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Internet Marketing is Full of Surprises!

22 June 2009 7 Comments

One thing I try not to do is to check my stats every day.  If you do any kind of Internet Marketing then you know exactely what I mean.  This post isn't one of those "don't spend time checking your stats every day" posts, because I'm just the opposite hahaha...  It's not like I spend a huge amount of time checking my stats, but at least once a day, or every couple of days, I'll log into my cpanel and see what kind of traffic I'm getting and how many visits etc etc...

Along with that, I always check my earnings over at the Ebay Partner Network.  Usually things are  updated after lunch and I can get on there and see how much I've made since I checked last.

One cool thing about the Ebay Partner Network, or EPN, is that they have a transaction download report which will show me exactly what folks are buying through my niche stores and/or affiliate links.

One thing that many people do not realize about how the Ebay Partner Network works, is that you can get commision from ANY purchase a person makes as long as they go through one of your sites or links.  For instance, let's say I have a niche store which sells fish tanks.  Now let's say a shopper finds my site via the search engines or an ad I've placed somewhere, or maybe even Twitter or Facebook.  After they find my site about fish tanks, they click on an Ebay auction for a tank or a filter or whatever...

Now lets say that person decides to start shopping for golf clubs or boats or underwear or just whatever.  As long as the cookie from the Ebay item they clicked on at MY site is still active on their computer and it's within 7 days of that click, Jake gets commission on WHATEVER they buy!  SWEET!

Of course it's always nice to see people make purchases that are along the lines of the site they went through...  meaning if your niche site is about fish tanks, it's cool to see folks buying fish tanks and supplies etc etc...

BUT, it's also cool to see someone click on a lower cost item on one of my niche stores and then go purchase a $4,500.00 item that's not even related to my site!  HELL YEAH!  That's exactly what happened to me last week and it's happened a few times before!  That makes for a sweet commission when someone makes a purchase of that value!

Now lets say you have more than just the fish tank site, let's say you have maybe 10 niche sites where the same thing happens!  Maybe your niche site already sells higher priced items and people make those $4,500.00 purchase all day every day!

Why am I saying all of this? 

Because I know many of you that read this blog have blogs or sites that you use to sell Internet Marketing tools, E-books and that sort of thing. 

I also know that many of you WANT to get into Internet Marketing and start making extra money or a full time income using the Internet.

My two questions to you are....

Why Do You Not Own phpBay Pro?

Why Are You Not An Ebay Affiliate?

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  • coffee tables said:

    jake what platform should i use if i start a blog? i hope you can help me…


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – I would use nothing other than wordpress! Very flexible and very FREE!


  • Katy said:

    Pretty good post. I just came across your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked reading your posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon!


  • Andrew said:

    Jake, with regard to your questions, these are some issues which I might seriously consider over the coming months.

    Personally, even though my traffic is tiny and I have not made any attempt to monetize my blog in any way to-date, I suppose it can’t hurt for me to take a look at the options.

    Way to go with those $4,500 items, a few more of those wouldn’t do too much harm for anyone’s bank account! Well done.

    On another note, I can feel the former accountant in me saying that the practice of checking stats daily is a very sound practice – after all, in business, you need to know exactly what customers are buying so that you can identify the areas in which your primary efforts should be focused.

    Andrew’s last blog post..Should business sometimes break the law?


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Katy – Thanks and welcome to “My Life as I See It”! Come on back anytime!

    @ Andrew – Well… as long as you are doing with your blog what YOU want to do with it, then that’s all that matters! But you do write very well and are very knowledgeable so it would/should come very easy to you to monetize your blog or even start a niche about something you enjoy.

    Yeah really… i would LOVE to have those kind of sales every day! I guess I could if i put my mind to it huh? That’s the thing about Internet Marketing.. there’s nothing stopping me but ME!

    Yeah that gets debated every once in a while, some folks say to not look at stats, some say to keep a check.. i agree with you!


  • Mitch said:

    First, I think Katy may be spam. :-)

    Second, this looks kind of interesting, as we’re talking about it on my blog also (you and I, that is). I’ll be asking you my question through email, but wanted to say this was neat to read.

    Mitch’s last blog post..If I Wanted To Make Money On A Blog, I Would,…


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mitch – haha Katy is definitely spam! I had several more comments after that one that didn’t get approved.. I meant to delete that one but just never did.. I got suckered on the first one haha

    If you need any help, i’ll help you in any way that i can!!


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