos, over 4,625 hours of music and 375 hours of video. Plus, the Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive requires no external power supply and includes a free EMC Retrospect HD backup software license.

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  • Divinity Rose said:

    # 1 – YES! I WANT IT!

    it’s okay…i know you went to all this trouble just to hear the ole showgirl of soul (and all your readers) say that :P

    Divinity Rose’s last blog post..A Mighty Kindness and other good news!


  • Normal Joe said:

    # 2 – Gimme da drive boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Normal Joe’s last blog post..Taking Your Site Global With Mofuse Mobile


  • Donna said:

    # 3 – I would love to be able to win this although I never win anything!! Can you put some extra weight with the number you assign to me??!! Come on, being a friend should count for something, right??!!!


  • Andrew said:

    # 4 – Hi Jake,

    I can relate a lot to your friends in the above conversation, and personally, I have been very lazy with respect to back up of important files.

    Some files I send to my email and keep on my hotmail account, and some pictures I post on the web, but other than that I don’t personally have any form of backup and may be in some trouble if my hard disk dies.

    (Because I live in Korea, I would be more than understanding if you do not enter me into your competition, particularly as I understand that shipping costs from the U.S. to Korea may be quite expensive.

    I am commenting here more for the purpose of contribution to your discussion than from the point of view of competition entry, so I don’t mind one way or the other whether or not you choose to enter me in your competition)

    Andrew’s last blog post..Animal testing – a positive EU proposal to eliminate unnecessary suffering


  • Penny said:

    # 5 – I definately need an external hard drive!!! So hook me up!!! <3


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    # 6 – Hi Jake,

    Buddy, friend, I want that Hard Drive.

    I have no portable hard drive. I only have one where I backed up all my laptop hard drive, but it is too clumsy, I would love to get that one.

    So if I pay you 500 bucks you give it to me for free, lol


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..New Theme Finally Fix It


  • Suzanne Franco said:

    # 7 – OMGosh! I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best ;)

    Suzanne Franco’s last blog post..BANS (eBay Affiliate Program) Earnings Update Feb, Mar, and April 2009


  • Forest said:

    # 8 – Sweet prize….. I WANT IT NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My poor old internal drive needs an update too! 80gb just is not enough these days!

    Forest’s last blog post..Under Construction… What Do You Think?


  • Buzz Reed said:

    # 9 – What a concept, a hard drive to back up to and not a CD like I do now?? Hmmm does it come with backup instructions? I need to experience this! Thanks for the opportunity



  • Donna said:

    # 10 – Oh – this would be the best!
    We don’t have a proper backup faclity any more, and I’m a student so being able to take my work ‘on the go’ is hugely important.

    Donna’s last blog post..My Dead Worlds Anthology is here! – photos as soon as the camera charges and David gets home


  • Alexander said:

    # 11 – I wanti it badly ;)


  • Rich Hill said:

    # 12 – Hey Jake, great idea. How did you know that my 250 GB backup drive is full and that I was going to buy another?
    Backing up is so important. I have a HD and CD-ROM backup and I also use the cloud with MOZY for free.
    Good luck with this Blog

    Rich Hill’s last blog post..How to Get Targeted Quality Followers on Twitter Using Hash Tags and Alltop


  • Keries said:

    # 13 – No I don’t want it.

    I just don’t believe hard drives actually crash.

    Hey got you thinking now.

    Cause I want one after 2 hard drive crashes and with backing everything up on DVDs becoming a real chore.

    How I ever managed to back up onto floppies I’ll never know.

    Isn’t technology great.



  • Nelson Tan said:

    # 14 – I’ll BARTER/TRADE WITH YOU (legally and within my best means) an Internet Marketing product or software you’ve always wanted. Tell me what you want and I’ll help you get it.

    Nelson Tan’s last blog post..$48,506.66 In 4 Weeks From Scratch With No List…


  • Rich Hill said:

    And another thing. What is the plugin that shows last post of the commenter. That’s killer!

    Rich Hill’s last blog post..How to Get Targeted Quality Followers on Twitter Using Hash Tags and Alltop


  • Karen Stavert said:

    # 15 – Hey, Jake

    I’ve had too many HD crashes to NOT back up my work…
    I’ve lost lots of important stuffs and, things that
    represented a massive amount of hours.

