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Everybody RUN! Beer and Wine is Being Sold at The Mayberry Walmart!

3 November 2009 15 Comments

So, Monday evening Misty and I made our weekly trip to our local Walmart to restock on food and necessities.  After visiting the non-food side to get the doggie treats and such, we headed to the grocery side!

WHAT???? Do my eyes deceive me???? Walmart in Mt. Airy, NC "Mayberry" is selling wine and beer????

Now I've blogged about "Mayberry" being in the heart of the Bible belt before, and I realize the subject of "beer" or any other alcoholic drink is a VERY touchy subject for some people.  I definitely respect other peoples opinions, decisions and beliefs, but in all honesty, some of it just seems kinda far out to me!

I'm already hearing things like:

  • "I won't be shopping at walmart anymore"
  • "our town is going to hell"
  • "the manager of Walmart is quitting because of this" (of course this is rumor, dunno if that's true)

Now, if you know me, you know I LOVE an occasional beer or 3 and I love wine!  So to me, this is great!  Now when we shop, if I need to stock up on beer or wine, I won't have to go to another store and I'm sure the prices will be better at Walmart!  Now if our favorite Mexcian restaurant would move inside Walmart, I could go there and live haha

Is Beer The Root of All Evil?

I can't help but think about people when I hear certain comments made here and there about things like this...  Again I respect peoples decision on what they believe, but I can't help but wonder what's goin on in their heads and I want to know WHY they believe what they do!  Not to start an argument, but just for my own personal curiousity.  Sometimes that comes across as me being "evil" haha or whatever people think of me, and I could really care less what people think of me anyway.

Soooo, when I hear a statement like "it's very sad that our walmart is going to start selling beer and wine", my question is WHY is that sad to you?

I respect you if you don't drink, or don't believe in drinking alcohol, but I would really love to know why you feel the way you do?  Is it just a personal belief? Is it your religious beliefs?

In one discussion I had, a person told me how "bad" alcholol is and the abuse, family tragedy's etc etc that go along with it. And I definitely agree that alcohol can be bad IF you abuse it. But since Jeff/Jake can be a responsible adult and drink responsibly, does that mean ALL beer and wine should go away? I don't think so!

Heck, look at all the obesity in this town and all the health problems and family tragedies, financial burdens etc etc that overeating or wrong eating causes.. Why aren't the same folks standing in front of McDonalds trying to do away with the Big Mac?

To me it's all relative, we ALL have a choice and the choices we make are our own!

Most of the time when I have discussions with people about alcohol, there are usually 2 reasons that they use to express why they "don't believe" in drinking any type of alcohol.

Religious beliefs - Of course you could have discussion after discussion about what the Bible says about drinking alcholol.  From my studies I don't see where it's wrong at all UNLESS YOU ABUSE IT!  But that's with anything folks... you can abuse ANYTHING and make it wrong, so don't go harping on alcholol as the ONLY thing that's addictive.  There's nothing wrong (in my opinion) with drinking, there is something wrong with being a drunkard!  Some medicines are very addictive, should we do away with ALL medicines and not have a pharmacy at Walmart?  Kids and adults come into Walmart to buy glue to sniff and paint to huff, should we do away with all those things?  People buy over the counter drugs to make methamphetimines... should we not sale ANY cold medicines at Walmart?  With all the obesity in our town, should we ask Walmart to stop selling doughnuts and snacks?

Family tragedies - I don't want ANYONE to ever think I'm not sympathetic towards families that have lost love ones to alcholism, drunk drivers or anything of the sort.  BUT, in all honesty, just because those things happen, doesn't mean there are others in the world that can do it the right way!  

Got a question for you...  are you a person that would look me in the eye and tell me drinking is wrong and I shouldn't do it??  Are you that same person that would drive while talking on your cell or texting?  If so, then you're a hypocrite in my opinion!  Maybe we should all go picket the cell phone stores and start an uproar about the tragedies that talking and texting on your phone while driving can cause.

So if you're one that is against beer and wine, or against it being sold at Walmart...  I would LOVE to hear your opinion, your thoughts, whatever... and again not to argue, but to learn and discuss it!

Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox haha..   btw I just made my very first batch of Home Made Beer using the Mr Beer Kit hahaha!  So keep an eye out for the video!

So talk to me!

Speak up!

Don't be skurred... speak your mind!

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  • Ashley Jayne said:

    i think you worded it all perfectly. well said daddy dearest. I’m super excited :) is there a good choice there?


