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Not making money online? It might be your niche!

19 May 2009 11 Comments

Online marketing is now more popular than ever. With the state of the economy, people are looking for automated revenue streams to act as a safety net in case anything should happen to their 9-5 jobs.

But too often, new entrants into the space will pick a niche or online group, and just start plugging away with no results. Too often, these efforts end in disappointment and frustration.

That’s probably why so many people claim that online marketing is a scam, or that it doesn’t work.

But the simple truth is that it DOES work, and that THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs make their livings online with their own automated money-making systems.

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ll often see is where people will aggressively go after markets don’t have money to spend, or that are over-saturated.

Instead, try to expand your horizons a bit and find groups of people with lots of disposable income, and who aren’t yet being sold to.

A perfect example would be Email Archive Reviews. This site is devoted exclusively to the promotion and review of email archiving systems.

For those of you not familiar with the term, Email Archiving is a computer-based technique that large companies use in order to protect themselves from possible litigation. These systems allow for the simplified tracking, retrieval and sorting of massive amounts of archival email data.

These systems are often purchased by CIOs or VPs of Finance at very large companies. These people are responsible for large budgets, and have a lot of spending power at their disposal.

Sure, it might take a bit of effort to write about obscure subjects such as SOX404 and HIPAA compliance, but in the end, this is a very practical niche to go after.

So instead of going after the same old tired niches, try something different. Think outside the box and pick a client base what’s willing to spend.

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  • Curious Little Person said:

    Interesting Jake, i never knew of e-mail Archive reviews as a niche from which revenue could be generated!

    And if you’re referring to write about SOX404 – I am an auditor by profession and blogger by passion. So it would’nt be that difficult…

    Good Informative post..

    Keep up the good work



  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sandeep – In my opinion ANYTHING can be a niche! It’s those type niche’s such as e-mail archive reviews, that give us that “light bulb” moment!

    Thanks for stopping by “My Life as I See It”!


  • Sire said:

    That is definitely the first I’ve heard of it as well. You know while it may be true that the current economic climate is going to force a lot of people online to try and source an income, I feel a lot of them are going to be disappointed. Although an online income is possible, it’s not something that is going to happen overnight and most of them will give up when they don’t see any money coming in the short term.

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  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sire – You are so right! It’s a perfect time to get into Internet Marketing… But just as you said, it takes time and patience! I started niche marketing in March of ’08 and after about 2 months I was ready to say to heck with it… but with some encouragement, I hung in there and I am SOO GLAD I did!


  • Sire said:

    Yeah, perseverance is a quality that many people lack which is why so many of them fall for scams. They want a quick and easy fix and are prepared to throw away money just to get it. What they need to do is change their attitude. Look for the long term result, set a goal to achieve it and then steer a course that will get them there. They may come across hurdles and bumps in the road, but they must stay fixated on their target.

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  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sire – Excellent thought! There is a LOT of junk out there! Since starting my venture I’ve tried to align myself with “veterans” that KNOW what they are doing! I’ve learned from them what it takes and I try and always look back to them and folks that have mentored me!

    I always want to advertise tools I’ve either used and KNOW works, or tools that good friends of mine have used and I KNOW works!

    There is no overnight success in the world of internet marketing.. And it sure does feel nice to see work and perseverance pay off!

    Well said Sire!


  • Sire said:

    Yeah, by giving up early, not only are they missing out on reaping the fruits of their labor, they are also missing out of the satisfaction of sitting back and saying, yep I made it happen.

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  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    Never heard of this email archive thing. I still do not understand what is it? Is like an autoresponder or what the heck is it?

    Btw, What is the blue footer ad you have in your site? How did you put it there? Is it a plugin? Interesting.


    Marketing Business Review’s last blog post..How To Do A Niche Research In 4 Quick Steps


  • Lance said:

    @Marketing Business Review

    I did some research on the subject and I’m still not quite sure… Apparently it’s something to prevent expensive lawsuits in big companies.

    But I CAN tell you this: If you were the CIO of a company with over 1500 employees, you would CERTAINLY know and understand what email archiving is.

    This guy seems to be going after a market where:
    1-Customers have lots of money and are ready to spend because they are high-level decision makers.
    2-Competitors are rare because the subject matter is so complicated.

    It’s a pretty smart strategy if you ask me. And there are THOUSANDS of niches like this.

    – Sox404
    – HIPAA
    – Server Virtualization
    – Military Robotics
    – Pneumatic Circuits
    – Cable Management Systems
    – Polymer Bushings

    The list goes on.

    Sure beats the weight loss and dating niches!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Lance – GREAT explanation! Couldn’t have said it better myself and thanks for stopping by!!!

    @ Luis – Click on This Link And Checkout Instant Slideup! It’s a great tool and has made quite a bit of difference on the sites I’m testing it on!


  • coffee tables said:

    jake what exactly is this NICHE? i don’t understand this, can you help me? direct examples would help. thanks jake


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