    My laptop has a wee, 40 gb external hard drive. When I
    bought it, it seemed like a ton of space…. :) The
    darn thing was filled up in an instant.

    Something that would be very useful would be software
    that would assist in the backup… so that you are not
    constantly backing up the same info.

    When I went through the 40 GB drive, I found dozens of
    duplicates of the same things.

    And, I still don’t remember to do it on a regular basis.

    No matter who wins this HD today, it’s too expensive to NOT
    have a backup drive.



  • David said:

    # 16 – I’ve got a lot of home video on DV tape that I need to get on a computer – just haven’t been able to afford an external drive to do it – so this would be great.

    Thanks for putting this on here!


  • Nota Bene Consulting said:

    # 17 – oh oh me please me please. Can I have it? Can I, Can I?

    Awesome comp mate. I WANT IT!!! You don’t know how much I want it :)

    Nota Bene Consulting’s last blog post..PPC Classroom


  • Karen (purpleshoewoman) said:

    # 18 – I want it. I said it,I need it. I have some things backed up on disk but I would love something more plug and play so to speak.


  • Michelle said:

    # 19 – What a great prize! I really really want it NOW, please!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the Backup tips, I will start on mine NOW!

    Michelle’s last blog post..Eggless Sugar Cookies


  • Carole Zimmerman said:

    # 20 – Yes I definitely want it. Yes I absolutely need it. Yes I would certainly put it to good use.
    Hi Jake,
    This is an extremely interesting way to get an introduction. I have never been to your blog before but it looks very interesting and as soon as I finish this post I plan to peruse it further. I sincerely hope I make it to the winners list, No not really, what I sincerely hope is that I am THE winner. Thanks for a very interesting concept.


  • Linda said:

    # 21 – Great site here, I especially liked the ‘convo’ you shared. Most people find out they needed to do something about backing up files AFTER they mess something up and can’t. I got a horrible virus in December and wished I had been backing up files before that happened. Bad experience, especially right before Christmas. Hard lesson learned for $350.00.

    Yes I want one, pick me!!

    Thanks for the offer,


  • Thomas Anderson said:

    # 22 – Hi Jake,

    I run into the same problems as you! People just don’t understand why you can’t save their stuff!

    Please enter me!



  • T.A. Schlauch said:

    #23 – I would like to have it, but what I really need is one of them 1.5 TB drives as I got so much stuff anymore. I got well over 300 GB and that zipped of digital goods alone, there no telling how many GB worth of photos I have.

    I would use it for my photos even though I burn DVD’s, you can never have to many back ups of your photos. I lost a DVD full of a months long camping trip, 2 hard drives fail and the DVD as well, I got a new DVD player and it worked thank god.


  • maverick46 said:

    # 24 – Just I really can use that HD my pc is so old but I do not want to lose all my programs.

    Thank you


  • John said:

    # 25 – YES PLEEEEEEZE!!!!!! I WANT IT.


  • Jake (author) said:

    Alright folks! That’s 25 entries! This afternoon or tonight I’ll go through all the emails to make sure there are no duplicates etc etc and check over everything the then record the picking of the winner using camtasia!

    Thanks for all the entries and comments! I’ll work on replying to everyone over the weekend!

    Everybody have a SUPER weekend and good luck!


  • Gloria Rubin said:

    Hi, Jake:

    What a great offering, and how generous of you!

    I’m a senior (aged 77) living on Social Security only (with my husband). I’ve been on the computer awhile but haven’t yet made a dime online. I’ve only recently discovered that I need to back up items on my hard drive that I want to save!! OMG! if I lose those, I’m in deep trouble!

    If I win the Iomega Hard Drive, I would be so thrilled, and I would immediately back up everything on my hard drive that needs saving. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

    Thank you, Jake!



  • Omen said:

    Just looking for one so would be great to get it for free!

    Come on in number 29 – you have a usb hard drive to collect! :o )

    Omen’s last blog post..C# Developer Jobs – C# Developer Leeds Required at Solutions


  • Omen said:

    Doh – just noticed i was too late. Nevermind…. Good luck to the rest of ya!

