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Our Vacation – Where do YOU Vacate?

4 August 2009 8 Comments

Well if you saw last Friday's post, then you saw the little video of us being Beach Bums!  Yeah we finally got to go on vacation this year... we went a little later in the year this time because of Misty getting her Master's degree and having to finish up some classes in June, which is when we usually go!

beachSo we made our usual trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, where everybody and their mama seems to go!  We had a great week and even though some of the days were really hot and stormy, we had a great time away from "Mayberry"!

This year we stayed at the Ocean Reef Resorts and it's a pretty cool place... Probably the only complaint would be the pool area... it's too small for that big a place... but we had plenty of room just next to the pool and enjoyed it just as much.

Vacation = Weight Gain

I pretty much knew I would gain weight during our vacation...  since we keep pretty close tabs on our eating habits these days, blowing it at the beach was gonna be fun...  or was it?  Actually, looking back... it's just too much damn food and it's ridiculous to eat that much.  Don't get me wrong it was awesome and tasted great... but just too much!  And who has the will power to eat till your full then push the plate away or get a to go box?  Not us, at least not on vacation!

One thing I did love and didn't go overboard on was BREAKFAST!  I love breakfast and I LOVE breakfast foods!  We usually take poptarts and snack bars for those mornings that we don't feel like crawling out of bed... And our hotel had a breakfast buffet that looked pretty awesome... BUT!  Next door to our motel was a STARBUCKS!!!! WAHHHOOOOOOOOO

Can you believe we don't have a STARBUCKS in this tired ass town of Mt. Airy?  Geezzzzzz...  Anyway, right next to the starbucks was a cool little restaurant and I can't even think of the name of it... but my first morning there I was up at like 6:30 and ventured out to find that starbucks and restaurant.  I asked them if they could make me a sammich and was tickled to death when she said they could!  I LOVE bacon, egg, cheese and mayo on a bun or toast and that's just what I got..

The lady fixed it up and put it in a to-go box for me and rang me up and it was $4.70   FOR A SAMMICH!  DANG!  Oh well, I thought at least I have breakfast and a starbucks coffee, I'll enjoy!

Let me tell you.... I ended up eating there EVERY morning haha and getting that same $4.70 SAMMICH!  That thing had like 5 or 6 pieces of bacon, probably 2 or 3 eggs, cheese and big ole fat pieces of toast with good mayonaise (which means it had a lot of mayo) haha  I would have paid 10 bucks for that SAMMICH!

Ok, enough about breakfast...  we did go out and eat every night... except for the first night we orded pizza delivered to the room.  If I remember, none of us were in a position to drive! Ha!

So where all did we eat? Margaritaville - Benjamins Seafood Buffet - Senor Frogs - Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery - Nakato's Japanese Restaurant - Bonefish Grill

Margaritaville - Cool place.. we did lunch and the food and drinks were great. Great atmosphere.

Benjamins Seafood Buffet - VERY GOOD FOOD but at 27 bucks a person, it's hard to get your moneys worth and not feel miserable after eating 2 or 3 plates!  It's always cool to try all the different things on a buffet though... and try them TWICE haha

beach2Senor Frogs - LOVED IT!  Great good! Great drinks! SUPER atmosphere!  The people at Senor Frogs know how to have fun, even while you're eating. One minute you're dancing in your chair, the next your in a conga line dancing through the restaurant!  Then at 10:30 the restaurant turns into a club and we had a blast with that as well.  We even got to Do The Stanky Leg haha

Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery - SUCKED!  Don't go haha.. Beer sucked... food was ok.  I was expecting good beer from a brewery... NOT!

Nakato's Japanese Restaurant - Very good food but again you'll be stuffed from eating at a place like this.  It's one of those restaurants where the chef cooks right at your table... it's a great atmosphere and the food is really good.  Just a lot of it!!

Bonefish Grill - YUMMY!  We love Bonefish and have eaten there a few times... GET THE LONGFIN STUFFED WITH SCALLOPS AND SHRIMP!

Sooooo... all that along with LOTS of beer and mixed drinks... is there any wonder that I gained 8 pounds in one week? haha

It's all good though.. I've already dropped 3 pounds and am back on track!

One last thing... and I already mentioned it in the video I did last Friday...


Yup, my buddy DJ and I went to the Cane Patch Par 3, and on the 2nd hole, 77 yards... I nailed it with a sand wedge and in it went.  I knew when I hit it that it felt good and it looked like it was gonna be all over the hole... I just watched as it landed maybe 5 feet from the hole and rolled right just a little and BAM, IN THE HOLE!  Me and DJ just looked at each other and I didn't quite know how to react!  It was an AWESOME feeling!

I did a little research and realized there are just to many variables to get a real number on the chances of making a hole in one.  But I will say this, putting a ball that is 1.62 inches in diameter in a hole that is 4.25 inches in diameter from 77 yards away... is BAD ASS! haha

I may never do it again, but I can say I've accomplished something that many golfers NEVER WILL!  (Jake pats himself on the back) haha

Well... vacations never last long enough huh?  We layed around the pool most days, rested, ate, chilled and had fun with friends and of course Misty and I enjoyed our time together. We never even stepped foot in the ocean but did walk on the beach some.. I'm thinking maybe we need to mix it up and go some where besides Myrtle Beach in the future!  I WANNA SEE THE WORLD haha  I guess next year we will be going to the tropics for our honeymoon... so if that helps me conquer my fear of flying, maybe we can do more traveling that doesn't require driving everywhere! LOL!

So where do you go on vacation?

What's your favorite spot?

Do you let loose and eat everything in site like we did? haha

Have YOU ever made a hole-in-one? haha

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  • Mr. Meltdown said:

    Great post man! This makes me want to take a much needed vacation also minus the food since I am on a diet and all…

    But I will have to plan ahead so I know I can find a close “STARBUCKS”. LOL :)


  • Misty said:

    Not just any Seafood Buffet, but Benjamin’s CALABASH Seafood Buffet! Supposedly there is a big difference! :-) I love the first picture of us and I struggle to like the Senor Frog pic…my nappy, wet with sweat hair, ugh! Wasn’t that restaurant next door named Martin’s or something like that?
    I only gained 6, na na na na boo boo! ha ha!


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mr. Meltdown – I hear ya man.. Take you some v-time! My next v-time will be minus the food too! Just ain’t worth it!

    Errrrr… is that picture on your website of you and ROWDY RODDY PIPER???????? hahah Man that’s old school! LOVE IT!

    @ Misty – hahah yeah yeah… you don’t take a bad picture sweetheart and : P on you only gaining 6 pounds! Yes it was Martins! Home of the big ole $4.70 SAMMICH!


  • Mr. Meltdown said:

    Yes that is him and I having a blast! lol


  • Tony Tovar said:

    Hey there!!! I’m on vacation for 10 days!!! I’m going to Hamilton Pool in Austin Texas! :D lol


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Mr. Meltdown – dude you gotta fill me in on how that happened! I love some old school rasslin! haha Nature Boi woooooooooooooooooo haha

    @ Tony – Welcome to the blog! Man I wish I had had 10 days at the beach! Good for you! Enjoy and I hear it’s dang hot in TX!


  • coffee tables said:

    try Philippines Jake! Boracay Philippines is the perfect place for you! i assure you haha


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ coffee tables – Looks like our next stop will be the Dominion Republic! You ever been there?


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