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I Need Help! Why Do I Keep Having to Approve Comments?

19 September 2009 11 Comments

What up folks... it's the weekend and I hope everyone is having a GREAT one!

I need some help here...  I've been meaning to try and figure this out and it's probably something simple, but either I'm missing it, or it's not as simple as I'm thinking it is....

If you've commented here on the blog, you've noticed that for a while you are having to have your comments approved.  I know that gets annoying and I'm finally taking time to try and figure it out!  Well I can't figure it out hahah.. like I said, it may be simple, but I don't see it.

Below is a snapshot of my settings and they've been that way forever so I dunno what's changed.  As you can see, I have it set so a commenter has to have a previously approved comment.  After that you shouldn't have to have it approved.  Well just about every one of you are having to have your comments approved every time.  I think there's a select few that aren't.

Something I just thought of... is the Comment Luv plugin.  Hmmmm... Seems like (can't remember) that the ones that I do not have to approve, do not make use of that plug in.  Maybe that's it?  Well I'll wait to see if I get any feedback before I go disabling it.

Sooooo.. help a brotha out!  Help me fix this mess so I can stop looking having to approve your comments even if you've had one previously approved!


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  • Sire said:

    hey Jake, I had to get my reading glasses out, but I managed to check out that image. I compared it to mine only to find that I had the last one UN-TICKED! I was wondering how those first commentators were sneaking through.

    Anyway mate, I decided to leave mine the way it is as it’s not that much of a hassle to moderate them.

    I don’t think it’s commentluv though, heck, it could even be theme related. Do you happen to remember when it started to happen and whether or not you made any changes?
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  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sire – What’s up?!?! Yeah sorry about the barely readable image haha..

    I don’t think I’ve changed anything… OTHER than the comment luv plugin. A while back they changed it and I never updated and mine stopped working until upgraded. I can’t remember if that’s when it happened or not….

    I have 2 or 3 that comment regularly that get caught by askimet as well.. I’m always afraid I’m gonna miss someones comment haha..

    I hate to not show the love, but I may disable the comment luv prlugin just for the why not and see how it goes?

    Oh and yeah it may be this them as well.. I really want to changed it up and I’m working on a different theme on another of my sites, I may end up with that one after I get comfortable with it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Benjamin Cip said:

    maybe just unlock comment author must have a previously approved comment…
    Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..Have You Ever Had The Writer’s Block? My ComLuv Profile


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Benjamin – I think i had tried that?? I just unchecked it again so we’ll see how it goes! Maybe it’ll be that simple :)


  • Sire said:

    OK, testing time. I’ve already commented once so it will be interesting to see if my comment gets accepted. As for akismet, it’s not perfect and it can just as easily spam a good comment as it let’s one slip through.
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  • Suzanne Franco Land said:

    Well – I don’t know an answer to this but I thought I’d post so you know I’m reading and so I can let you know what happens when I post ;)

    Sire = reading glasses huh? Bunch of us old farts here huh? LOL What you been up to???

    As for the tiny image – you can upload a larger image and then make this one clickable to the larger one for those of us who are “sight challenged” LOL *huGs* to all ;) Suz
    Suzanne Franco Land´s last blog ..BANS EPN Earnings Update July and August 2009 My ComLuv Profile


  • coffee tables said:

    oh, I was looking for this one. thanks jake.


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sire – Nope, didn’t help haha

    @ Suzanne – Thanks!!! I had to approve yours too :( Dunno what the heck is going on?

    Hey, watch the old farts and bad eye sight comments hahaha

    I thought about uploading the big file when I did it but was just too lazy.. pitiful huh? ha

    At all – I just upgraded all my plugins and updated WP to the latest version… we’ll see if that helps. If not I may deactivate comment luv and see if that fixes it!

    Now somebody that’s commented come comment! haha


  • Sire said:

    @ Suzanne….not much, same old stuff. Work, blog, argue with the wife ;) You know the old saying, same shit, different day.

    Did this one work?


  • Jake (author) said:

    @ Sire – Hmmmm, didn’t have to approve you that time! Maybe the WP upgrade fixed it? Weird.. I guess I’ll know fo sho when somebody else comments!

    Thanks bunches!


  • water tanks said:

    It will save you from spam comments. Its good for every webmaster.


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