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I Have Lost My Ability to Write!

22 September 2009 9 Comments

And I didn't have much ability to begin with....

Now I'm not talking about writing as in blog posts, or ideas or anything along those lines, I'm talking about penmanship!  When it comes to penmanship, well I just suck!  I realize they say most guys don't write pretty, but mine has gotten far beyond chicken scratch as some call it.  I remember way back when I was in school, I always struggled with neat hand writing.  I dunno if I just didn't pay enough attention, or just never had a knack for it?  I guess a person should be able to learn it either way huh?

Technology Isn't Helping My Penmanship

penmanshipI remember my senior year of high school, I had to have a credit and there wasn't much to choose from, so I chose typing!  Not really cool for a guy on the football team to be in a typing class in those days haha,  even though there were a couple of other guys in there!  But, I loved it!  I always had a knack for typing, more more so than writing!  I think I was in the top 3 in that class in speed and errors and that was with the OLD typewriters!  Remember those?

Like I said, I never did have pretty hand writing anyway, and technology hasn't helped my skills at all!  I spend quite a few hours in front of a computer, both at work, and here at home.  Just about all of my communications consist of speaking, typing or texting.  When I do have to write something, I feel like I'm wearing a boxing glove or something and even struggle with remembering how to do most letters in cursive hahah.. sad huh?

When I sign my name, I've gotten to where I just put my initials, or just make an attempt at my name and end up with a bunch of scribble!  Really that's about the only time I have to write other than taking notes at work when I'm on the phone or something, and even then I try and type it on notepad or something.

Now if I go really really slow, I mean REALLY slow, you can almost read my writing.  I know when I get Misty a birthday card or something, or write her a letter, it takes me forever.  From trying to concentrate on what I'm saying, to trying to make it legible, I have to really take my time and even then I usually get frustrated and it ends up looking like a 1st grader wrote it!

One thing that's weird, is that if I use a marker or have to write really big, seems like I can write better?  Wonder why?

Anyways... Last night I was watching Misty take notes during one of her online college classes and I just watched her and thought, there is NO WAY I could do that haha.  So, I thought I would share my inability to write with you all and see if anyone else out there struggles as much as I do!

Do you think technology (computers, texting etc etc) has hurt peoples ability to write when it comes to penmanship?

Do you think it hurts kids in school and makes it harder?

Does it even matter anymore if you have neat handwriting? (if your job doesn't require it)

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  • Mitch said:

    I always figured my handwriting had started going bad because I was getting older until I read a news story the other day saying that not only are kids not able to write cursive, but the rest of us are starting to get bad at it because we don’t do it all that often anymore. Most of the time, the only writing I’m doing is writing checks; that’s not good at all.


  • Andrew said:


    Everyday I am forever thankful to the inventors of typewriters and later computer keyboards – when I was in primary (elementary) school, my parents had to take me on a regular basis to see a therapist because my writing was so poor and difficult to read.

    I don’t really think that the lesser emphasis upon handwriting skills or ability is all that harmful to children. The world has moved largely away from that and toward the direction of typing and texting.

    That said, I still think that it is important that students do learn how to write using pens and pencils as well.


  • Diabetis said:

    I don’t think so since my penmanship is just the same even when I don’t have a computer.


  • water tanks said:

    I had passed my all education because of my hand writting. No bady can understand it else than me.


  • dlysen said:

    Penmanship is nice like a singer with great voice.


  • coffee tables said:

    haha just true! I suck with my penmanship too but uh, who cares anymore when we use our phones, computers and any peripherals that doesn’t require any pens or pencil and our hand?

    anyways, jake thanks for checking and commenting in my blog.
    Im jp from http://blogmatters.net


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ All – it’s good to see I’m not alone hahaha.. After writing this post… I had to go to the bank (which i rarely do) and cash a check. I had to sign it for one of my company names and I swear I could not remember how to write half the letters in cursive.. sad huh? haha Oh well… as long as I have a keyboard and can text AND can make a big ole X as my signature, I think I’ll be ok!

    btw, I have signed my check card and credit card receipts with the craziest mess ever, nobody ever notices or cares anyway haha


  • Karcianki said:

    I have the same problem :( My penmanship is terrible and I make a lot of ortography mistakes…


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