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Jake is Loving His Garmin GPS-8 Golf GPS!

6 October 2009 One Comment

What's up folks.. I've been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks now.  I've been wanting to do a short video on my new toy, the Garmin GPS-8 Golf GPS and I finally took the time to put one together.

When I started playing golf again this year after taking a few years off, I was determined more than ever to improve my game and if you remember, I've already reached a goal I set and I'm very proud of myself for accomplishing that goal!

How Far am I From The Pin?

One problem I've always had when I play golf, is trying to determine my distance to the green.  As I mention in the video, I SUCK at trying to figure out yardage and how far away something is.  Well that's a huge part of the game hahaha, knowing how far your shot needs to be and which golf club to use.

I realize on most golf courses there are yardage markers, but hey... if I'm at a yardage marker that's exactly 200 yards, 150 yards or 100 yards, then that's great!  But what about all the other distances????

When you start looking for rangefinders, you'll find ALL kinds of different options.  Two of the most popular rangefinders are:

  • Pinseekers
  • GPS

Pinseekers - Are They Reliable?

Pinseekers have come a long way, but from the reviews I've read and from talking to folks that actually own them, they're a waste of money!  The cheaper ones just have a graph to line up with the flag and gives you a "close" estimate of the distance.  The nicer pinseekers that use laser technology CAN work well but from what I've read and been told, if there are trees or whatever in the background behind the flag, it's very hard to get the pinseekers to stay on target and can be very frustrating.  Also, what if you are behind trees or bushes or your view is obstructed or you don't have a view of the green or flag?

Using a Golf GPS Takes Out The Guesswork!

I had never really done any research on a golf gps until I started looking at the pinseekers and realized the GPS technology was available!  I LOVE technology!!  Even with a GPS there are different companies that provide service, and you can even use some of the services on your smart phone (blackberry, iphone etc).

Anyway, after reading everything I could and doing some research, I made my decision!  I went with the Garmin GPS-8 by Golflogix.  I had narrowed it down between Golflogix and SkyCaddie, but SkyCaddies GPS units were more expensive, and they actually did more than I needed or wanted.  I know that sounds crazy but for me, all I wanted was something to tell my distance to the pin.  The Garmin GPS-8 by Golflogix does just that!  Simple and effective!

Btw, the fee for unlimited course downloads at Golflogix is $29.95 per year if you use the GPS-8!

Where Can You Purchase a Garmin GPS-8?

Guess where I purchased my GPS-8??  EBAY!  You know I love Ebay!  I found a very reputable seller on Ebay that sells quite a few of these units and was very pleased with the price, the shipping and of course the product!

So check out the video and below the video you will find auctions for the Garmin GPS-8 Golf GPS.  The prices are fixed or "buy it now" and FREE SHIPPING! You WILL NOT be disappointed!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Have you ever used a Golf GPS?

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