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It’s Friday – She’s Everything!

12 June 2009 5 Comments

What a busy week!  I'm glad it's Friday!  The vinyl siding is finally done on the house along with new gutters.  It made a huge improvement on the house and now we can move on to some other projects!  I'm glad that's over and done with!

Along with that, I finally got my new tattoo drawn up so I'm excited about getting that done next week!

Also, my golf game is coming around and I've won the last 3 games against my buddies!  GO ME! haha   I HATE losing.. I get very competitive and I'm glad I'm finally on track.. not that my golf game is perfect or even great.. but as long as I'm winning, I'm cool with that!

I also had intended on mentioning Misty's accomplishment this past week but never did.  In an earlier post, Why is it So Easy to Lose Weight, I talked about how Misty was following the Weight Watchers® program and how easy it is to lose weight by sticking to it!  Weight Watchers® really teaches you how to eat and I am sooo proud of Misty and myself!  I'm still maintaining and something I didn't mention in that earlier post, is that Misty was in a contest with others at her school.  All the teachers were doing a biggest loser contest and well... guess who won??  Misty did!!  She lost a total of 44 pounds and I am so proud of her!

I can't say enough about Weight Watchers® and even if you don't buy the program, look into getting one of the Weight Watchers calculators to help you stay on track!

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Now let's move on to this Friday's Video!

In my post, Another Concert - Another Memory, Misty left a comment that mentioned that we danced at the concert to Brad Paisley's song "She's Everything".  I didn't mention it in that post because I had planned on it being this Friday's Video.

I've heard that song many times, but I've never really "heard" that song until that night...  If you have someone that is YOUR EVERYTHING, then you know what I'm talking about!  It was one of those special moments that I will never forget!

Misty is definitely my EVERYTHING and to say she has changed my life is a huge understatement! She's amazing, wonderful and beautiful inside and out. She's my best friend, my soul mate and my lover. She IS my EVERYTHING!

I thought it only fitting to play that video this week and I hope you enjoy it!  You all had better enjoy these country songs because next week I'm getting back to my roots hahah  HIP HOP!

Have a GREAT weekend everybody!  LIVE - LAUGH - LOVE!  Make someone smile and you all keep smiling!

She's Everything - Brad Paisley

She's a yellow pair of running shoes
A holey pair of jeans
She looks great in cheap sunglasses
She looks great in anything
She's I want a piece of chocolate
Take me to a movie
She's I can't find a thing to wear
Now and then she's moody

She's a Saturn with a sunroof
With her brown hair a-blowin
She's a soft place to land
And a good feeling knowing
She's a warm conversation
That I wouldn't miss for nothing
She's a fighter when she's mad
And she's a lover when she's loving

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
I talk about her, I go on and on and on
because she's everything to me

She's a Saturday out on the town
And a church girl on Sunday
She's a cross around her neck
And a cuss word 'cause its Monday
She's a bubble bath and candles
Baby come and kiss me
She's a one glass of wine
And she's feeling kinda tipsy

She's the giver I wish I could be
And the stealer of the covers
She's a picture in my wallet
Of my unborn children's mother
She's the hand that I'm holding
When I'm on my knees and praying
She's the answer to my prayer
And she's the song that I'm playing

[Repeat chorus]

She's the voice I love to hear
Someday when I'm ninety
She's that wooden rocking chair
I want rocking right beside me
Everyday that passes
I only love her more
Yeah, she's the one
That I'd lay down my own life for

And she's everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me
Yeah she's everything to me

Everything I ever wanted
And everything I need
She's everything to me
Yeah shes everything to me
everything to me

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  • Philip said:

    How’d she lose 44lbs? I know she eats JFG outta the jar when you’re not looking! haha! Congrats Misty!


  • Divinity Rose said:


    Divinity Rose’s last blog post..Divinity Rose: When Nature Calls ….my birth name


  • Misty said:

    I LOVE IT! Thank you babe. I love you so much!!!


  • Misty said:

    Oh and JFG…bllluuuuccckkk!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Philip – She’s just good like that! Puts her mind to it and does it! She’s trying to make me change from JFG to something else.. UGGGG!

    @ Divinity – I love Friday’s! But I love the weekend better!

    @ Misty – Hmmm.. now you just posted YUMMY to a JFG comment over at facebook? What gives? huh? Bluck or YUM? haha


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