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[29 Oct 2009 | 20 Comments | ]

As I write this, I could sure use a tall cold beer or a nice large glass of wine hahaha..   Not many things get on my nerves, but my neighbors yapping dog is just about to feel the wrath of Jake haha!   I feel better just writing about it 
Anyway…  yeah I’m still being a slack ass here at the blog… just too much going on right now!  One of my buddy’s and I have partnered up and made a rather large purchase of items to resell.  It’s going …

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[19 Oct 2009 | 13 Comments | ]

Geeeez?  Has it been 11 days since I did a blog post?  Terrible! haha  I need to get on the ball!  There’s just too much going on right now and I reckon this blog is feeling the brunt of that!  Maybe I can get caught up on my other projects soon and get something on here worth reading??
I did want to take a few moments and talk about our weekend getaway!  We live for the weekends around here and we have been looking forward to this past weekend for a …

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[8 Oct 2009 | 16 Comments | ]

Ohhhhh My!  What a week it has been!  We are ready for the weekend!!  Are YOU?
It’s actually been a great week and the weather has been really nice here in the NC foothills!  This weekend is HUGE for our little town… the Autumn Leaves Festival is this weekend and there will be thousands of folks coming to our neck of the woods!  We always enjoy this time of year.. it’s fun to go people watch, check out main street and see people we haven’t seen since last years festival.  Eat …

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[6 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]

What’s up folks.. I’ve been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks now.  I’ve been wanting to do a short video on my new toy, the Garmin GPS-8 Golf GPS and I finally took the time to put one together.
When I started playing golf again this year after taking a few years off, I was determined more than ever to improve my game and if you remember, I’ve already reached a goal I set and I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing that goal!
How Far am I From …