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It’s Friday – I Spend How Much on Golf?

21 August 2009 6 Comments

A few days ago, we were sitting around with friends and my buddy and I were talking about our upcoming weekend and where we were going to play golf.  Misty (my fiance') chimed in and made a comment that "she couldn't believe how much it cost to play golf".  My reply was.... "and how much does it cost for you to get those pedicures?"  haha... of course that was the end of the conversation and we all laughed it off!

Later on though, I got to thinking about just how much it does cost me to play golf per month... So I thought, what the heck, I'm bored, I'll figure it up!

My golf game has improved since I started playing earlier this year after taking 3 or 4 years off.  But I still have a way to go!  My goal for this year is to break into the 70's which I've never done!  My best golf game ever was an 82!  So we'll see!  I feel like I'm getting that addiction to golf that I use to have, looking so forward to playing at least once a week!  I love the game, I really do... it's a challenge and I'm very competitive and HATE losing!

Anyway...  I realize most hobbies aren't cheap and golf is certainly not a cheap hobby.  But, I work alot and figure I deserve to enjoy a hobby!  The courses near where I live go from pretty nice to one course that's referred to as the "cow pasture" haha.  Actually it's come a long way from what it use to be.  It's a pretty fun course and I do play there quite a bit... I don't belong to any country clubs and usually play at public courses and the local par 3 course.  So anyway... it was interesting to figure up what I spend on golf a month....


I usually play the par 3 during the week which is $10.00 to ride 18 holes.

I play 1 round of 18 on the weekends at one of two courses.  One cost $18.00 to ride 18, and the other costs $23.00 to ride 18.  Since I jump back and forth between these two courses, I'll split the difference in cost and put it at $20.50

I usually drive my big ole truck, so I guess I need to figure in gas.

It's 16 miles round trip to the Par 3. 16 x 4 = 64 miles driven for the month!

Both the 18 hole courses are 28 miles round trip. 28 x 4 = 112 miles drive for the month!

176 total miles driven a month. My truck gets maybe 14 miles to the gallon which comes to 12.5 gallons of gas.  Gas has been right around $2.50 a gallon for a while so that comes to $31.25 a month for gas.

About the only other expense is golf balls and tees.  I buy used golf balls from a local guy that donates all the money to special Olympics and probably spend no more than $10.00 a month.  Tees probably about $5.00 a month.

Soooo.. if Jake plays golf 4 times a month at the Par 3 and 4 times a month at one of the 18 hole courses... My total out of pocket is.....

Par 3 = $40.00 per month

18 Hole Courses = $82.00 per month

Gas = $31.25

Balls & Tees = $15.00

Grand total = $168.25 per month for me to play golf....   DAMN!  haha... maybe I  should not have added this up!

Oh well.... it's a good thing Internet Marketing pays well   :)

What is YOUR hobby?  How much does it cost YOU?

I thought for this Friday's Video I would show a video of my favorite golfer and his "trick shot".  If you're never seen it, it's pretty cool!

Check it out and have a GREAT weekend!

Phil Mickelson Shows Off His Backwards Shot

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  • Forest said:

    Wow that was a cool golf shot!

    I just moved to Cairo, Egypt so my hobbies are on hold right now until I settle in.

    However I am thinking of joining the local boxing gym, the running club and taking Arabic lessons…. All will add up to be pretty pricy…. I better get back to work!!
    Forest´s last blog ..Info Product Success Formula, Is It Any Good? My ComLuv Profile


  • Mitch said:

    My hobby is actually poker, and luckily I don’t do it weekly, or even monthly most of the time. I’ll usually go with $200, and lucky for me, at least half the time I’m coming home with close to the same amount. When I’m in a groove, I come home a winner, and when I’m not,… well, that money is gone for good.
    Mitch´s last blog ..Bloggers Can’t Hide Behind Fake Names Anymore And Defame Others My ComLuv Profile


  • Benjamin Cip said:

    hi, I will finally buy phpbay instead of BANS, of course I’ll use yiur affiliate link! :) so much trouble with EPN though,,,
    Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..I’m Running A $20 Logo Contest On Digital Point Forum My ComLuv Profile


  • coffee tables said:

    wow! i’ve never seen a golf trick shot before hehehe.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Forest – Welcome to “My Life as I See It”! Wow, Egypt huh? I need to get out “Mayberry” and see the world hahah.. That’s the COOLEST thing about blogging, meeting folks from all over the world and learning new and exciting things about them!

    Yup you better get to work if you’re gonna do all that haha.. I’m off to check out your blog!

    @ Mitch – Poker is a cool game! I use to play a “little” years back but never did anything with it.. I know there is HUGE money made at it! Seems like I read on your blog that you were entering a pretty big tournament? As long as you’re enjoying yourself… I’m sure when you do lose, it’s still ok because it’s your hobby and you enjoy it! Or maybe I’m wrong ? haha

    @ Benjamin – Ahhh, just keep ‘em both hahaha.. Seriously, I’ve said before either one will be great for you but you need to use the one you feel better about!


  • Dang It! I Almost Reached That Goal! | My Life as I See It said:

    [...] the blog, that I’ve started playing golf again after a few years off.  Remember me posting about “How Much it Cost Me to Play Golf”.  hahaha… like I said in that post… NEVER add up the cost of your hobbies hahaha, just enjoy [...]

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