    Omen’s last blog post..C# Developer Jobs – C# Developer Leeds Required at Solutions


  • Jairo Parra said:

    Hi Don,
    I am always using my pc, downloading programs and files,
    movies, etc. so I need one of those Omega hard drives as
    I am running out of room on my current HD and external
    HD. What is a genius like me to do without backup?….lol


  • iomega 250gb Portable Hard Drive Winner! | My Life as I See It said:

    [...] iomega 250gb Portable Hard Drive Winner! May.16, 2009 in Free Giveaway, Things I Recommend Ok, we have a winner and it’s Carole Zimmerman! Congrats to Carole and THANKS to all of you that entered the iomega 250gb Portable Hard Drive contests! [...]

  • Jake (author) said:

    Thanks again to all of you who commented and entered the contest! For those that didn’t make it in in time, keep checking back for more contests in the future to get another chance!

    Also, for all you first time visitors here at “My Life as I See It” WELCOME! I hope you keep coming back to this crazy blog of mine!

    Congrats again to Carole Zimmerman!

    @ Divinity – hahaha… one of these days we gonna bust TN wide open and come see the showgirl live!

    @ Joe – Hate you didn’t win man! Maybe next time around.. at least you got a phat hat though huh? haha

    @ Donna – Yeah i never win anything either.. i thought about entering my own contest to see if i would win haha!

    @ Andrew – Dude if you would have won i would have definitely sent it to you! I know i have readers from all over the world! No way would i leave you out my friend!

    @ Penny – YES YOU DO! I hope you have all those pictures stored somewhere! You picture freak haha!

    @ Luis – Dang… I’ll sell you 2 for that price buddy! ha

    @ Suzanne – Girl.. what up in Texas?

    @ Forest – No doubt 80gb will fill up fast these days huh? It’s crazy to think that my first computer had a 40 MEG hard drive.. not gig.. MEG hahah

    @ Buzz Reed – CD’s are good options and I would still use them as a second or third option! Never hurts to have more than one backup! Yes it has great instructions!

    @ Donna – Backing up your stuff is VERY important.. especially if you’re a student!

    @ Alexander – sorry you didn’t win! Keep checking back for more prizes!

    @ Rich – You must have some serious data going on with that much space needed haha.. Yup, I can’t stress it enough.. people lose so much important stuff just because they don’t take time to backup!

    @ Keries – ha.. yeah they crash for sure.. it’s happened to me more than once and i see it all the time working on others computers. Technology is definitely GREAT!

    @ Nelson Tan – Hmmm.. i’ll definitely keep you in mind when I’m looking for software! Ya never know what I might have to trade!

    @ Rich Hill – CommentLuv It’s a great plugin!

    @ Karen Stavert – You should definitely check out the Storagepipe folks.. that is perfect for what you’re talking about as well and a great alternative or addition to a portable drive.

    @ David – I didn’t even mention home videos and that sort of thing.. thanks for bringing that up! Using a large capacity portable hard drive would be great for that!

    @ Nota Bean Consulting – haha.. sorry you didn’t win! Maybe you’ll win the next prize!

    @ Karen – Plug and play drives are definitely the way to go!

    @ Michelle – Glad to see you’re getting started on your backups!

    @ Carole Zimmerman – CONGRATS again on being the winner! Hope you enjoy the blog!

    @ Linda – Yup, i’ve seen it too many times.. folks say the were “going” to or they “meant” to but it was too late and they lost everything!

    @ Thomas Anderson – Yeah i hear ya.. that look on their face is never a pretty site when I tell them they’re about to lose all their precious stuff!

    @ T.A. Schlauch – Wow, you’ve got some serious data there and I can see where you would need a TB drive.. and like you said, we can always use the smaller ones for different things!

    @ Maberick46 – I hope you get a backup soon so you don’t lose all your stuff!! :)

    @ John – Sorry you didn’t win! Keep checking back for more prizes in the future!

    @ Gloria – So sorry you didn’t make in the contest in time! Keep at it! Making money online is something we can all do if we are patient and persistent! Yes you surely need to backup your data.. i would hate for you to lose it!

    @ Omen – Thanks for stopping by, you almost made it in! Keep coming back!

    @ Jairo Parra – Sorry you didn’t make it in this contest! Hope you and everyone else signed up for the email feed so you can get updates and keep checking back for more prizes and all the other crazy stuff that goes on here!


  • maverick46 said:

    Well today is my birthday and I could really use a back up for this old pc before I loss all my data.


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