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It’s Friday – What’s in YOUR Water? Evian Roller Babies!

10 July 2009 9 Comments

So this week was a 4 day week for me which was pretty sweet!  I had a nice long 4 day weekend last weekend and we had an awesome time in the mountains!  As soon as I catch my breath and get caught up on some things, I'll do a post and toss up some pics and just maybe....  a video haha.. dunno if my friends will allow the videos to be posted though!

It seems like I am getting NOTHING done here lately...  I mean I work a 40 hour week at my job, then try and play golf at least once a week, sometimes two... Of course Misty and I are always into something... so where is all my time going????????  Maybe it's just summer time in general?  With the yard work, golf, going out with Misty and hanging with friends, working on computers...  just seems like Internet Marketing and this blog have kinda taken the back seat!  Oh well, I'll get caught up some day!

Ohhh, and while I'm on the subject of working on computers...  It just confuses the heck out of me why folks don't have anti-virus and why folks DON'T BACK UP THERE STUFF?????????  haha   How many posts have I done on backing up your computer?  Is anybody reading this??? haha

There are some things I've been wanting to share here at JakeCpuNut... hopefully I can find the time to get it all together soon!  Some serious stuff, some Internet Marketing stuff, some goofy stuff!

Btw, Internet Marketing is going GREAT!  Nothing like making money while you sleep huh?  Are YOU making $$ while YOU sleep?  If not... dunno what you're waiting for!  Click the links below and do some reading... then start YOUR journey making money online!

One last thing before we get into this Friday's Video...

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Alrighty... This video was on the news this morning and it's also all over YouTube so you've probably seen it by now. Since the video features the song Rappers Delight from the Sugar Hill Gang, and since I LOVE me some old school hip-hop, and since I love how they did the computer generated graphics in this commercial, I thought I would use it for this Friday's Video!

So enjoy... have a supa dupa weekend! Make someone smile and don't forget to keep a smile on your own face!

Evian Roller Babies

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  • Stancje Wroclaw said:

    Not everyone cares about their data enough to spend time on backing everything up. I do though – I have 3 500gb external hdds and am regulary copying all my important data there. I feel way safer this way.

    Stancje Wroclaw’s last blog post..Wroc?aw 10.07.2009: Mam do wynaj?cia


  • Ashley Jayne said:

    you said there. supposed to THEIR! hehe the grammar Nazi is here for your convenience

    and could you imagine Kyle doing that? haha. if only we could get him to walk…


  • fas said:

    That video is so cute, thanks for sharing with us. I wonder how did they do it.

    fas’s last blog post..How To Optimize Search Engine Marketing


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Stancje Wroclaw – You’re right.. They don’t care until they lose it! Glad to hear you use some method to back up your stuffs!

    @ Ashley – :P : P : P kiss my buttocks!

    Yeah Kyle would be an instant hit with those toofies! ha

    @ Fas – I dunno how in the world they do the CG stuff.. It’s always been very interesting to me and it’s gotten to where you can’t hardly tell CG from the real thing anymore.. kinda scary!


  • coffee tables said:

    that was cool! i wonder if i drink evian i can do that too hahaha, kidding.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – hahah.. dunno.. might be worth a try right? ha


  • Normal Joe said:

    aahahahahaha, yesssssssssssss old school meets new baby!

    and yes, backup is always an afterthought.

    I’m an IT guy by day, and man…yes…backup or lack thereof, can’t kill ya! lol.

    Normal Joe’s last blog post..Twitter Porn: The Sexiest Twitter Client Around


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Joe – ohhh snap, didn’t know u were an IT guy… Then you know first hand the importance! Why do folks NOT backup and then lose it all? I can’t figure it out man haha..


  • Aluminum Fencing said:

    thank for sharing this nice and interesting video of Roller Babies.


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