    Jake Reply:

    When we went, no… they were just getting things stocked! But there was plenty of room for them to put lots of choices haha


  • Suzanne Franco Land said:

    They already sell beer and wine at our Walmart and I guess I didn’t realize they didn’t at some stores … and I have no issues with it either. I agree with all you’ve said here … addiction and abuse is just that … and we all need to take responsibility for our own actions. I know some people who shouldn’t be allow to walk into a mall due to the debt they’ll cause their family so should we close down the malls? Hmmmm … I’d love to try the beer you made! How’d it turn out? You gonna try wine next? *SmiLes*
    Suzanne Franco Land´s last blog ..Homepage Excerpts Plugin (Video Tutorial) My ComLuv Profile


    Suzanne Franco Land Reply:

    Oh shoot! Sorry I don’t think I could edit that comment. I’ve noticed some new monetization methods here on the blog … how they working out? Do tell ;) … How’s your EPN doing after the big shake up? LOL … I’m down by some and I’ll post about it here this week some time. Time to put some more effort into my existing stores and try some more Amazon I guess. LOL


    Jake Reply:

    yeah our little one horse town is trying to stay “Mayberry” as long as it can Suzanne. It’s cool to a point but then it gets kinda ridiculous haha

    I agree.. I really enjoy talking with folks about these type subjects.. I get really interested in not only what people believe or stand for, but why!

    As far as EPN… it started out kinda shaky but last month was a very good month for me and I did much better under the new system than I would have under the old one. BUT, when November 1st rolled around things changed like flipping a light switch.. down hill haha.. I dunno if the reporting is way behind all of the sudden or what? But my EPC dropped like .15 per click when the 1st rolled around.. Makes absolutely NO SENSE haha..

    As far as the ads here at the blog.. to be honest it’s just something different.. I got tired of looking at Internet Marketing ads haha


    Jake Reply:

    Ohhh, and about the beer making! I made my first batch last night and I’m editing the video now! The entire process will take me up to about 3 weeks or more but I’m gonna try and be patient haha


  • Marketing Business Review said:

    Hi Jake,

    What is incredible to me is that Walmart did not sell Alcohol, that´s weird. In any Walmart I have stepped a foot on, I have found Alcohol, not only in Monterrey but also in McAllen, TX or even San Antonio.

    Actually I do not drink a drop of alcohol because I do not like the flavor, for me its like drinking piss, lol. But I am not against selling alcohol in anywhere. I believe in not selling it to under age boys, that may be too stupid to abuse it, but as you stated the abuse is the problem not the alcohol in itself.

    Anyway, remember what happened in the times of Al Capone with the Dry Laws and all the alcohol prohibition? It did not stopped the alcohol production it only make it to go underground and the quality went down too. Hope your beer production will be better quality so no one loses his eyesight, lol.

    Hey, you made a terrible mistake, WHY did you mess with the BIG MAc and Mc Donalds, I love McDonalds, that should never be prohibited, actually I can live without alcohol but not without McDonalds, LOL.

    Marketing Business Review´s last blog ..How To Design An Opt-in Page Using This 10 Tips And Start Making Money Online My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    Well you gotta understand the neighborhood bro haha.. I’m surprised our town even sells alcohol period!

    You’re right.. prohibition never stopped it and now that it’s legal, seems like it’s still a huge issue for some?? I mean I can understand it to a point.. but paaaaleeease!

    You stay away from those Big Macs now!! ya hear?? hahah

    btw, I never tasted piss so I can’t compare the two hahaha


    Marketing Business Review Reply:

    Hi Jake,

    Me neither had tasted piss but I have smell it and it taste like it smells, huh? did you understood me, cuz I dont, lol.

    And yeah do not ever go against any McDonalds, I am on a very strict diet on McDonalds, lol.

    Marketing Business Review´s last blog ..How To Design An Opt-in Page Using This 10 Tips And Start Making Money Online My ComLuv Profile


  • Diabetis said:

    Not surprise at all. In the Philippines, Quiapo which is the center of religion is also the center of drug operations.
    Diabetis´s last blog ..Monogenic, The Third Type of Diabetes My ComLuv Profile


    Jake Reply:

    Interesting…. well like I said, I can see peoples point when it gets abused, but there are so many other things far worse and AS bad as alcohol but none of that seems to ever get brought up!


  • water tanks said:

    Useually we see that we can find these thing anywhere in the market. Its good to see that Bear and wine will be a wall mart stores.


    Jake Reply:

    I know I’m glad! Saves me money and another trip to the store !


  • coffee tables said:

    Uhmm, No wonder it became a big issue. Of course people will start a rumor when they know that the store they usually go because it’s nice and sells good stuff now has turned into something else like selling a product that they don’t like.

    I think there’s no something wrong because it’s not illegal or so, it’s just the perception of every human being to not to get attracted and get close to things that they think can cause maybe not harm or what but something not right to them.


  • crystal wine glasses said:

    Wow!!both are really nice.The strongest is probably going to be the liquors. They can vary in percent alcohol as well as proof. Half of the proof is the percent alcohol (80 proof = 40% alcohol). The higher the proof, the stronger it is. However drinks depend on the serving size. One 12 oz.


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